Israel receives 4 new F-16I jets
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.03.08, 22:17
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1. Stop worrying about a bit of cancer..
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (03.28.08)
... the poor Japanese kamakazis had absolutely no chance of survival - at least the IAF pilots might live on for a few more years even if their hair falls out and their children are born deformed; let's face it, zey are performing a vonderful mitzvah.
2. Terrorist pigs have more to fear than the pilots.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (03.28.08)
3. Chanalau
MR   (03.28.08)
A fully idiotic comment, just as expected from you. A rare case of perfect delivery.
4. We actually sent you 12
But the other 8 went to Taiwan by mistake.
5. Yeah, living in Londonistan carries a greater risk
Abu Babu Al-Laden ,   Babylon   (03.28.08)
of Tube suicide bombings, beheadings or better yet for stupid girls being "honor killed" style Wow, what a smart cookie she is!
6. the carcinogenics are still out and in Jets
observer   (03.28.08)
what happened to the "old" jets would it be send back to the manufacturer or dumped as junk. I can assure you it would be back to service or at least have its parts dismantled for the purpose of spying on high tech. Isn't that carcinogenic blackmail. next time, try to get compensation, as well.
7. 400Nukes/100 F-35s/200F15-16s. Wow
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.28.08)
I would like Israel to start receiving some F-22s and am waiting patiently for the first of 100 F-35s, of the hovering kind. I understand there is concern about the enemies (Hez, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah) abilities with high arching Kassams and (now) Grads, thus the US Marine choice of planes for the future. With 800 state of the art warplanes (including Phantom 2,000-upgraded, the big mouths in Hez and Hamas should watch their tongues, while they have them. As with a basketball game cheer, "Go Israel go", "Give them a wuppin".
8. Formaldehyde is in ALL New Carpets and Formica
ys ,   Israel   (03.28.08)
In households across the country. People exposed for decades. So, tell us - why the government has allowed the common population to endure this without letting them know and why haven't they acted so expeditiously when civilians were exposed?
9. the bug in the soup
Like the one who put a bug in the soup just before it's finish to complain and gets another soup free .... the next will be 4 trains ? ... LOL
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