Barak says will allow establishment of Palestinian city
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.03.08, 14:10
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1. If I ever gave a thought ......
Disgusted ,   Negev   (03.30.08)
about voting for Barak, I just forgot. How stupid can he be............. I guess I will hold my nose and vote for Bibi.
2. We're shocked by getting nothing in return.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.30.08)
Not counting, of course, harsh criticism, terrorist attempts, incitement, Kassams, morter fire, snipers, Molotov cocktails, stone throwing at Israeli vehicules, threats, & arms smuggling. Did they have a 35 page booklet too?
3. And the palestinians will be giving...
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (03.30.08)
Yes, that's right - precisely nothing!
4. City
Bret ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (03.30.08)
It is about time. How many houses have been demolished? (~150,000 since 1967) How many villages completely razed? (~500 since 1948) *Yawn* 1 village, wow, congratulations to the Israeli government for being so 'generous'.
5. How arabs....
miron ,   ny   (03.30.08)
will fight with hate to Jews inside their soul? Please tell me if some body can.
6. To Terry:awful presumptive of you
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.30.08)
To thing that this administration would even think of demanding a quid pro quo. The olmert team has become the terrorists' best friend: no permission for the IDF to engage the enemy while they target our babies; no spines in negotiations; stocking and supplying the enemy in gaza; the list goes on. I'm just trying to discern if there is any difference between olmert, abbas, or meretz
7. To Bret #4: Explain to me again
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.30.08)
Why do you live in Israel? All that concern for the pali terror infrastructure, yet never a comment about the daily barrage the citizens in Sderot must endure. But then, I expect no less from the TA leftists. However, when the first rocket hots Dizengoff, you'll be screaming for the elite units - MADE UP MOSTLY OF KIBBUTZNIKS - to come save your leftist arse
8. amazing gestures from Jews seen as weakness by Arabs
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (03.30.08)
roadblocks are in place for security purposes, removing them jeopardizes Israel's safety
12. there is much more space in their homeland
Charles   (03.30.08)
Saudi Arabia
13. Nothing in return?
Abi ,   London   (03.30.08)
I will tel you what we gave in return: - Over two million Palestinians in the West Bank must pass through your infamous checkpoints in order to get to their orchards and job place - humiliating treatment at these checkpoints a la Warsaw circa 1943 - A separation wall that eats up large part of the West Bank - Pumping humingous quantities of water from your "settlements" into Israel - Daily incursions, curfews, assassinations, arbitrary arrests, administrative detention, blockades,. The sad thing is that this is a mirror of the treament by the Nazis that the Jews received in Europe - now this is nothing but a sequel
14. More Gestures Needed
Edwin   (03.30.08)
After that, Israel should disband her security forces, donate all armaments, health care facilities, factories and businesses to their downtrodden Arab neighbours, transfer Israeli technology to Ramallah, and then the Jews can set off for Africa---but don't forget to leave the infrastructure intact. As a final gesture, could you please translate all manuals into Arabic before you take off? (pretty please?) If you really want to be nice, you could all commit suicide on the way out.
15. this smells like BS
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (03.30.08)
this suonds like a load of BS. they type of BS a jobnik uses to swoon an american girl on birth right in a TA bar............. let's not forget rice and her people actually convinced themselves that the report they had just made up regarding iraqi WMD was true שחורדינית
16. And what do we get back for all this?
17. It is awesome seeing this unfold.
JohnB ,   Alabama, U.S.A.   (03.30.08)
God is very plain on what will happen between Palestine and Israel. God's time is not our time. God's thoughts are not our thoughts.It is exciting seeing scripture fulfilled and, knowing how this story ends makes me all the more thrilled to be living in this time. Look to the East, for the time of His (Second) coming is at hand.
