Obama advisor: US Jews hinder peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.03.08, 01:24
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1. Mighty White of Them.
Akiva ,   Maaleh Adumim   (03.26.08)
2. It's fair to judge a person by the company they keep
blonde shiksa   (03.26.08)
As convincing as Obama's eloquent oratory can be, people need to take heed of how he continualloy shows poor judgment by surrounding himself with people like Jeremiah Wright and General McPeak.
3. Jews for Obama?
Jews for Obama? ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.26.08)
I am dumbfounded by my Jewish American friends who say they are Obama supporters. They even have an inkling of his team's anti-Israel bias and they think that's just fine. Perhaps reporting enough times on enough of the facts will eventually penetrate their lofty consciousness.
4. Key Obama Tennet is Core Vision
Steve ,   USA   (03.26.08)
B"H I see Mr. Obama is running on the platform to withdraw American troops from Iraq, and diplomacy first versus military presence. But this quoted explanation is not making sense to me. Where is the divide between American self-interest and Israeli interest in the Middle-East on the Iranian issue? I thought both nations have common core values is the message Mr. Obama is putting forth. With Iran on the horizon, are we seriously going to talk them out of nuclear ambitions that threaten us as much as Israel? What is the United States going to be saying when Mr. Obama's military advisor is quoted as speaking in such a fashion? The Iranian leadership is very keen on consistency. If the goal is to talk to the Iranians, I am not seeing how inconsistency in speech is going to get us there to peace in the Middle East. The diplomatic mission has already started. Where is it heading? Quote: "Let's say that one of your abiding concerns is the security of Israel as opposed to a purely American self-interest, then it would make sense to build a dozen or so bases in Iraq," he said.
5. Why remove him when he's right?
Che Vive ,   Ghetto Beach, U.S.A.   (03.26.08)
This article is part of the proof. You can try to discourage American Jews from voting for Obama because of his advisor's stance on Israel, but in the end you're just proving his point, though I wouldn't generalize it to all American Jews. An Israel-centric view of the Mideast is not in America's best interests, and that's what we've had for decades now, due in no small part to the very forces McPeak is referencing. I'm not advocating abandoning Israel, but pro-Israeli absolutism has to stop. It's a liability we can't afford, and an injustice we shouldn't commit anymore. We need to be able to exert real pressure to stop the settlers... they're an obstruction to peace.
6. We cut Our Noses to Spite Our Faces
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.26.08)
Under no circumstances, should this election become a hot front burner debate over Israel. It seems that more and more however, it is encroaching, to my chagrin. Israel must stay in the background. We know how the Jews were deemed responsible for the Iraqi debacle, let's not suck in the election. Iran also looms as a potential target for the hate Israel crowd, ready to jump all over Israel and US Jewry. Seems like we cannot keep our mouths shut, which is what we should be doing now. Obama will only gain votes (blacks) if Israel is the subject of his candidacy..a backlash galore. Now Russia is meddling..accusing Israel of being stubborn about a conference (wha about Annapolis?). Sometimes we ask for it.
7. General Merrill "Tony" McPeak Speaks the Truth
Mr. Know-it-all ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (03.26.08)
One of the most alluring aspects of Obama becoming the next US President is that he has intelligent people like General McPeak at his side. The Israeli lobby can try to denounce those like former president Jimmy Carter and intellectuals like Mearsheimer and Walt or attempt to label them as being anti-Semites all they want, but after decades of failure by extreme right wing conservatives and the other blind supporters of Israel's to make any headway in ending the Israeli Palestinian conflict, it is time for a change. Being anti-Israel is not a bad thing or something that anyone should ever be ashamed of, because Israel is just one of may foreign countries in the world that does not represent the morals, values or ethics held by the majority of the people of United States of America, and has earned its condemnation through its own actions. I believe that most US Jews also share those same values, but if there are those who do not, then let them be the ones to lower their heads in shame, but we must ever allow them to intimidate us into lowering ourselves to their level.
8. #1
HS ,   USA   (03.26.08)
Theres no need for or benefit of your comment. If you don't agree with Obamas choices, that is your opinion, but your racist comments show your true ignorance.
