Anchor quits al-Jazeera, cites anti-American tone
Associated Press
Published: 28.03.08, 09:19
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1. ...and they still use their Al-Jazeera Arabic logo
Dave   (03.28.08)
2. He'd be more at home with Fox News
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (03.28.08)
Trouble is Al Jazira is far too bland and unwilling to take sides. Thank goodness there are some independent Brits at the station who are not in thrall to AIPAC and the ZOA. If we want to hear the Zionist take on the news we have Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC....
3. Morally suspicious
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.28.08)
Marash took the job even though he is Jewish and al- Jazeera has a strong anti- Israel, in fact pro- Hamas line. He does not seem to have minded participating in the hate- fest against Israel. Now he is standing up for America. That's admirable. But what did he really expect from Al- Jazeera, that it would be fair in regard to the United States?
4. Naahh . . . Who Woulda Thought That?
emanon ,   USA   (03.28.08)
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (03.28.08)
it doesn't matter that he was there for only a short time, he's already done damage
6. The Nerve of the Brits
Thomas   (03.28.08)
How many American soldiers died to bail them out of WW2? It's a fact that Roosevelt was sympathetic to Britain, and frankly got tired of Churchill calling up the White House, begging the US to help them fight Germany. Since most Americans were isolationists at the time, he allowed Pearl Harbor to be attacked to fire up the American people to enter the war. What reason did America have to fight in Europe? None.
m ,   Toronto   (03.28.08)
A good Jewish boy from Toronto is taking his place. Avi Lewis son of former head of New Democratic Party (the lef) and feminist mother Michelle Landsberg writer for the Star venomous to Jews and Judaism will take his place with Al-Jazeera. It will be interesting.
8. Al Jazeera less biased then dutch media
daniel   (03.28.08)
Allthough Al Jezeera is biased, at least they allow Israeli's and Americans to appear and give their opinion. But here in Holland they dont even do that. So I prefer Al Jazeera over Dutch news.
9. Where's "Steve, London" now?...
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.28.08)
"Rock'n'roll and all that jazzeera"...Hehe... What a funny post that was. I bet you're feeling quite stupid now!
10. anti-American tone
Charles   (03.28.08)
oh really LOL
11. At least one USEFULL IDIOT
Ivri   (03.28.08)
Saw the light. Hopefully more to come. But the pull of the Petro dollars is just too strong for the Brits.
12. #1 Dave, ever seen the CNN Arabic logo ?
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (03.28.08)
13. Commonality:All of the anchors are recruited from CNN
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.28.08)
They are hiring from a network already predisposed to an anti-American anti-Jew bias. Even more than other arab stations like the BBC!
14. Islam, submit or peace of the grave
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.28.08)
Al Jazeera can't help itself ,it's their nature. As with the suicidal Israel left ,the Brits help their destroyer's. The home of Neville Chamberlain knows the failed art of appeasment well. Thats the promise of Islam to we infidels. And yet Israel and the west continues to appease and reward them for their terrorism. Israel cowers in fear as the Palestinians learn their threats and violence pays off well Al Jazera is the propaganda arm of this cult of death masked as a religion.
15. Al-jazeera
Said ,   London, UK   (03.28.08)
It was set up to counter the anti-Arab, anti-Muslim tone of many American and all Israeli news channels. Its far fairer than Fox News, and far more balanced. What do you expect the Arabs to say, after they've become the object of hate in the West?
16. #15 Said - it was intentional?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (03.28.08)
Are you saying Al Jazeera was set up to INTENTIONALLY be biased? You mean the didn't even try to be fair? If what you are saying is true then the whole thing is pretty sad. I'd guess Al Jazeera did for dollars, nothing more and nothing less.
17. #6 Thomas
Edwin ,   Canada   (03.28.08)
My, my, Thomas. Do you think it was Britain's war any more than yours? Britain, and Canada, joined in to defend Poland simply because it was the right thing to do. All the time while you folks enjoyed making money on Britain's back! Only when it became apparent that Mr. Hitler had plans for you did you wake up. Late for both wars, I say.
18. #15 And whose fault "they've become object
of hate"??????????????????//
HAL TRIPP ,   LUSAKA , ZAMBIA   (03.28.08)
20. Put Brits in charge and they mess it up with bias
David ,   Boston, USA   (03.28.08)
BBC is a prime example of a network with no credibility. They have posted fabricated stories of the Arabs as facts. British have no credibility. They scew up the world and continue to. Look at their products. Buy US and Israeli, Support Peace.
