Opinion  Sever Plocker
Obama and the Jews
Sever Plocker
Published: 25.03.08, 16:29
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31. Rivkah & Dave
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.25.08)
1) Avinoham ? 2) I can't remember all the schools I went to. 3) American politics is not the most sophisticated. With accusations of Obama being muslim flying around I can understand why he would want to hide such a thing. So forgive me if I want something more substantial than hiding school records to be put off. 4) Being muslim is not automatically a bad thing. It makes you neither a racist nor anti-israeli. No amount of statistics will change that. Dave, you may want to elaborate on the link. It looks like a smear site and really isn't worth the time to investigate without some background. Now I am not a great supporter of Obama. I was merely impressed. A have yet to see another active politician that impresses me, and not just in the US. To date the only politician that I would be honoured to support is Nelson Mandela. The rest are really what I would put up with. Oh, and before I get labelled as some self-hating Jew here's an interesting link on the bias for the Palestinian issue. http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=A2DBDBAC-3D26-4348-9E70-37242532C88F
32. To #28 and concerned author: nothing is 100%
Oleh ,   Israel, formerly USA   (03.25.08)
I am from a large family of leftist intellectual Jewish Democrats, and have friends and colleagues with the same background - EVERY American citizen among us will vote Republican if Obama gets on the ticket, rest assurred.
33. Phil #24: We had Jimmy Carter...
Steve ,   Fla.   (03.25.08)
...who like Barak Obama, was another relative unknown, and we survived. ....Well, barely.
34. to #24
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (03.25.08)
#24, Thanks for proving my point. Right Wingers who hate Obama don't have any mud on him, so they try guilt by association, his pastor, broker, dentist. Doesn't matter. Convoluted third-person rationales are used when the man himself cannot be attacked. It doesn't speak to the actual reason for the dislike ( beyond simple right vs. left). Right Wing animosity toward Obama comes down to discomfort with non-white candidates. Plain and simple.
35. Ridiculous rant of a "journalist"
Hadassah ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.25.08)
1.) Please do not group all black people together; just like Jews they don't all have the same opinion. 2.) Describing Obama supporters between an range of groupies and the self depreciating simply proves that not only are you biased, but an incredibly lazy "journalist". You simply have not done your research. 3.) Exactly which candidate is not "filled with stains"? And how are you doing in that stain-free life of yours? Any sort of point you had (which you did) were lost between your ranting and insults.
36. avram #25: Is R. Yosef Olmert's rabbi of 20 years?
Steve ,   Fla.   (03.25.08)
I'm not so sure of your Talmudic quote. No way I can vote for John McCain unless by some miracle he repudiates Bush's anti-Israel, anti-semitic policies of ethnically cleansing the Holy Land of Jews; something I do not expect McCain to do; nor has he done it. Quite the opposite. McCain has made clear, he will do business with these Palestinian killers that Bush is doing business with. "If" I vote for Obama in November, I would be doing so with my eyes wide open knowing what the Jews will be getting. Let's not fool ourselves, Obama is no friend of Israel. If we have a President Obama, I fully expect anti-Semitism to increase in the U.S. Obama might be good for Israel but only in a perverse sort of way; maybe if Jews in Israel have any sense at all. I have no illusions about Obama's disposition toward the Jews. Every kind word he says is politically calculated. And yet, so are McCain's. We very few real friends in the U.S. I doubt we could count true friends of Israel in the political establishment on one hand.
37. Obama and Jews
Stephen Siegforth ,   Baltimore, MD USA   (03.25.08)
I would caution that decisions we make about presidential candidates ought to be a product of the whole self, not just visual or written evidence. That is, one should assay one's gut instincts and add the results to knowledge and perception. All that I know and all that I feel indicate that Obama would be an effective president. But certainly, intellect alone is not sufficient to make such decisions. The heart must be involved.
38. Obama
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.25.08)
Well, all sorts of strange "connections" are starting to come out of the woodwork: http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/31408.html For those of you who missed it the last time I posted it: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=khuu-RhOBDU
39. About to go mainstream
Tommy ,   Canada   (03.25.08)
Just Google " Larry Sinclair - Obama". Enough said....