9. McPeak
tortillapete ,   San Francisco, CA   (03.26.08)
perfect - thank you General - your senile prattle will ensure a correct outcome in November...
10. The fact that there are Jews for Obama
Scott ,   NY   (03.26.08)
....continues to baffle me! How anyone could be for Obama baffles me as well. No one knows much about him... but they trust a "voice". Can anyone name a political accomplishment of his? NO. How about an economic accomplishment? NO. This is NOT the man that will lead America to a better tomorrow.
11. U.S. Jews won't vote for Obama en masse.
Avraham ,   NYC   (03.26.08)
He's enraged the Jewish community with the dogs he's surrounded himself with. I plan to vote McCain.
12. Old story
Erik ,   Czech Rep.   (03.26.08)
Israel and American Jews meddling in politics.
Arno Weis ,   NY, USA   (03.26.08)
Terrorists' little helpers in Washington & both Obama's & Clinton's (defeated now) cronies try to destroy America. Providing weapons & support to terrorists in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Bosnia, Kosovo & elsewhere. They appease enemy over the dead bodies of 4,500 U.S. soldiers & 3,000 victims of 9/11. Put these traitors on trial!
14. McPeak
Howard Hirsch ,   Dayton, Nevada USA   (03.26.08)
Why Jews still maintain a slavish devotion to the Democratic party is one of the great mysteries of our times. Howard Hirsch Chairman, Lyon County Republican Central Committee Dayton, Nevada USA
15. Obama advisor: US Jews hinder peace
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio, U.S.A.   (03.26.08)
Wake up American Jewish voters. Yes it would be nice to support a black man but not under all circumstances like: His Pastor who denounced Israel on a few occasions. His closeness with Edward Said a known 'Palestinian' terrorist. His church gave anti-Semite NOI Min Farrakhan a lifetime acheivement award. His closeness with Zbigniew Brzezinski who has praised both the Walt-Mearsheimer book and the book authored by his former boss anti-Semite Jimmy Carter. None of this add up if he says he is a supporter of Israel.
16. Obama and his wolves
Brod ,   USA   (03.26.08)
Obama has surrounded himself with Papist Antisemites whose latent agenda are to influence America's foreign policy that comes straight from the Papacy rather than the White House. It is time the world comes to know that the Papacy is the Antichrist. As seen during the Dark Ages, Papists and Islamist-Jihadists ravaged the Middle East and Europe. In WWII, they were in cahoots in executing the Holocaust on the Jews. We now see the emergence of their ugly heads again in the making of Obama whose Church is rife with Anti-White, Anti-America and Antisemitic ideology as championed by their guru Jeremiah Wright who is a close friend of Louis Farrakhan, the fanatical American Islamist-Jihadist. It is interesting to note that during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln revealed the latent hands of Jesuits and Papists in masterminding and instigating the American Civil War. One can google Lincoln's statement on this subject.
17. This is Scary
Yonatan Neff ,   USA   (03.26.08)
This is just plain scary. This guy is creepy all by himself, but the fact that he is an adviser to Obama is really frightening. Hello people. Wake up. If Obama were to become president this guy could become one of his presidential advisers. What he is repeating is the same old tired anti-semetic rhetoric. "The Jews control the government and manipulate it to serve their own interests. They start wars etc..." I doubt this guy has ever even read a book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One could learn more history from a second grader. And does anyone really believe that this guy's ideas aren't influencing Obama's views on Israel right now? He could be eating up this anti-Israel bs right now. Vote any other canidate but him.
18. At last: a fair and balanced foreign policy?
Wolfram ,   USA   (03.26.08)
Both statements by McPeak quoted in this article strike me as being reasonable and realistic observations of the situations in both Israel and the US. They reflect, I believe, the views of the majority of thoughtful Americans. Obama is an intelligent candidate and I would expect him to have intelligent advisors. I do not expect that they will advise anything but a fair, just and humane US position toward Israel and Palestine. Could anyone ask for anything better?