21. Liberal News is full of hatred and racism
David ,   Boston, USA   (03.28.08)
I dont think you have to be balanced to be fair, but a news agency needs to be fair. I dont understand why news media leaves out so much hatred in the Arab/Muslim world. Its rife with it. They completely ignore it.
22. Intentionally biased
Said ,   London, UK   (03.28.08)
I can't say that for sure, Robby from San Jose, but I'm pretty sure that all stations have their agendas. If you set up a news channel to be a counter-balance to the present international media, then obviously you start out with certain biases. Its interesting how people criticise Al-Jazeera incessantly, but never confront the biases in their own media outlets. The way I see it, many people in the West can't bear the thought of Israel and America being the bad guys because they've been conditioned to think that their critics are inherently evil. All you need to do is watch the plethora of Hollywood movies that depict all Arabs in the most deplorable stereotypical roles. The Arabs have their fair share of miscreants no doubt, but they don't reflect on the view of the majority. Where's the silent majority, I hear you cry: well, they don't have a voice because America ensures so, by supplying aid to the tyrants and keeping them in power. A bit off topic, but think about it, it applies to the general attitude of both East and West (both words though are gross over-simplifications of complex cultures).
23. #18 anybody except Jews, becuae they can't
24. Al Jazeera in Vermont and Ohio???
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.28.08)
That's about as effective as broadcasting La Scala into some Louisiana bayou or South Georgia collection of peanut farms. They might hear it, but it would be nothing more than "WTF is this supposed to be?"
25. Al-Jazeera has a good mix of points of view
Ran   (03.28.08)
They have done some excellent reportings and arranged for interviews with players of every stripe. Much better than CNN (which is not news, but 100% propaganda) and of course the pro-terror BBC
26. #22 Interesting discussion Said
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (03.28.08)
Yes - it is near impossible to not be biased. The Arab press' obession with Israel is much more intense then the West's obsession with Arabs. If you pick just about any few days, and read just about any Arab news source you will see mulitple stories about Israel. Not just Al Jazeera, try Al Ahram, Al Asharwq (which is moderate), Arabnews, etc. Israel represents about 1/2 of 1 percent of that regions population and land, yet they usually represent a lot of the news. Take a look at the Arab American News website, Israel is almost half of the articles. Now pick up just about any Western source and compare the diversity of subjects. I think Palestinian and Israeli news stories are a little different, it is almost not possible for them not to have content about each other because of their proximity. The are 'stuck' with each other.
27. # 17 You're Funny
Thomas   (03.28.08)
"Do you think it was Britain's war any more than yours?" - Yes "Britain, and Canada, joined in to defend Poland simply because it was the right thing to do." - It had to do with Germany's attack on Britain. Bits cared as much for the Poles as they did for the Czechs. "All the time while you folks enjoyed making money on Britain's back! " - LOL. Where did you get that from? When America ewntered WW2, we were coming out of the Great Depression. And nobody makes money off the bcks of Brits since Brits were stealing everything from their colonies. "Only when it became apparent that Mr. Hitler had plans for you did you wake up." - There's no proof Hitler waged war on the US. It would defy all logic oif he did.
28. Another Tokyo Rose?
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (03.29.08)
In a wiser time in US history, this turncoat would be captured, tried and imprisoned. In a wiser time, the studios, towers and transmitters of al-Jezeera would have been bombed. These are obviously not wise times. Liberal fascism, laziness, and corruption have infected the minds of many leaders. Pray for wise times.
29. Doesnt take much to be anti-American these days
Mohammad Reza ,   Tehran / Iran   (03.29.08)
I understand anyone (high enough) in the US, speaking against the American current administration is labeled as unpatriotic. I suspect if their name is like mine, they may even be called a terrorist. May be there is a reason people across the world are disappointed with the US. An idiot running that country doesn't exactly help.
30. Fitna
Stuart ,   west sussex england   (03.29.08)
The world need's to grow some ball's, the film showing the true face of Islam has been pulled from numerous websites. What a shame, it seems that Islam has gained the upper hand on the fear factor front, let's drop the word extremest, it's every last one of them, man women and child.
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