Barak says will allow establishment of Palestinian city
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.03.08, 14:10
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31. Throw out the US and start negotiating with the Russians
Akiva ,   Maaleh Adumim   (03.30.08)
or whoever will deal with us officially or nonofficially who will stay out of our business.
32. Here's a gesture for Olmert
Ran   (03.30.08)
Lift the middle finger, now there's a gesture for this moronic internal enemy of Israel
33. The USA has failed in Iraq
Ran   (03.30.08)
Bush has been unsuccessful in everything he has undertaken, and takes it out on Israel, putting pressure on her to accept more and more terrorism.
34. #27 Giuseppe , Italy
From the way you talk it shows that Abi , London is 100% correct.
35. while sderot and ashkelon is being destroyed
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (03.30.08)
while sderot and ashkelon is being destroyed day by day and brick by brick by palestinian rockets and mortars,how does this pathetic clueless delusional coward 'ehud olmert 'respond?by building them a new palestinian city. people of israel you are doomed, either you depose this government, or start packing your bags
36. to 2
60 years of occupation and hell of money and weapons free from America and begging and collecting money and blackmailing the world all of these years and hundreds of thousends your IDF killed and treating the Palistinians like animals in the checkpoints and and and ...... not enough .... still you want more ?
37. to 12
Isn't much easier that all of you go back from where you came or from where they collect you ....
38. If there is a terrorist attack from one of the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.30.08)
areas where a road block was removed,we should arrest bush's henchman condi and the kadima/labor gang. They should be tried and if found guilty of aiding terrorism,then given the same penalty that eichmann received. This government of cowards can only surprise by the amount of surrendering they do. Have new elections now and only let people who have served or are serving in the security forces(our's). condom rice is as big an enemy of the state of Israel as arafat. She is the modern day version of haman. She and bush should be declared persona non grata in our Jewish land.
39. where are the painful Palistinian concessions?
rol ,   toronto canada   (03.30.08)
40. How magnanimous !!!!!
cynic #2   (03.30.08)
41. Give arabs one more thing!!!
Ryan McArthur ,   TLV, Israel   (03.30.08)
A good kick in a butt across the border! They need it baaaad!!!
m ,   Toronto   (03.30.08)
Aaaaaah, we are sooo amazing! Meanwhile they give away the house. Stupid and vain.
43. Abi, you are missing something
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.30.08)
"The sad thing is that this is a mirror of the treament by the Nazis that the Jews received in Europe" Israel is not murdering people at the rate of 5000 EVERY DAY In fact if Israel "mirror of the treatment by the Nazis" all the Palestinians would be dead by now.
44. It all adds up to more dead Jews
BJL ,   usa   (03.30.08)
Amored cars= Dead Jews 5,000 workers= Dead Jews Industrial Zone=Kassams=Dead Jews
45. #36 don't know noth'n
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.30.08)
the only occupation for 60 years has been in the minds of the self proclaimed victims(martyrs) of Pallys and the Arabs. If you knew the real and the truth it's very appearant that the Arabs are to blame for the suffering of the Pallys! The Israelis didn't attack in 1948, or start the war in 67 or 73. The Arabs have keep up there war of attrition non-stop from the begining with there terror. Stop lying to yourself, stop the lies to your freinds, family and your children! Look in the mirror and see if there is a reflection!!!
46. #13 way off
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.30.08)
checkpoint are deserved and earned by Pally hate and terror. The Palys brought this on themselves, and any fool that isn't ignorant or hateful can see this and wouldn't compare it to Warsaw checkpoints. The sercuriy fence was built only because of the continued murder, suicide, homicide, killers that the Pally's kept sending to kill Jews after 2000 when the now dead Arafathead turned down another great offer to the Pally's for peace. The incursions, curfews, assassinations and arrest happen becuse of the terror attacks from the Pally's(no terror no reason to protect or fight back) The really sad thing is that the Pally's & Arabs adimired the Nazis and blame everything on everyone else for there fanatic hate and self inflicted problems.
47. Abi #13 The Jews never suicide bombed anyone
Bibliobob   (03.30.08)
Your attempt to make Nazi's equal to Israel falls on it's face. The Israeli's ONLY respond to Arab terror. If Israel were to be equivalent to Nazi, they would have put all Arabs into a camp and burned them. They could carpet bomb Ramallah and Gaza but have not. Never has a country been so kind to it's enemy as Israel. All of the incursions, curfews, arrests, killings are for known terrorists. If the Arabs would not teach their children to hate, kill and become shahids, then maybe there could be peace, someday. Maybe you should leave London and go back to your native land and try to bring peace.