40. I am not an Obama fan, but he's NOT an anti-Semite
Z   (03.25.08)
The man is too inexperienced. He fails to understand the middle east; withdrawing from Iraq now would be a DISASTER for the USA. Capitulating to Iran likewise. But Obama DOES have a track record of firm support for Israel. He has been a supporter of Israel in every elected office he has held. Obama has also gone on record as rejecting all anti-Semitic statements and condemning attacks on Jews. Compare his stance on these matters to that of many leftists and many Muslim leaders who dance around and refuse to condemn anti-Semitic diatribes. Let's remember that like most other people, Obama has absorbed the events of the last 10 years, and his views have evolved accordingly. 9/11, the suicide bombings of the intifadah, the war in Iraq, the disengagement from Gaza, the Hamas coup and the Hizballah war in 2006 have all made impacts on him. This is not a stupid man, just very inexperienced. Is he a political creature? Absolutely. He's very smooth and very good at convincing people to support him. But is he a closet anti-Semite? NO.
41. Look at these facts, then decide
Simon ,   New York   (03.25.08)
1988 Obama joins Wright's church 1999 Obama opposed Israel's "occupation" http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=57341 2002 2002 Wright's anti-Israel sermon http://youtube.com/watch?v=FnI431s1r6s 2005 Wright: We don't want to tell the truth about Israel as a country. We don't want to be honest as to what caused the attacks on 9-11-01." http://www.tucc.org/pdf/jan2005trumpet_wright-article.pdf 2006 Obama supports Raila Odinga in Kenya http://www.time-blog.com/swampland/2008/01/obamas_other_life.html 2007 Raila makes pact with Muslims http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqzf-4SWrZE Obama's church: "what the Zionist Jews did to the Palestinians is worse than what the Nazis did to the Jews" http://www.tucc.org/upload/tuccbulletin_june10.pdf Reprint of Hamas manifesto http://www.tucc.org/upload/tuccbulletin_july22.pdf Farrakhan: “satanic Jews...running the record industry, movie industry and television." http://www.adl.org/special_reports/farrakhan_own_words2/on_jews.asp Obama's church announces Farrakhan award http://www.trumpetmag.com/pdf/nov_dec_feature.pdf 2008 Obama wants to organize a Muslim summit news.yahoo.com/.../20080130/ts_alt_afp/usvoteobamamuslim_080130180525 Obama will give Hamas "an opportunity to be heard." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daoud-kuttab/obama-and-palestine_b_92985.html
42. We all have silly spiritual leaders.
Daniel ,   Canada   (03.25.08)
Everyone here should think about this when criticiizing Obama: If YOU were running for office, and YOUR Rabbi's views were made public, and this man is your spiritual guide...do you think that you will remain free of criticism when the press looks at your religious affiliation? When I go to Synagogue, I almost always disagree with the Rabbi's sermon. It often plays to the lowest common denominator, the essence of any political speech nowadays. We still embrace Rabbis, though they have embraced lots of nonsense over the years. All spiritual leaders like to play on generalities, and almost always relish and overexaggerate in the spotlight when they have the stump in front of a large audience. American Judaism, especially Reform Judaism is marked by a majority of Evangelical-sounding, Billy Graham wannabe Rabbis, pushing American Judaism as if it were no different from a church or anything. It is the Jewish take on the American Religion. Good Luck to Obama , we all have crazy religious leaders.
43. devil's advocate
netta ,   chicago, il   (03.25.08)
To be fair, in Obama's speech on race, he explicitly denounced the Wright's comments on Israel. In fact, he referred to Israel as a "stalwart" ally. From my perspective, as an Israeli-born American citizen, I think Obama will be supportive of both Israel's and America's strategic interests. I'm also deeply concerned by comments I've heard in my synagogue implying that Obama's "muslim sounding" name indicate he has some "secrete alliance" with Islamic fundamentalists. This is an absurd assumption, and I would be very disappointed in the Jewish community if we rejected a presidential candidate on the basis of such faulty logic.
44. Barak Obama
Herbert Rubin, M.D. ,   Los Angeles   (03.25.08)
Thank you.
