Don’t pay them to return
Ariel Rubinstein
Published: 23.03.08, 10:15
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1. Movin' to the Holyland
Dan Halutz ,   Mercaz, Israel   (03.23.08)
This is truely ridiculous. When I came here from "America" in the 1990 I recieved nothing, nor did I want anything. I in fact made aliyah here in Israel because the Shaliach back in the US was completely incompetent. You either come here because you want to and believe in the concept of "Israel" or you are here because where you were previously was a lot worse. Israelis that are living the life abroad are not going to just pack up and move back after 10+ years. The cost of moving back would offset any gain acquired by the incentives. A friend of mine from the US spent over $5,000 just to send a third of a container here with his family's belongings and that was after they sold a bunch of stuff. That's just part of the moving expense. We haven't even factored in the cost of travel or anything else. Relocation is a huge expense and both a physical and psychological drain as anybody that's done it knows, willingly or unwillingly. You either come here because you want to and believe in the concept of "Israel" or you are here because where you were previously was a lot worse. Not because of some great tax relief - just doesn't exist here.
2. I disagree
Aharon   (03.23.08)
I know from personal experience, that many friends of mine - fervent Zionists who I fought with in 1973 - left Israel simply due to economic reasons. It is not easy to raise a large family here, nor to make a living in some professions. Now that the situation in Israel is, relatively speaking, better, we have a responsibility, as the national homeland of the Jewish people, to help these Jews come home and settle in. That doesn't mean we should neglect those of us who already live here, but do not abandon the others.
3. Proposal should be considered..
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.23.08)
Former Israelis are a population that has a better than average potential of staying in the country. If the benefits are given as a loan that is forgiven after 10 years in the country, which is several years longer than normal olim, it would be a better plan. I don't think that they should be treated more generously than normal olim, but to treat them not as olim at all is self-defeating.
4. instead
JL ,   israel   (03.23.08)
instead of assisting people who have immigratied to israel and have remained here through thick and thin and are struggling to survive...the government is trying to pay trhose who have deserted us to come back...go figure...but its not surprizing...as this government and its scumbags do just about everything to shoot its self in the foot
5. returning residents
sas ,   israel   (03.23.08)
i totally agree with what is written.
6. How ironic...
Tony ,   France   (03.23.08)
... that the add at the bottom after the talkbacks is "Make your dream come true - Live & work in the USA - Get a green card today..."
7. We came for love, not money
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (03.23.08)
While I agree about the Russian Aliyah being important and all, what about all those Anglos who came from cushy homes to Israel during years when you couldn't buy a pair of Levis in this country? I agree with 80% of the article... let those who love Israel come....
8. Don’t pay them to return
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (03.23.08)
100% correct. Sounds like bribery, help those that need it here.
9. Am I the only one who sees an undercurrent?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.23.08)
A lot of olim today are Dati. They are coming because their religion tells them this is where they should be. Most that left are not Dati. To them Money is more important than the Mitzvah of living here. This government wants the Non-Dati. That's what I read into this nonsense.
10. Let me give you my perspective...
Al   (03.23.08)
I made Alyiah when I was a kid and aftter 3 months I went back to study and build my life.I was a kibbutz volunteer at the time and you had theoe flunkies from the whatever comming around encouraging kids (I was 19) to sign up and stay. Well I did and I was supposed to be drafted etc.My dad called me and said 5 words to me in yiddish. They were to the point.something like get you ass over here now. I've always loved Israel but I have always been disapointed by its people and its general schnorrer attitude. The israelis I meet today are bargain basement dreck who I wouldnt trust as far as I can throw them. So the question beggs why would I want to be there with you? The answer is only because its the Land of Israel. Modern israel to me is on a fast track to oblivion.It will not survive.It is doomed to death. I wish I was wrong..I only wish I was wrong. I cry for you Israel,I cry for me as I never ever furfilled my first love,to live as a free Jew in our Land of Israel.
11. Paying Israelis to return!
emell ,   Israel   (03.23.08)
All that money could be added to the Sal Ha Trufot which will do more good!
12. question
israeli arab abroad   (03.23.08)
iam an israeli arab , am i included in this deal ? if yes i will be returning on the first flight . please let me know if you have an answer....
13. Good point but you miss the concept
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (03.23.08)
Israeli's leave because they dont give a damn about the country.. they hate the different sectors of jews.. they want to be like the goyim.. they want free market capitalism! I too would love that, only that I love this land and the people. After 5 years here I still have my toothpaste, shampoo, deotarent, body wash and a whole slew of other things brought from america. Face it, we have nothing in terms of the physical.. Wallmart has 50 times more items than the stores here. But I moved here for eretz yisrael.
14. One elucidative sentence:
Arieh ,   Jerusalem   (03.23.08)
Israeli politicians have jellyfish for brains!
15. Remittance payments
Joseph ,   TA, Israel   (03.23.08)
This article is unfair to Israeli expatriates. It portrays them as some kind of group of cowards who betrayed the country! And that only gives the entire article a tone of bitterness. Israeli expats send back hundreds of millions of dollars worth of remittances back to Israel in the form of chartiable donations, taxes, bituach leumi, and the old fashioned western union to their relatives. They are a key component of the economy as a whole and should Israel fall on hard times it will be thanks to these people that there will still be an international cash flow going in.
