CIA chief says Iran has nuclear weapons drive
Published: 30.03.08, 21:32
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1. 9/11 Was an Inside Job done by CIA
Mark ,   Boston   (03.30.08)
I do not believe a word that the CIA says. Not one word. They said Iraq had Wepaons of Mass Destruction.
2. To the CIA chief Mr. Michael Hayden
zarebin ,   London   (03.30.08)
Dear sir You are dealing with Mullas, they are born to lie and cheat. I recommend you that read the war against the terror master by Michael Ledeen chapter Self-Destruction on page 122.
3. Watch What Iran Does After It's First Test
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.30.08)
Saddam did not admit he didn't have WMD. Intelligence experts and several countries thought he had them. We went to war partly on that assessment, which later proved wrong (at least after the incursion). Saddam had 1yr to hide, get rid of, ship out, those weapons. No one will ever know. The mistake Bush made was simple: w/o 100% certainty and based on Saddams refusals to admit, our pretext for war was undermined..and continues to this day. Had Bush given the main reason, Saddam's PAST history in the region AND his potential, war was necessary. That would have taken away the current arguments. Iran was offered enriched uranium by the Russians. It refused. Iran has spent billions on missile defense, why? Iran has 2nd largest oil reserves, yet makes nuke plants? Why? Iran has protested the sanctions, why? A nuclear Iran, like a nuclear Korea, has leverage..has power, has influence, has everything it needs to assert itself in the area's conflicts. It pales Egypt, Syria power. It equals Israel's. Ahmad is crazy, but not stupid. Watch what he does, AFTER testing his first bomb.
5. #1 was it an inside CIA job??
gadees ,   Vanco.   (03.30.08)
You can't hide a truth for ever,time will show that Americans were tricked into believing that 9\11 was the work of Alqaeda.Finding the beneficiary will lead us to the real culprit.
6. #2 A Nuclear Free Zone Solution
gadees ,   Vanco   (03.30.08)
Michael Ladeen is born fascist neocon.with a war mongering discourse.After all the lies and intemedations no truth could come from him.The only way viable to defuse such comotion would be through mutual declaration by both Israel and Iran declaring the Middle-East a nuclear free zone.Therefore,its only logical for peace activists to join forces toward this goal,otherwise,each country in the region will start its own nuclear program.
7. #1-#5
Charles   (03.30.08)
arab conspiracy theorists on an israeli newssite too funny
8. #7 A jew named Charles = classic
Max Power ,   Australia   (03.31.08)
9. Mr Dave Levy: A thought
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (03.31.08)
It has been claimed that the reason the WMD of Saddam was that he had shipped them out. That he had been given ample warning time to hide them. Now. If I were a mad dictator, and I did have serious WMD, and somebody threatened to invade my domaine, would my first reaction be to ship them away to my neighbours, rather than to use them? Does this seem probable? Obviously, at one time he DID have at least chemical weapons, and did not hesitate to use them. The mere fact that he didn't, later, would imply that he no longer possessed them. The further fact that none were found, after the invasion, and, none by the weapon controllers before the invasion, would possibly support that. HTH
10. #3. Iran must protect its national interests.
Persian CAT   (03.31.08)
There are NO similarities between Saddam and the Iranian government. So whether Saddam had whatever the Bushies and people like you claim or didn't have is irrelevant and inconsequential. I won't even go there. As for your other arguments, my answers are: 1. Iran "refused" the Russian "offer" to produce LEU for Iran. All I have to say is would ANY sane official leave the Iran's long term supply of fuel in the hands of the Russians or any Western colonialist?!!! My answer is, no. 2. Iran has spent "billions" on "missile defense" precisely because it has to defend itself against its enemies. the US and Israel have been threatening Iran way before Ahmadinejad had to on the scenes - in fact the Zionist/US plots had started since 1979. Iran according to all international laws has the right to defend itself. 3. Iran has a lot of fossil fuel reserves but they are finite and it is incumbent on any government to seek alternative energy supplies. This point is even clear to GW, and I not sure why people like you never seem to get it. 4. Iran has protested the sanctions because they ILLEGAL and baseless. Iran's enrichment activities are legal, open and subject to IAEA constant and spot inspections. There's nothing in the law that prohibits Iran from pursuing peaceful nuclear related activities. The US and its cohorts have not been able to provide a shred of evidence to prove Iran is building nuclear weapons. Even the CIA director is using his guts as a reason to spread rumors and innuendos. 5. Iran is making "nuke plants" because it has vast reserves of Uranium which it wants to mine, process and sell on the international market just as it sells oil and gas. 6. As you noticed correctly, Iran's undisputed power and influence in the regions is well known. It is the MOST popular country among the PEOPLES of the region, not with their "rulers, and its has many diplomatic/military/economic levers to use to attain its goals and protect itself in the region. For that reason Iran does not need a nuclear arsenal, but it must know how to make them and that IS is publicly announced goal. Finally, I share your assessment of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the fact is he is NOT the once who control the nukes. I don't have any evidence, but my GUTS tell me Iran has already "tested" the nuclear device by using computer simulation. In short, Iran is NOT a threat to anyone, because Iranians want to live an prosper, but they want to be independent. That's what the US/Israel axis sees as the most serious threat to its hegemonic plans.
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