45. Avinoam,TA:most speeches are written not by themselves
Tevye ,   Chelm   (03.25.08)
but by proffessional speech writes. So he hired a proffessional, that makes him intelligent?
46. Abe Froman, you just don't get it
Phil ,   US   (03.25.08)
Abe, is there anything that Oboma could possibly do that would change your obsessive support of him? Your reply to my posting was absolutely pathetic. Instead of answering my points (Obama's inexperience, his refusal to quit an anti-American and aanti-israel church, his willingness to expose his daughters to such hateful rhetoric), your response was typical of an extremist and true believer. Your accusation of guilt by association shows that you don't know what you are talking about. Obama freely chose to associate with this horrible minister. He did not just shake hands with him at a photo-op like the picture released of Bill Clinton shaking hands with Rev. Wright. All you can reply is that the right is racist. Well, I'm not right-wing and I'm not racist. The fact is that you are left-wing and clueless. As soon as someone disagrees with you, you call him a racist. Disgusting.
47. Videos: Michelle Obama / Jermiah Wright.
Mr. Unite Us   (03.25.08)
Plocker's comments loses credibility with Obama-mania the line. He start by attacking those that support the man. Also it's wrong to pass judgement based on lifting a line from a speech. Video shows Michelle was talking about the election. She's really proud of voter participation, which in the pass has been shamefully low during the primary season. http://althouse.blogspot.com/2008/02/lovely-and-expressive-michelle-obama.html Jeremiah Wright paraphased a white Republican Ambassador after 9-11. http://www.alternet.org/blogs/election08/80481/ ABC and Fox should be faulted for their misleading editing.
48. obama
sas ,   isael   (03.25.08)
our 'leaders" r any better.??????instead of obama we have ehud. ehud is not much above him. we beteer keep our mouth shut. ohlmert is a iar, corrupt, shrewd, dishonest etc.
49. The Moshiach named Obama
Tuvia ,   Betar Ilit   (03.25.08)
He is a punishment brought onto the US from Hashem. When Bush came to Jerusalem to announce the need to divide the city, hashem brought Obama to divide America. Too bad for the American Jews, as Rav Kahane said on aliyah, "the Jew is the final halachic authority".
50. Desparation
Charlie Hall ,   Bronx, NY   (03.25.08)
I'm not an Obama supporter, but I find it amazing that the Obama haters can't decide if he is a Muslim or a Christian. I suspect they may just be scared that he might change the disastrous Bush policies for the better.
51. Who is the Blind Man Here?
maggie harford ,   USA   (03.25.08)
The question is one of wisdom....is Obama arrogant enough to think we believe him....or is he so stupid that he believes he is not tainted with his pastor's vileness. Either way, we should be wise enough to see through him. What an actor he is!!! Wake up Jews and remember what happens when you bury your head in the sand too long. M
52. Obama
Fred Feyertag ,   Milwaukee WI   (03.25.08)
I don't know what speech you listed to he didn't disavow any position that Reverand Wright advocates. Wright is a Black Supremacist. There is very little political differences between Wright and David Duke. If Obama was really concerned about what Rev. Wright's sermons he would have quit the church a long time ago. Instead Obama stayed there for 20 years and gave the church $22,000 last year. So is there a difference between Obama and Rev. Wright? Surprise, there isn't.
53. to the hypocrotes here: Like Israeli pols are a rolemodel?
Leo the lion ,   USA   (03.25.08)
Lovely amount of armchair quarterbacking here, but the fact is that many American Jews (myself included) will RATIONALLY choose Obama b/c they feel he is the best candidate. Not b/c of the emotional swoon that the collumnist makes abig thing of. Compare Obama to the loosers you have for politicians. Need I say more?
