Qassam damages nursery, children unharmed
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 28.03.08, 14:27
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RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (03.28.08)
2. Collective punishment
Micha   (03.28.08)
There are no military targets there. This is a human rights abuse issue. Arabs in gaza must be moved immediately away from the Israeli population. They put Israeli Jew and Israeli Moslem and Israeli Christian lives at risk.
CHUMSEH YA ARABS ,   ..............DACON9   (03.28.08)
4. Can you hear it?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.28.08)
The silence from Borenboim, Olmert, the TA leftists, Livni, Rice, the UN, B'Tselem, the Pope. It's deafening!
5. Thank G-d they were saved from another painful concession.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (03.28.08)
6. Tibi, Barakeh, Fahima - your comments please?
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.28.08)
7. Thanks
Hammas ,   Gaza   (03.28.08)
Thanks Olmert, thanks promessed we will send you the Quran autographied by Abbas....
8. "this is a reality they have to deal with"
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.28.08)
The Kibbutz nurse has absorbed Olmert's message, and she is wrong. After the genocide perpetrated by the Romans in the first century CE, death and persecution was the reality Jews had to deal with, whether in Europe or Arabia. The Jews returned to their homeland so that this would not be their reality. Instead of letting two-year olds deal with this "reality", let the IDF deal with the shooters.
9. good thing
Joseph ,   Israel   (03.28.08)
Good thing Gsh Katif was destroyed. We are reaping the benefits of ending the occupation.
10. Never Again?
MK ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.28.08)
Quick Olmert, make some more "good-will gestures". Israel in 2008 is spineless.....
11. If you want to understand Israels position today
Al   (03.28.08)
you must study the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. They were locked in a ghetto playing music and theatre, fooling themselves that their relocation from the "temporary" ghetto would come. We all know the rest of the story. When the Germans demanded 10K at the railyard for transport to the "relocation camps" show up at any one given time, the Judenrat and their Kapos delivered the goods. When America demanded and still demands that the road map be implemented, sharon came up with the expulsion from gaze...This was to be the new messiah... And so it is with israel today, America has this gov't in its side pocket and dictates whats to be. Your leaders are on the take (why so many trips abroad, are they going there to study traffic lights?) and so even the holiest of holiests your secualr (we dont need a God, we're the new Jew) kibbutzim are made to pay the price. Remember back when the "SLIME BALL SETTLERS" were at fault and no one gave a damn that they were expelled or beaten up, in Amona, well today Sderot and soon ashkelon will be a shell. Welcome to 2008 Warsaw..enjoy the ride. No leadership, no followers, no future.
12. We should definitely negotiate
eli ,   ranaana   (03.28.08)
Obviously, our government's strategy of insisting to the World -- and to the Palestinians, that we will continue to negotiate is working great! Keep up the good work. Maybe by some bad luck the next one will hit our children and we'll momentarily wake up to what morons we've got as political leaders.
SAS ,   ISRAEL   (03.28.08)
what is ohlmert waiting for?? he probably needs to be bribed financially in order for him to do something. any movement he makes - something gets put in his pocket. if he cannot fill the position as PM and make decisions without being bribed RESIGN. the man is a liar/corrupt/shrewd and those that around him are the same.
14. #4
Joseph ,   Israel   (03.28.08)
They have more important things to do than worry about dead two-year old Jews. They were busy protesting in Yafo against Israel
15. Israeli Government couldnt care less
Larry ,   San Jose, USA   (03.28.08)
I wonder if it is simply a matter that Olmert and Barak considers those Israelis as expendable, or if they have been payed by the US not to defend her citizens. By doing nothing, Israel loses her right to exist
16. We have seen the enemy and it is us
Phil ,   US   (03.28.08)
While American Jews choose to stay uninformed and support candidates that surround themselves with anti-Israel advisers, Israelis continue to allow an incompetent and venal government to govern. It is incredible that the citizens of Israel are not having mass demonstrations against this administration and the corruption of the Knesset political system. An uncaring and selfish government has luckily averted a disaster in which toddlers could have been killed by the terrorists. Yet the government continues to stonewall the residents of Sderot and other communities. The govt. fears world opinion so much that they are allowing Israel to be destroyed piece by piece. These fools fail to understand that the accusation of disproportionate force against Isreal really means that Israel is not allowed to defend itself in any way. Israel needs a new government that will speak to the terrorists in the only language that they understand. We also need a government that ends the policy of this government (that refuses to do anything to help the residents of the towns that are being targeted). Imagine, a government that allows 2 year olds to be targeted and at the same time is so afraid of Conoleeza Rice and the EU that it refuses to do anything that will be effective against the rockets.
17. #11 for PM, he/ she tells the truth
jew guy ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (03.28.08)
18. And the Hamas Leader calls Qassams a defensive weapon...
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (03.28.08)
balooney ! ! !
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