Sderot: 2 wounded in Qassam barrage
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 26.03.08, 22:04
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1. Dont blame Sharon
Marx C. ,   Capital   (03.26.08)
Blame, Meretz and the like that black mailed Sharon to go ahead with the unilateral disengagement, exposing Shderot and even left winged Kibutzim, Yad Mordechay and Miflasim to daily rocketing.
2. Social group protests of IDF lectures...
Yoel ,   Israel   (03.26.08)
Since I couldn't react on the article's link, I do it on that one; since it seems they are linked subjects.... Well, a group made of one person went to protest out of schools because it looks irrelevant that IDF can visit schools?? This man could travel and protest in Sderot where rockets fall on schools, and what's the role of the IDF who doesn't do enough; and at the opposit: it should be more present and defend our teenagers. Once again, one leftist who had an opportunity to show som idealism. One should remind him him we are at war, and his opinions lead us to defeat. Although he would seem sympathic, he doesn't deserve a full page article, and even a single line article.
3. Ehud Olmert's "lull"
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.26.08)
4. Ehud REALLY loves you
Sulieman   (03.26.08)
5. Don't worry - Olmert will wake up!
Sally   (03.26.08)
6. Ehud - Does he care?
Rocky   (03.26.08)
7. Give Tel Aviv to Slimerags
morgan   (03.26.08)
8. Tzippy - thank you for saving us
Bertha   (03.26.08)
9. What a BRAVE country - what leaders!
Armand   (03.26.08)
10. Lucky Israelis.
Sharon   (03.26.08)
11. Olmert doesn't do anything, is it OK?
Abdallah   (03.26.08)
12. It's only Sderot, Ehud & Tsippy.
Bill   (03.26.08)
13. Why react? It's only 350 Kassams!
sLAVA   (03.26.08)
tHELMA   (03.26.08)
15. Defending citicens not Israel's responsibility - see Hamas.
Gabriel   (03.26.08)
16. It takes COURAGE to get you ass whipped!
Roxanne ,   Mauritania   (03.26.08)
17. Maybe the Kassams were a mistake.
Ruth ,   Texas   (03.26.08)
18. How DARE Israel CONSIDER a response!!!
Jerry ,   Melbourne   (03.26.08)
19. Olmert finally reacts to qassams
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.27.08),7340,L-3524155,00.html
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