54. filled with stains
ksilver ,   atlanta, ga   (03.25.08)
You know what - as a Black woman living in this country all my life, having had grandparents who were sharecroppers in alabama and then moved to detroit to work in the auto plants with great grandparents who were slaves I can't see how we can just disavow the generation of men and women who dealth with those 'stains'. America is 'stained' and so are we supposed to shut up and deal with it? I want to forgive - I want to let go - I want to believe in what Obama says. He says we can all get along - but that we won't be able to sweep ANYTHING under the rug. I grew up - ironically - with Jewish people. Each year I attended passover at a friends house. The foods they ate - the bitter horseraddish and so forth - was all about recalling a past so that it would never happen again. What is wrong with Wright speaking about the past - America has done some terrible things. But we are ready to move beyond that. Moving beyond doesn't mean killing everyone who recalls the terror - it means acknowledging those people and teaching them. Obama is the one who can get this done. Let him live - please. I am just 33 years old - I want to transcend this. Please speak well of him for our children's sake. We must now see the humanness in ALL MANKIND! I love you.. Kenya K Silver
55. Obama and Jews
Rachel ,   Minneapolis   (03.25.08)
I'll take the words of Rabbi Wolf , who has known Obama over many years as a good testimonial of his character (with some interest on viewing it from a Jewish perspective) over the contradictory reports offered by the news media, which most people will agree has been biased toward Clinton. Here is a link to Rabbi Wolf - http://thejewishweek.com/viewArticle/c55_a5420/Editorial__Opinion/Opinion.html As a Jew, born in Israel and still having family in Israel, I am concerned about Obama's views on religion as well as Israel. But it is incumbent to dig beyond the excerpt on a You Tube cranked out through the CNN/FOX media loudspeaker. As Jews we certainly have learned how information when distorted can cause great injustice. Also, have you read his books? You probably have, and if not I strongly recommend them. Here is another link (not necessarily definitive, but offering another lens at the Wright controversy) - http://www.salon.com/opinion/kamiya/2008/03/25/rev_jeremiah_wright/index.html?source=search&aim=/opinion/kamiya … and while you are at it, please look at the whole You Tube video of Wright's sermons, not just the excerpts. No candidate is necessarily perfect for everyone. I'm sure even some blacks are frustrated by some of Obama's positions or what he said regarding Trinity Church. What stands out for me is that Obama has sound principles and judgment. Considering the field of candidates, I will hitch my wagon to principle and good judgment over political fickleness.
56. re: Reply to #46
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (03.26.08)
Phil admits using guilt-by-association. I am sure when pictures showing George W holding hands with a Saudi prince appears (again), Phil will freely associate him with our enemies as well. Lets see if his method follows his ideology. And he should put away the violin regarding being rightly associated with racism. The ADL, OU, UJA, and an alphabet soup of other Jewish organizations have opined opposition to racist techniques used against Obama. Here's a refresher, for anyone who missed the memo: http://www.ou.org/public_affairs/article/obama In regards to Obama's 'experience', where was Phil's concern when a former alcoholic, who used to run a baseball team, become President? Not a peep about "experience" then. It's a sophist's argument, and Phil knows it. Phil's opposition to Obama starts skin-deep. In case anyone is interested in the man behind the skin color, here is Obama's speech to AIPAC. http://www.scribd.com/doc/46712/Obama-AIPAC-Speech
57. Rachel #55: Good grief Rachel!
Steve ,   Fla.   (03.26.08)
Your Rabbi Wolf wants Obama to destroy Israel! Why did you send this to us if you are promoting Obama? Wolf is an enemy of Israel. My goodness.
58. # 4 is misled
et ,   charlotte, nc   (03.26.08)
Black aren't anti-semites, most can't differentiate "Rich Whites" from rich Jews. Just look around you'll see that most caucasians are antisemite
59. What a bunch of idiots
Armando ,   Denver, USA   (03.26.08)
I am completely astounded at the stupidity of Jews in the USA and Israel. Yes. Elect Obama. Commit suicide. Kill yourselves so that the Arabs dont have to do it for you. You know, stop asking for help from the US. Ask it from Saudi Arabia from now on - you will accomplish your death wish sooner.
60. #54 - Kenya - your post is very moving....
AJ ,   Washsington, DC   (03.26.08)
and I don't think Barack is racist or evil or anything. Clearly he's a brilliant, fascinating man. Still, though, I support Hillary because I think she's the better candidate. I wish the two of them were on the same ticket. Peace unto you...
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