MK El-Sana: Bill banning visits in enemy states worse than Nuremberg Laws
Zvi Lavi
Published: 01.04.08, 16:30
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1. bishara bill
gamba & pilpel   (04.01.08)
make a new one called "El-Sana Bill" which deports all arab mk's to an arab country of their choice and bans them from israel forever. win-win situation! right? cheers
2. Masters of overstatement
J K ,   NYC, USA   (04.01.08)
Are they kidding? Like it or not, they are supposedlty citizens of this state. This state has enemes. The majority of lawmakers dont want MK's consorting with states Israel has determined are enemy states. If they have a problem with that, then they shouldnt be MK's or they shouldnt live in Israel. What a bunch of ingrates.
3. Why not just enforce existing laws?
Jacob Blues ,   New York, USA   (04.01.08)
If travel to these states is considered illegal, and if consorting with governments at war with Israel is considered treason, why not just enforce those laws already on the books? The idea that there shouldn't be punishment for consorting with an enemy state or aggressor during a conflict is a farce.
4. suggestion for Arab MK's
israeli ,   israel   (04.01.08)
why don't you visit friendly states and support war on terror?
5. They should go to the enemy country and NOT COME BACK
Naomi ,   Netanya   (04.01.08)
6. Sorry Sana...
Natan   (04.01.08)
You can't have it both ways!!!You, as a law maker, must abide by the law. If you want to enact a new law, than just follow the process and introduce it in the Knesset. And oh by the way, what if you were a law maker from an Arab country and decided to visit Israel. You will be a "dead man walking"
7. Finally!
Zeev ,   USA   (04.01.08)
The next law should state any member of goverment who speaks for the end of israel should be tried for treason!!!
8. Israel should impose Nuremberg Laws for Arabs
then Arabs MKs will know the difference. israeli Arabs Mks slander Islael with impunity and israeli Jews behave as this is a normal occurence. No, it is not. Someone ought to question the total lack of loyalty of those Arabs to the state of Israel; after all, questioning Jewish loyalty in other countries is considered the norm.
9. Congratulations to El-Sana's many supporters! Or....
eh-oop ,   UK   (04.01.08)
What a blessing it is to receive political leadership straight out of a parallel universe. "Worse than the Nuremberg Laws"? The man admits that an elementary security precaution which might, in a given situation of his own creation, apply to him as an individual, causes him a huge problem. He says it causes him a greater problem than would enactment of a measure affecting hundreds of thousands within a loyal population - who knows who he has in mind as he looks around him - which would, irrespective of the circumstances, transform them into an underclass without rights. Don't his supporters, too, deserve protection from Hizbollah? Wearing gold-rimmed glasses like that, I could have sworn the guy didn't have an ego.
10. if u don't like it , leave!
oded   (04.01.08)
11. In most countries traitors during wartime are shot or hung.
Abe ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.08)
12. Gal-On - "no connection to the armed struggle"
Limor ,   Ashkelon   (04.01.08)
What does she suppose the araB mks do when they fly to visit Assad or Nasrallah during battle? The price of gefilte fish? If they ARE traitors, are they more dangerous than Olmert who is ARMING the ENEMY with Armored vehicles? With friends like Olmert and Gal-On, the arabS have it made!
13. mk el sana
he should be throughn out of the knesset an be deported to gaza this warmongers feel free to hate us becouse our mk members want to be democrates but this is a mistake through them out
14. "worse than nurenberg" isn't saying much
DAVID ,   new york   (04.01.08)
considering that the palestinians wholeheartedlty supported the nazis, them saying that something is worse than nurenberg isn't saying much. the palestinians consider nurenberg a good thing. this, therefore is worse than a very good thing. what does that mean?
15. Why all the comparisons with wartime Germany?
Y ,   N   (04.01.08)
Is it a coincidence or delibarate from the arab side?
16. #15: "wartime Germany" not the right word ...
Tobias   (04.02.08)
The Nuremberg laws were made in the year 1935. Germany wasn't at war at that time. The second world war began 1939. However, it was the same government and the same political system, of course, as in WW2. "Third Reich" or "Nazi-Germany" would be other popular (and more appropriate) terms to describe the German state of that time.
17. Z. Gal-On calls terror against Israelis "The Armed Struggle"
Jake   (04.02.08)
Wow spoken like a true disciple of the the PLO. Zehava Gal-On (better named Zahwa al-Jaylani) should take her Meretz faction to the Muqata, and rename it "al Istiklal".
18. Let Them Run For Office - In Enemy States
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (04.02.08)
19. if the clown actually believed what he said, he'd be...
dante ,   uk   (04.02.08)
he'd be just about the most ignorant or the most idiotic arab mp ever. and, that is saying quite a bit. but, this clown undoubtedly knows enough to to know that what he said is false. like some chimp, he mugs for the microphones and cameras.
20. just a few weeks ago...
Tobias   (04.02.08)
there was a discussion about the claim that the fighting in Gaza were "worse than the holocaust" - even more grotesque than this current comparison with "worse than the Nuremberg Laws". People should stop this absurd, false and stupid comparisons, and instead read about what the Holocaust or the Nuremberg Laws really were about.
dont stuff around   (04.02.08)
the traitors in the knesset should be simply charged with treason and imprisoned at the least deported
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