Construction of 600 new homes in east Jerusalem approved
Neta Sela and AP
Published: 31.03.08, 17:07
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1. shocking!
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (03.31.08)
600 homes in Pisgat Zeev?? Shocking!! What will those Jews do next??
2. Peace partner .... LOL
Yitzak Ben Shlomo ,   SINGAPORE   (03.31.08)
Hava nagila, hava nagila Hava nagila venis'mecha Repeat Hava neranena, hava neranena Hava neranena venis'mecha Uru, uru achim Uru achim belev same'ach
4. Israel a Jewish state.
Dora Ziv ,   Haifa   (03.31.08)
Arabs should accept that just as Ire-Land is the Land of the Irish and Eng-Land the Land of the English and Fin-Land the Land of the Finns, the name Eretz Yisrael means the Land of the Israelis. The identity of the land is the same as the identity of the nation residing in it; therefore, the Nation of Israel, the Jews, cannot be an occupier of the Land of Israel. The Crusaders named the land “Kingdom of Jerusalem.” The Arab occupation did not have a name for the land; it was referred to merely as “southern Syria.” For 1,300 years, the land had no identity in the absence of the Biblical Jewish nation that identified itself with it. No one claimed ownership but our nation. This is the entire story. The Arabs demand that Ehud Olmert transfer the land free and clear of Jews. As long as there are Jews in Judea, that place cannot not be called by its false name – “Palestine.” The only thing that stops the cadre of traitors from transferring our land to the enemy, already at our gates, is their inability to uproot the settlements. Those communities halt the wheels of destruction as explained at :
5. YNet: It's 2008, not 1967
Evan ,   Milwaukee, US   (03.31.08)
1967 borders are irrelevant and inapplicable. If you haven't noticed the general trend of terror increasing as more land is given back to the Arabs, you should consult a doctor because you're either blind or mentally ill.
6. Settling the high ground
Jake   (03.31.08)
is a million times more important to securing the future of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel than establishing another marina on the superficial sands of Tel Aviv.
7. To Israel: Just Do It For Heavens Sake
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (03.31.08)
For the Arabs (now called Pals), nothing has changed in 100yrs. Arafat himself said Zionism has been their enemy for this time. This land, is now occupied, how can it be? It never belonged to the Pals, who owned a fraction of British Mandate Palestine. It's basically disputed, unless one respects the Balfour Declaration, giving the land to the Jews. Aren't Arabs building to keep up with their high birth rate, even in Jerusalem? They build, Israel builds..someday it will all work out in the wash. In the meantime, Bush has tentatively approved expanding existing large settlements at least., coupled with an Israeli withdrawal for another small Arab state (they need another to add to their 22 in existence). Had the Arabs NOT attacked in 48 and 67 all this would be moot. They attacked, and thank G-d, got whupped. Opposite, we would not now be talking. Alas and alak, expect Abbas to cry to Condi, the US, EU, the I hate Israel crowd, the Arab's all formulated. Advice to Israel-say what you mean and just do it.
8. Can hardly wait to have them finished!
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.31.08)
9. Want more land for Jews? Ask JNF to do its job
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (04.01.08)
The JNF was given BILLIONS of dollars, from Jews around the World, to buy land for Jewish settlement. Much of that is in Jerusalem. Some secular self-hating Jewish judges have ORDERED JNF to lease this land to our arab enemies. LOTS of the land owned by JNF (bout with OUR money for Jews) contains arab squatters. JNF (with prodding from Olmert) refuse to remove the Arab squatter enemies. If this stolen land was freed up, we could build even more homes for Jews. I might never donate to JNF, again, until they change their tune.
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