What are we celebrating?
Assaf Wohl
Published: 31.03.08, 23:11
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1. Best Article Ever, Nuff said!
2. so true
gamba & pilpel   (03.31.08)
there's nothing to celebrate in israel... it's not about all the things we've accomplished until now. it's about all the things we didnt. and since a complete moron is running the country, i'm ashamed to participate in any of the governments "60 aniversary" events. go to sleep, all of you!
3. Bravo, Assaf Wohl.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.01.08)
4. Israel needs both parades: hollow men to home AND IDF
dante ,   uk   (04.01.08)
yes, the hollow men of the govt should go home. that would make a beautiful parade. but, in addition to that, it would be beautiful to see the IDF on parade>>>>
5. It's written
Like you collected your self from everywhere on the earth you will separate your selfs by your hands , it's your policy since more than 2000 years and your bigest problem that you don't learn from your mistakes because you see your selfs very holly and like Angels who do not mistakes that's why you didn't learn from the past ... alot from you found out and still alot will find out that they have more peace in their life if they go back to from where they came .... in the last 100 years you brought alot of Jews from around the world to this land and in the next 100 years most will go back or leave to another peacful safty place where no one will accuse them there with occupieng and torture another people and this land will be rulled again direct or indirect by the Palistinians when they will be the magority on this land ..... nightmare ... but self made .... like Jesus said ... from dust to dust .... Amen .
6. I agree, nothing to celebrate while Olmert is in power
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (04.01.08)
But i do disagree about the logo..........it sucks big time. Instead of spending thousands of our hard earned dollars for this amateurish logo, i could of made one for a fraction of the price that would of looked alot more professional.. They should of had a national competition instead of wasting money.
7. Wow, fantastic article!
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (04.01.08)
Lets hope some of these useless & corrupt politicians read it & act on it.
8. Nasty ugly article
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (04.01.08)
.. but it is right on one thing. For a country that lives under the protection of the US and depends for its existence on blackmail, handouts and anything its globe trotting schorrers can screw out of world Jewry, independent is not a word I would have shosen. Parasitic would be more appropriate
9. Talkback Consensus
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.01.08)
It is quite amazing to see such a high degree of consensus in an Israeli talkback. May they be fruitful and multiply.
10. The Zionist "dream" is long gone. The parade is a show of
Miriam ,   Israel   (04.01.08)
anti-Zionism by the anti-Zionist government, causing the the Zionist founders to turn over in their graves.
11. Keep up the pessimism - put us in a deeper funk
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.01.08)
Some of you are so deep in your pessimism and refusal to accept anything good that you forget that Israel has so much to celebrate. Let the people be happy, let the world see that we are here and here to stay and stop forcing your depression on a people who need a lift.
12. Israel has everything to celebrate
Smith ,   TA   (04.01.08)
This article stinks! Hey the Arabs arent' the only ones who don't recognize Israel! Quite a few very religious Jews who spoonge off the state have no respect for the state as well as plenty of settlers! But in spite of that we have plenty to celebrate! Being a democracy all this time when a lesser state would have plunged into military dicatatorship long ago. Stop your whinning!
13. #11 Sheila
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (04.01.08)
As long as we have kidnapped soldiers & hungry children we have nothing to celebrate. Think about how many hungry kids & their families can be fed with all this money!
JUDEA ,   DAVID   (04.01.08)
Wow this is one of the most clear pieces of honest reporting that Ynet has published in years. Col hacavod for allowing this writing to reach us ,which reflects the sentiment that is among many of us living here. Many people writing TB's have been trying to convey this message for years. Hopefully more people among your writing staff are starting to wake up and take on the responsibilty of honest reporting.
15. What's built on wrong ... doesn't hold
16. the problem is politicians not parades
zionist forever   (04.01.08)
The reason we have so many problems is not because of the millitary its because of the crooks we have had running this country for to long who are willing to do just about anything for personal glory. Lets give the real heros a chance to get noticed for once for who they have done alot more good for the state than our politicians have. Sadly today the IDF is being used as a political tool so lets send a message remind the crooks that whilst they seek political glory & nobel prizes there are real men and women out there who sit in tanks not comrortable chairs and instead of political summits they go fight wars. While the worst that can happen to a politician is they are voted out the worst that can happen to these men & women is they can die and if they are going to be asked to take those risks it should be in the service of the state not as part of some politcal deal. Millitary parades can also send a message to madman in places like Iran that just because they have new toys we have those toys as well and if they hurt us we can hurt them so they should think twice before trying anything. Of course the public also gets a display they can enjoy.
17. Oops they got #5's order wrong
Sorry Habibi, we put the wrong green leaves in your falafel, if you start seeing some crazy stuff call a doc. TCP...
18. #8
erik ,   Czech Rep.   (04.02.08)
Perfectly said Chanalau.
19. I will be selebrating Nakba with my Palestinian husband
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.02.08)
20. celebration
fareeha ,   gaza   (04.02.08)
those fishermen are dancing and singing while going to the sea but sure it is not the dead sea ,,celebration is only to the life not to the dead ,to the hope .but her in this article there is no hope it is the problemit is not in celebration not in idfor the politician .my life is the hardest but i keep the hope .hope in the second day or second week or second month or second year or may be second genaration ormaybe the second life
21. internal memo about Assaf revealed
Olmert to Livni ,   Jerusalem   (04.02.08)
From: Olmert To: Livni Assaf has questioned our pre-eminence - put him on the metal baseball list.
22. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I learned about Nakba holiday
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.02.08)
23. More ramblings from Assaf Wohl
Talula ,   Israel   (04.02.08)
If he's got nothing intelligent to write, then find someone else who has. He just prattles on and on. I lost interest after reading... "I, as the rest of the people in Israel" Speak for yourself man, not for the rest of us.
24. to no 8(a good idiot)
fish   (04.06.08)
You mother goose probably mistake Israel for PA, which does live on handouts and blackmail and international aid. You probably attended a school in a remote moshav, where there were no books, so you grew "un enfant stupide". Now you in London - good riddance.
25. independant defense force
gad   (04.13.08)
we are celebrating mainly the positive achievements a partially efficient state with a good life expectancy low infant mortality and a solid army plus learning research and wholesome heroes ,
26. 60th anniversary
sas ,   israel   (04.14.08)
there is NOTHING to celebrate unless Oghlmert n company all resign.
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