48. to 47 They didn't need it
Thanks to your mom America which gave you the best weapons in it's aresenal which you killed with it hundreds of thousends of Palistinians from far awy , why you have to suicide .... the Palistinians didn't have this .... do you think if the Palistinians would have F16 or Apachies would make cuiside bombing .... but Irgun were bombing and terrorising people too and they were and still known as a terrorist organsation ... do you know who they are .... look at the history of most of your ex PM .
49. #42
Marilyn ,   USA   (03.30.08)
I think in this instance it may mean more like confused or similiar.
50. City,Shmitty-Pals want ALL land from River-Sea,not so Pals?
Alan ,   SA   (03.30.08)
They dont just want a city-they want the lot and whatsmore ,they think they are on way to getting the lot!
51. #13 Abi, you seen how The Pali Army salutes?
3JAy ,   Israel   (03.30.08)
Obviously not. Hahahahahahahahaha!
52. to 45 . are you ignorant or brainwashed ?
The occupation of the Palistinians were the reason of all of this wars , there was nothing called Israel before 1948 , without annoucing the occupation of Palistin the arabs would not go in wars with the Jews in Palistin ... go and read a little bit or at least face your ugly facts .
53. #5 - Get your facts right
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (03.30.08)
First of all no one has appointed you a spokesman for the Jews. Judaism encompasses within its adhetrents wide spectrum of opinion when it comes to zionism , occupation and Israeli policies in towards the Palestinian. Second let 's get to your hate filled racist statement, accusing the Arabs of inherently hating Jews, repeating like an idiot parrot what you hear from your zionists fact and history manipulators. Had you instead opted for authentic unpoliticized history then you would have learned that Jews lived among the Arabs and Muslims as an economically previlged minority thoughout centuries and on many occasions the territories of the Arabs and muslims have provided them with refuge from Christian and "civilised" Europe persecution. This situation continued until the beginnings of last century when zionist gangs started coming from Europe to Palestine bringing along an alien idiology of hatred, exclusion and rejection of the other, an idiology that abused the Jewish as a wrap to legitimise its atrocities against the poor Palestinian farmers at the ti,me depriving them from their land and livelihoods and denying their rights on lands they have lived on for generations, claiming that God (which by the way they do not even believe in) has already given them that land 3000 years ago (Ironic enough since they mainly came from Eastern Europe, the birthplace of their ideology) . In case somebody tries to take over your land or property you will react and defend yourself and property before even thinking about the religious background of the aggressor and that is what is happening now as far as the Arab zionist conflict is concerned
54. Bush birthed Iranian power in the ME, and Hamas power in the
David Turner ,   Richmond, US   (03.30.08)
in the Territories. Told by the CIA, Israeli and Saudi intelligence that invading Iraq would open the way for Iran to exploit the power vacuum of a post-Sadam Middle East, Bush stubbornly chose to attack anyway. Told by Abbas and Olmert that Hamas would win Bush stubbornly ordered that Palestinian elections take place anyway. The American president has no credibility at home or abroad. Israelis and Palestinians know this. So what explanation the peaceful gestures by Israel towards the Palestinians at the visit of a vacuous presidents inept SecState? Whatever else we might read into Israeli actions in the end they reflect a strategic vision. The outline for peace was laid down by Barak and Clinton, rejected by Arafat at Camp David seven years ago. As with the return of Golan to Syria, this is a fact on the ground. The only thing standing between the outlines and the final agreements is, in the case of the Palestinians, a leadership capable of speaking on behalf of the Palestinians. And clearly that is unlikely for years, maybe decades to come. In the meantime Israel applies the principle of carrot and stick, positive gestures on the ground to a future potential leader: Israel is willing to close. Bush-Condi are ghosts, figures without substance consigned to the garbage dump of history. Annapolis, their last futile effort at substance, will follow them to well-deserved oblivion. Golan and Syria are another matter. Olmert is too weak and apparently unwilling to surrender the Golan, so ignores the possibility of closing with Assad. Instead he conveniently obeys Bush declaration of Syria as a member of that grand presidential world-view, The Axis of Evil. According to Bush he never actually ordered Israel not to enter negotiations with Assad, but his message and intention is clear. So long as Syria passively supports Iraqi insurgents Assad is to be treated as persona non grata. And Olmert takes that for his reason not to talk with Syria. Peace with the Palestinians awaits a Palestinian leader capable of leading; peace with Syria awaits an Israeli leader capable of deciding. Bush is just a convenient fig leaf which will soon be blown away revealing... nothing.
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