Peres: Israel will not cede Golan Heights for Syria-controlled Lebanon
Aviram Zino
Published: 23.03.08, 11:51
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1. slowly even Perez understand
Charles   (03.23.08)
2. they cry peace ,peace,and there is no peace
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.23.08)
Israel's enemies like vultures circle the weakened carcass of Israel and prepare to dive for their meal. Who has set the stage for this coming war by forcing Israel to appease and surrender her land to these enemies ? The U.S. by way of it's false peace agenda has set the stage for another holocaust by encouraging Israel's enemies and restraining and weakening Israel.
3. Iranian threat
Oscar ,   Sydney & Australia   (03.23.08)
I don't think every body understand the whole picture. If any country dares to attack Iran, even nuclear weapon cannot save Israel.
4. Peres-the consumate political chamberlain
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.23.08)
Peres tries to be both pro relinqueshment and opposed. He speaks to whatever constituency he is in front of. To Cheney he says no, but when rice comes, he will appease he with his usual "we are ready to make painful concessions" speech. Time for him to go to pasture
5. A history farce repeating itself
George Saliba ,   Canada   (03.23.08)
Iran developing, Iran investing, Iran manufacturing, Iran creating. The supper power Iran Iran Iran Iran .. The same false story is repeating again like Saddam story. Remember or review the archive news about the supper powerful Iraqi army with tanks equal to the British and French army together, the supper canon, the terrifying Aladed al Abass Scode missiles fueled with biological and chemical wear head etc…. All crashed in less than one week war, isn’t that ridicules!! The poor Israel is sitting helpless doing and developing nothing. I don’t think the world is buying is farce again … relax.
6. Amen and hallelujah! Giving up the Golan Heights would only
Rivkah   (03.23.08)
mean another war to take it back again. On another issue, President Bush and Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Rice need to ask themselves how they would feel about a foreign nation giving military arms to American Indians on Reservations so that they can use them against American police and military and civilians. That is happening to some degree with Red China arming the inner city gangs. For America to arm a segment of the population of Israel instead of marching the Palestinians off to other nations to be dispersed among the Moslem nations is asking for God to do the same thing to America.
7. All show no real way RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (03.23.08)
There is nothing more Israel Jewish leaders may offer neither do the Arabs have any more to offer only a Israel Syria war may reverse the stale mate but neither side wants to commit a military act no one 1 wants to be branded a war monger by the U N other humanitarian organizations right ??? thank you... M. S.
8. Nice picture with article
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.23.08)
it should be titled Dick talks with shmuck.
9. #5 clueless george in canada
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.23.08)
don't forget the Israeli's destroyed the whacky Iraqi nuke plant thatwas a real threat to everyone. The Iranians nuke program is a real and present danger! Any person paying attention and not just whinning and drinking bad canadian beer(don't let your iman know about the beer) would really know what is happening.
10. lets all trust the man who shared a nobel prize with Arafat
zionist forever   (03.23.08)
Lets not forget that Peres shared a nobel prize with Rabin & Arafat for the oslo nightmare that has brought Israel only suffering and dead bodies. Peres & Rabin were allways willing to sell the Golan from day 1 of oslo now the majority of the public has seen oslo for what it is and is against it Peres wants to talk tough alson very convinient as he is president he doesnt have to make any decisions he can just sit back and make speeches.
11.  RE: 5 - you want some facts about Saddam & Iran
zionist forever   (03.24.08)
Iraq was trying to develop nukes untill in 1981 Israel bombed their rector after the 1991 Gulf War ended allied weapons inspectors saw just how close saddam had come to getting the bomb and if it hadnt been for the Israeli raid in 1981 the allies would have been facing a neuclear Iraq in 1991. The reason that Saddams scuds were not as much a threat as they could have been was because Saddam had been taking short range scuds cutting them up putting them back together in an attempt to make a longer range missle which would put Israel in range but at the expense of decent guidence systems. We have allready seen Iran is making reliable long range balistic missles that can carry heavy payloads. They are building their own fighter jets & submarines, tanks, they have the largest stockpiles of chemiical weapons in the region. They are working on a space program launching and building sattalites like Israel does. A neuclear Iran will give them superpower status and if they choose to wipe out israel. Ahamdinijad in the past has not only said Israel should be wiped out but how it would take only 1 Iranian nukes to wipe out Israel while many Israeli ones o even hurt Iran. In 1991 Saddam did have a very powerfull army, his tanks were top of the range Soviet T72s some of the most modern in the world at the time( the British Chalenger tanks were new and untested in combat at the time so their preformance on the battlefield was unknown. His jets were very reliable MIGS. After Israel & Egypt he had the strongest army in the region he also had some of the largets stockpiles of chemical weapons in the region the reason non were found this time round was because UN weapons inspectors under Scot Ritter were given the job of destroying them. Saddam was a man for the whole region to fear. The super gun did exist, parts of it were found assembled by allied troops and other parts were found and confliscated in various European countries where they were being manucfactured. At the time Israel had developed nothing in the way of defensive weapons like arrow. That was developed after the war partly funded by the US as a condition to keep Israel out of the war to hold the coalition together because after the rockets started falling there was preasure on Yitzhak Shamir to do something this was Bushes bribe. The patriots that the US gave to Israel during the war were useless and dint take down even a single missle. They had been developed to provide protection from aircraft not balistic missles and it wasnt till after the war and the later models were designed for dealing with missles. Israel had missles at the time to go on the offensive but nothing to defend itself with.
12. The Terrorist State of Syria.
Jean Van Daem   (03.24.08)
Israel cannot be reconciled with the Mafia regime of Assad. Syria will wait till the moment that it sees chances of defeating Israel. Syria cannot efford good relations with Israel. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism because it was expedient to do so. Hafez Assad came to power following a dizzying succession of coups that had made Syria the most unstable regime in the Middle East. The Assads are seated atop a bucking bronco. They are members of the Allawi religious minority who are usually not even considered to be Muslims. They rule a country of disparate minorities with a potential for chaos almost as great as that of Iraq. The radical Muslim Brotherhood is always there, threatening to take over the country by fair means or foul, and the usual Ba'th party rivalries that have plagued all such regimes are also a threat to Assad family rule. Their rule is not about improving living standards for Syria. Syrian living standards have fallen behind the none-too-glamorous ones of Jordan or Egypt. It is not about democracy, a Western luxury Syria can't afford, according to Bashar Assad. The Assad regime is about stability, and it is about money and power for the Assad family. The regime is comparable in every way to the fictional Corleone Mafia family. Prosperity and peace would ruin the Assad regime. Therefore, Western assumptions that Syrian leadership must want peace and prosperity are mistaken, and it is pointless to "engage" Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways as explained at :
13. 12 Jean: Syria will get theirs if you read Isaiah 17:1 in
Rivkah   (03.24.08)
the Authorized King James Bible. Hehehe.
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