16. Why this oleh didn't come back
Karen R ,   USA   (03.23.08)
I made aliyah many years ago, and after living in Eretz Hakodesh for years returned to the States for family reasons. Why haven't I returned to Israel? It isn't money itself - it's the politics. It's the starving of the people of Israel proper in order to build "settlements." It's the hijacking of the government by the fake-Zionist right wing. It's the murder of true Zionism by the "look at me I'm wonderful" settlers who get tax breaks and government largesse for living in safe, cheap West Bank settlements while they vilify the government and amuse themselves beating up their Palestinian neighbors. Why should an Israeli work like a dog and pay high taxes to support some American "oleh" who gets economic breaks and spits on him for not being "Zionist" enough because he lives in Tel Aviv and not Ariel? Sharon was elected because he promised to put a break on this nonsense, and as soon as he was safely in the hospital Olmert and company betrayed him and sold Israel back to the lunatics. Cut the West Bank loose, let them pay for their self-congratulating violent rhetoric themselves, and maybe the rest of us may remember the Zionist dream of "a free people in a free land" and come home again.
17. #10
Drouch   (03.23.08)
I was always wondering why American jews never made mass Aliyah to Israel. Are they not Zionistic enough? is that a money issue ? Did Israeli government failed to attract them? ....till I heard this phrase; "No Yiddishkeit" American jews see Israeli s as bullies and "bargain basement dreck " , something that they can't associate with what they call jewishness. For many obvious reasons I tend to agree with them more and more . There are many educated, well mannered Israelis, but bargain and bullieness unfortunately becoming a mainstream culture in the jewish state ...... how sad
18. Galut attitude
To #10 ,   Israel   (03.23.08)
I also made Aliyah. However I went in the army married and am very happy. I think that your father telling you in Yiddish to become a draft dodger nicely summarizes the problematic aspects of lving outside of Israel. If you really cared about the Jewish people you would have stayed here to defend the country and help solve the many problems we have here.
19. Relax Ariel-even for $100k only few "d'fukim" returns...
Bob ,   London   (03.23.08)
20. they are comming back to get our money.
jacob ,   israel   (03.23.08)
The government's morons have lost their mind under the Israeli sun.
21. Since when is a tax break being payed
Michael ,   Oz/Iz   (03.23.08)
22. Don't pay them to return
Millicent ,   Israel   (03.23.08)
The money would be better used to help those of us already here that are struggling daily to put food on our tables! The educational system here is already over taxed with students and is failing them, the health system is over loaded as well. There are more people relying on welfare daily so why add more to the problems we have here already use the money instead to help those already living here to survive!
23. Forget the money breaks
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (03.23.08)
Why would anybody in his sound mind will decide to move back to the state of Israel with your current useless elected government . Tax breaks are not a sufficient reason to lure us back. Try again
24. No simple answer .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.23.08)
This is not a yes or no issue. There is no doubt that Israel needs to be an attractive choice. It might help to eliminate & simplify our nightmare bureaucracy. Ideology & committment are very nice but they do not pay the bills. The bottom line is that Israel has to become a good option, for current citizens, returning citizens, & those that make Aliyah. That's our national interest.
25. #10
Meir ,   Toronto   (03.23.08)
Good excuses and rationale for not living in Israel. It probably makes you feel better. You are over generalizing and seeing Israel as half empty instead of half full. Look at all that it has accomplished. Don't stand in judgement-you have no right to and there is no country that is perfect. Your statement that' I cry for me' is right on-you cry because of the guilt you feel for ignoring your father when you had the chance.
26. The gov't want's only rich Jews to come to Israel
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.23.08)
so the they can milk them for all they are worth. For Israel Electric and the government, it's not about religion.
27. Remove their Israeli citizenship and ban them
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.23.08)
from returning.
28. To all those who are quick to Judge. me# 10
Al   (03.23.08)
My Father, when he called and told me in Yiddish to get my ass home was a survivor of Auchwitz nd a veteran of the war of independance. He wanted to save his son,me however G-d had other plans and when his younger son,my brother went to Israel several years later, he was murdered by your peace partners. Lesson before any of you jerkoffs give me mussar, I would wish you would shut the Fuck up.
29. #10, #28 Al, I think I know what you mean.
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (03.23.08)
I have a friend, a good friend, who came straight from the Soviet Union as soon as it fell. He had a love for Israel as well as Jews that you would not believe. Both of his sons later made aliyah and encouraged their father to come with them. He said no, with a heavy heart. His response was that he left one oppresive regime not to live in another. Since then, he was visibly uneasy about his sons living in Israel. Now after the horrible massacre that happened at the yeshiva, he is now demanding his sons return. A sad realization one has to make late in life, to surive a horrible dictatorial regime not to immigrate to another. The point is there are alot of good people out there who want to come build and sacrifice for Israel. However, they are not stupid. They want to know that their sacrifices accomplished something. That they can build a monument, whether it be a business or a house, and not have a government obstruct or tear it down for nothing. For soldiers to know they are fighting for something, and not have some regime give away the land/free the prisoners only for that decision to result in the deaths of more Israelis. These are the factors that obstruct many people including myself, from achieving our greatest dream of coming home. The question is to Israel, will you allow this elite to prevent us from doing what you so strongly advocate?
30. We only ask for a share of the cake
Proud estranged ,   New Zealand   (03.23.08)
Mr Rubinstein. After years of being asked to give and give, tightening of the belt, military obligations and nothing in return- we finally found our piece of paradise. 30% corporate tax, family trusts and assest protection. Porsches for the price of a bike in Israel. Mansions on the waterfront for the price of a 2brms in Tel-Aviv. Quality of life, employment and prosperity which are the envy of the western world. Israel is so mean that even a gift of baby clothing for my new grandchildren you taxed as if it was a commercial shipment. This I will never forget. Each time I miss israel, I remember again and again how mean you are. I know that your leaders are corrupt and steal public money. I won't let them steal mine! It's time they share their proceeds of crime with the rest of the Israeli residents, who truly deserve it.
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