Report: Olmert admitted Israel struck Syrian nuclear facility
Published: 01.04.08, 00:52
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zionist forever   (04.01.08)
This is old news if this is the best Olmert has to say to foreign leaders then why bother wasting your valuable time meeting with this idiot. Then again why would anybody who isnt out to destroy the country want to meet with this idiot.
2. Once again....
Sean ,   Montreal, Qc   (04.01.08)
Whether it is the continued illegal use of Canadian passports, the manipulation of the handicapped in New Zealand, extraterritorial assassinations or spying on the United States; this recent news is just one more thing to add to the litany of self justifications by a rogue state. History has a way of repeating itself. It is time for the reasoned and prudent among the Israeli population to take back the government from the militarists. This continued disrespect for boundaries and human life that is not Jewish is an anathema to your culture.
3. Once again
Dmitri ,   Jerusalem/Freiburg   (04.01.08)
Once again to the IDF-soldiers and officers from that operation: Good work! Respect!!!
4. to #2 - Once Again -
denon ,   Boston, USA   (04.01.08)
please shut up. We are no longer agreeable to be the defensless victims of terror - nuclear or conventional. Before, in the old good days the people like you could go around killing Jews freely. It is a bit different now - If you threaten the Jewish life - you might get bombed by IAF. Sorry about that.
5. Well said #4
Kev ,   London   (04.01.08)
6. if going rouge = defending ones self. so be it
izzy d   (04.01.08)
7. To Sean #2. Human Life.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.01.08)
And the Arabs and the Muslims respect human life. Sean, you must be a NUTCASE.
8. I congratulate the IAF again
Not Jewish ,   USA   (04.01.08)
For a mission well done
9. Indeed
Stuart Clark ,   west Sussex, England   (04.01.08)
Yes, and what a great job the IAF did, not only on the strike but the brilliant pr work afterwards. I think Sept 6 was a day similar to the cuban missile situation, and congratulations Israel, you made sure that Syria did not need to save face, a great deal went on behind the scenes. Executed brilliantly. And what a great deal of help it was to test the tech missile software to find out just what crap the Russians sold them with regard to missile defense. Good job all round, was a nice warm up for Iran. Good luck.
10. Maansingh
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (04.01.08)
I realize that English may not be your mother tongue. Perhaps you misused a modifier. Are you suggesting that because there are Arabs and Muslims who respect human life I am a "NUTCASE" ? Your response and its pertinence is a mystery to me.
11. #4 and his justificatuions
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (04.01.08)
Most kind of you to preface "shut up" with please. So you have divided the world up into people like me and "We". Contrary to your hateful and presumptuous claim, it was not people like me who went around killing Jews. It was the kind of people who refused to use their intellect and not accept the demonization of minority cultures. You need to ask yourself Denon....which of these two camps do you belong to. Then you will understand who the people are that continue to do the killing in this world.
12. grey world
Daniel ,   Canada   (04.03.08)
i guess le'mort is the only one who didn't see the pictures of what doesn't at all look like a nucelar facility.
13. #2 Sean, learn a little history before you comment!
David ,   Houston TX   (04.24.08)
First of all Sean, the Arabs are not a “minority” culture, they number in the hundreds of millions and it is the Moslem Arabs who have spread through the region oppressing and destroying true minority cultures, of which the Jews are but one of the smallest of the oppressed minorities. If you knew anything about history, you would know that Jews preceded the Arabs throughout the region and Africa, lands that the Arabs later conquered, and as a result the Jews were expelled and fled, leaving behind lands they owned more than 5 times the size of tiny Israel. Secondly, this situation has everything to do with the Majority Arabs fighting a 60+ year war of terrorism, invasions and rockets against Israel and Jews. Now with Iranian and North Korean help, they seek to add nuclear weapons to the arsenal with which they attack Israel. This is not acceptable or tolerable. What the IDF did was act in self defence and they deserve only honor and respect. Learn a little history before you utter such nonsense!
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