19. Zionist Thought Police Demand Obedience!
Dovy ,   Toronto   (03.26.08)
How dare any American leader say a single word that does not reflect total devotion to the Zionist agenda! Shame on McPeak! Shame on Obama! Don't they know who calls the shots around here? Don't they know that Matthew Brooks, Alan Dershowitz, Irving Cotler and Bill Kristol and Dan Gillerman call the shots in the US together with John Hagee?! How dare a US general or any American express an opinion questioning the Zionists! Call in the Thought Police! Call in the Neurotic Zionist Inquisition with their 230 nuclear warheads.....Poor little defenseless Israel, they have big bad Hamas and Gen. McPeak against them! Quick, stop them before gas chambers open in Tel Aviv and Brooklyn!
USA   (03.26.08)
EXACTLY for this truthful statement by Mcpeak./ i think you israelis are going to find out that the USA doesnt like you that much.
USAUSA   (03.26.08)
YOU ARE ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH. amd most Americans agree with you.
22. let's face it once and for all
actions speak louder than words when it comes to obama. also, those who surround themselves with reverend white, mcpeak,, brezinsky, et al, are not the ones jews should vote for. enough said that barak is a liar, a profiteer of verbal diatribe and seems to believe that jews in this great country are stupid enough to believe his "love words" for israel. any jew that votes for this untried, blank, superficial and dangerous democrat, barak hussein obama, is literally writing a death sentence for israel and jewish life and interests in this country. mccain is a solid man; tried and true, never wavers from his support of our jewish homeland and never ever will give in to terrorism and neither try to force israel or the world to appease them. he is a true leader in every sense of the word. while barak hussein obama is just a load of lies, fancy words, verbal manipulation and untruths.
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (03.26.08)
he's running on the "change our relationship with Israel ticket" and the left is eating it up
24. Re Obama
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (03.26.08)
Better the truth comes out now than the day after the election. I saw this bumper sticker for sale on the net "Say NO to Osama, Obama and Chelsea's Mama"
25. hmmm...quacks like a duck...waddles like a duck...looks
truth strikes again   (03.26.08)
like a duck...maybe Obama is an anti semetic duck...ya think?
26. The Truth
Jonathan Spengler ,   US   (03.26.08)
Once again, we have an American politician holding a valid stance on an issue, and becasue the the Israli lobby does not approve, they will do all they can to circumvent the democratic process and insist on hand picking American leaders. Maybe this should be on the cover of the NY times. But then, for that to happen, the NY times would have to not be run you know who...
27. That's what US needs; someone to put US interests first
Gill ,   USA   (03.26.08)
and conduct mideast/foreign policy to serve US interets not those of Israel.
28. So many Jews drinking the Obama Kool-Aid
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (03.26.08)
I just read the results of a national poll that shows Jews evenly split between voting for Mrs. Clinton vs. voting for Mr. Obama. This conclusively debunks Dr. Murray's research showing that Jews are brighter than the rest of the population. Maybe we make good professionals but it is obvious that we lack common sense and survival skills. The facts are that Obama is a very left-wing politician who has surrounded himself with spiritual mentors and advisors who are very critical of Israel. In this McPeak character, we have another confidant who is not only highly critical of Israel, but also blatantly antisemitic. While Obama says the right things about Israel (Just like Jimmy Carter did when he wanted Jewish votes), his choice of the paranoid and anti-Israel minister and his foreign policy advisers show what his true feelings about Israel really are. Yet to the supposedly bright Jewish population, facts mean nothing. They continue to fall for Obama's rhetorical skills and personal charm and are into denial about his affiliation with a church that honors Farrakhan, prints an editorial by Hamas, had a preacher who screamed curses at America, and now has an advisor who accused Bill Clinton of McCarthy-like tactics. Say what you want about Bill Clinton. He is no bigot and has been a friend to the Jews (even though his ill-conceived peace talks were disastrous for Israel).
29. Apparently Obama's advisers are running for President.
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (03.26.08)
What's next? Reviewing Obama's dentist's credentials on Zionism? If this is the best the GOP has got to run with, winter isn't going to end for them for four more years.
30. If Obama succeeds, Israel will be occupied by the UN
Ben Plonie ,   Galus, Chutz L'Aretz   (03.26.08)
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