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Björk returning to Israel
Shlomi Laufer
Published: 25.03.08, 07:48
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1. Lets welcome Bjork to Israel
Simon ,   TA Israel   (03.25.08)
Nice to see that some international artists have the courage to perfom in Israel despite the security situation and the religious coercion. Good for her.! Hope she wears the swan dress :-)
2. i dont understand this singer
she seems like a freak, and her songs are so weired... i can't even tell the genre... nothing for me. next
3. Who needs this nutter
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.26.08)
Is she going to attack another reporter, but at Ben Gurion this time? Her music sucks!
4. Great!
PaulHT ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (03.27.08)
Talented, interesting artiste!
5. #2 - There's a reason
lisa ,   israel   (03.27.08)
You're probably not seeing her for who she is because you're looking at her solely from your angle and what you prefer to imagine. Obviously if you mold her into something you don't approve of then that's what you'll see. Pity, since she really is a talented and great artist. Pity you won't see past that - you're missing out.
6. #3 - Who can blame her?!
lisa ,   israel   (03.27.08)
The way the reporters and photographers treat these visitors who come to Israel, not to mention, the dumb and invasive questions they ask...she was no doubt acting out in pure fustration and fear...understandably so. Have the cameras shoved in your face and rude questions asked, and you'd slog them one as well! Besides - her music doesn't suck - it's the critical and opiniated listeners who suck...big time. Don't be afraid to's o.k.....nothing will happen except that you'll be a nicer person for it.
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