18. Ynetnews doesn't like criticism of the USA but here goes
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.30.08)
When are President Bush and Secretary of State Rice going to realize that the Palestinian Authority and the Mob Authority in Gaza don't want peace? Don't you realize that "peace" is the worst thing that could happen to Abu Mazen and the terrorist Haniyah as they will have to look after their people and they will no longer be able to blame Israel for all their woes. I am sure that if in some moment of madness Israel was to withdraw to the '67 borders and be mad enough to allow the Palestinians the right of return, the Palestinians would up their demands to a more ridiculous level just to foil any attempt at peace agreement. President Bush is living an illusion about peace in the Middle East. The Arabs just won't allow it to happen! Mr. President, shake hands with Osama bin Laden first then you can tell us to make peace with Hamas, Syria and Iran. The USA has lost almost 3,000 people on 9/11. The USA has lost a few hundred here and there due to terrorism and 4,000 troops killed by what CNN and the other TV media call “militants” in Iraq. Sir we have lost more than 30,000 of our people due to hatred by the Arab and most of the Muslim world and that is no illusion.
19. The only gesture the Pals need is the finger!
Galilean ,   The Galilee   (03.30.08)
20. End Jewish occuptaion in Palestine & no BS gestures needed
W ,   USA   (03.30.08)
21. Barak, you read Fatahs Palastinian Charter lately?
3Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.30.08)
GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!.......for what????? absolutely nothing in return except more terrorism.. Abass has not even made an attempt to change their very own Charter that calls for Israels destruction. He openly calls for Israels destruction in Arabic to his terrorist brothers. He even had the chutzpah at the current Arab summit meeting to call other arab nations to attack Israel. HOW STUPID CAN BARAK BE? Aiding and abetting our enemies is a crime to the state of ISrael! How many Israeli lives will be killed because of you and your inept governments actions of appeasement and treason! Elections NOW before these morons completely destroy Israels defense and survival.
22. Rice and "piece"
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (03.30.08)
Reading the talbacks over the days about this US administration one thing is universal they are held in contemp and immeasureable dislike (myself included) by everyone except Peace Now
23. Abi - ask palis to work in jordan
Leo ,   Miami   (03.30.08)
They dont need to come to Israel and work...we dont want them....let them work in Jordan instead.....if they fill humiliated, then go to Jordan. By the way, have u tried boarding a plane in Heathrow....u need to get nacked before leaving....same shit, dont u think?
24. PA city should be build in Jordan or in any of their other
Miriam ,   Israel   (03.30.08)
of their 22 Arab countries. LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE!!! That's the only little country Jews have.
25. Destiny's child. Detour ahead
Gideon Reader   (03.30.08)
All of this "verbal BS" will evaporate as the Ragsters do what they do best; cocking the pistol and shoving it vigorously into the front of their pants. Never destined to be Swiss or Lichtensteiners, the Paleosavages will eff this up and no one can stop them. The Beebster will have his work cut out for him as a result of Olmert Amarillo dithers and concedes his way towards the odious infamy he has worked so hard for.
26. Hey Edwin
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (03.30.08)
I've got a gesture for you....but it's likely to be viewed as obscene.
27. for #13 - history is not your speciality
Giuseppe ,   Italy   (03.30.08)
Abi London close your mouth and back to study history please. shut up
28. will Israel pay a Jordanian businessman in cash or land?
29. fight against ourselves ...
Chaim ,   Germany   (03.30.08)
I ask myself why dont we just shoot ourselves? At least it is easier. Why for heavens sake do we equip our foes?! I think im going mad seeing this kind of stupidness Barak is spreading. For me it is unbeleaveable to see Israel getting down by trieing the world how fine they are. They should go into palestinians with hardness and lead as they are destined for and not takting care. Israel took care enough how many victims can it take? Instead of ending it this stupid government extends this war and gives Palestinians the choice to kill more and more of israeli sons.
30. Israeli "Gestures ALWAYS Beget Palestinian DEMANDS!!
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (03.30.08)
The insanity continues as these power-mongers refuse to learn from past mistakes.
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