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Rejoicing for a bargain price
Sever Plocker
Published: 06.04.08, 22:02
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1. What????????
Jorge Costa ,   Lisboa, Portugal   (04.06.08)
«I have not forgotten about the occupation and its price, nor have I forgotten that a real peace agreement is just around the corner. I have not forgotten that the Arab world has recognized Israel and is openly declaring, in its own language, its desire for peace with us, for a price which is not unbearable, which is accepted by both nations. All we have to do is overcome the mutual distrust.» What????? Israel has many reasons to be proud of her, and must be celebrated. All the noise about money for it is non-sense. But - sorry - there's no peace agreement around the corner, nor anywhere else visiblly for that matter. And there are huge challenges ahead, inside and ouside the country. Let's just be reasonable and recover energy for the next battles. Israel is worth fighting for. And celebrations are just natural. I am very happy with this aniversary, but have not lost my reason.
2. "public reluctance 'to waste the money on celebrations' "
5th generation ,   Israel   (04.06.08)
represents precisely the type of moral strength that built this country and made it great - before the evils of shallow consumerism and anti-Socialist alienation took over. The fact that some people still have it today is a glimmer of hope.
3. Money
Proud Israeli ,   Israel   (04.07.08)
I am for spending money to celebrate, but not that much money. I personally know several people who need life saving medicines which neither Kupat Cholim nor other government agencies will help pay for, and without these very expensive medicines, they will die. Money should also be used to raise the minimum wage in Israel. Many people work full time but make so little that it is impossible to support a family. In other words, there are plenty of other ways to spend such a huge amount of money.
4. Rejocing for a bargin price
mILLICENT ,   Israel   (04.07.08)
Since when is spending over 98 million sheckles for aparty a bargin? At a time when the state doesn't have the money for building shelters in Sderot,improving the educational system here, returning our gas masks,feeding and sheltering the homeless how is this a bargin? The money would be better spent for shelters in Sderot, education etc, then throwing it away on a party don't you think? It is akin to Nero fiddling whiile Rome burned! People here are going without shelter and food and the Gov wants to throw money away on a party, the funny thing is most of the money will go to pay offs for the friends of Olmert andd the contractors,the public will not see much of the money!
5. the celebration of depressed
nahla ,   ..........   (04.07.08)
when iamlonly when my soul is loosed without support wheniam looking inside myselfonly see myinternityonlyi use to go to marketbay some new thing sitin aresturant.to supportmyselfnot to break down
6. It only costs us 10 shekels each.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.07.08)
I'll tell you what, I'll pay 1,000 shekels to fund the removal of this gov't. - As I think about it - I'd pay 10,000 shekels to see our politicians deported. Now, that's a bargain.
7. good article
JB   (04.07.08)
us jews are the very best at whinging and whining and acting like absolute nebish old grandmother. for God's sake. Lighten up! There's a time to be serious and a time to party. If you have only the time to be serious, you will allow your life become miserable.
8. Celebrate
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (04.07.08)
The fact that the vast majority of Israelis would prefer a modest celebration and that the money should be spent on the needy is what is truly worth celebrating! This is a truly remarkable cultural achievement of Israel. We still have a shot yet at being the "light unto nations." And Terry; stop being such a negative nancy. You live in Eilat.
9. For Sure
Jerry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.07.08)
For sure there are changes that we would look to see made, but jealousy over our accomplishments combined with anti-Semitism is a tough combination to fight. Perhaps entertainers should give their time for free, but we do deserve a great big celebration.
10. (bad karma)celebrations needs to be humble like marrieges
ben ,   rehovo israel   (04.07.08)
otherwise you face the 'bad eye'. (karma) according to tradition and common sence.
11. lets celebrate by helping darfur or our own weak segment
ben   (04.07.08)
12. I will be arriving in Israel this month
anon ,   Johannesburg   (04.07.08)
for passover till Yom Ha'atzmaut on the 8th. i dont need firworks, shows, parties and celebrations, we are over that, we rejoice in our harts every day, and thank G-D for everything Israel is! i celebrate our home everyday- not just on Yom Ha'azmut. if money can be saved for those in need - than it must be saved. My our 60'th bring us lots of love, peace and prosperity for all and in the future (and even to our cousins who dont like us much) Mazaltov Israel
13. #8 Smith T.A. - Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.07.08)
What does living in Eilat have to do with anything? It's a nice place to live especially if you like hot weather (which I do) ...but the sun hasn't affected my capacity for critical thinking. Israel is indeed a remarkable achievement - but it could be so much better. We are nowhere near realizing our potential. And these remarkable achievements have been made despite our incredibly lousy political system. Our achievement is the achievement of individuals, of the Jewish people. It is not the achievement of our politicians. If anything, our political system is the main obstacle to realizing our full potential. I am not being negative - I think I offer constructive criticism but I suppose it may seem negative only because I see little positive in our politicians, our unaccountable political system, & our inefficient bureaucracy. I would agree with you totally when you say that it is a remarkable how so many people would rather see money given to those in need than waste it on useless celebrations.
14. 12#, Anon, olim like you are the best birthday present!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (04.07.08)
15. # 6 - IT'S A DEAL
common sense   (04.07.08)
I will joifully join you in the effort to remove this rotten govt. + kadima-gournischt party ! Let's go 4 it ! All this waste of big money comes as a super-spin of our lousy PM .
16. another SUPER-SPIN
sensible   (04.07.08)
Whenever money is needed for health, welfare , security etc. etc. the answer of the govt. is : No. But for grandiose celebrations - why not ? There's plenty ! Who will gain out of all these expenses ? olmert & co.,of course.
17. do we want an excuse to celebrate or just complain
zionist forever   (04.07.08)
Everybody wants more money if its not the poor its the millitary or if its not them its the yeshivas but nobody is ever going to be happy with their lot. Its alot of money we are spending but the country is only ever going to have one 60th birthday and consdering what the country has achived in such a short time there is alot to celebrate. Israel is a world leader in hi-tec, agriculture and many other areas, its one of only 8 countries in the world with the ability to build and launch its own satlaites. Most countries of Israels age would be lucky to have achved even a fraction of those things and all this in a country that has no natural recources, more than its fair share of wars and only 2 of its naighbors recognise it has a right to exist. Isnt it time to spend some money celebrating what has been achived instead of complaining about all our problems? It doesnt matter if your rich or poor to enjoy the celebrations and the national projects some of this money will be spent on. The celebrations are also an investment in the economy because there is going to be alot of increased tourism ( new money coming in ) because they want to be part of the celebrations. Israeli businesses will make money from all the merchendising, extra profit means extra tax paid and extra tax means more money in the bank for the government to spend on the poor and other groups that means we can have our party and outsiders are going to pay a large part of the cost so two for the price of one.
petra ,   USA   (04.08.08)
19. Step out of your virtual reality and you might see why
Eliyahu   (04.08.08)
The Israeli (left wing) government used the (formerly) proud IDF to beat up Jews and destroy an entire region of settlement in order to appease an arab government that did not even care enough to recognize that act. The southern half of the country is under constant rocket barrage and the same government doesn't care enough to respond or even speak about it. The court system is a caricature of fascism that makes Stalin look even handed. The press is a joke. Any time an arab claims that soemtime in the past a jew hit him, or if he claims that a settler killed an arab despite no corpse being provided, a settler sits in jail uncharged for as long as suits the police. Arab killers are released wholesale. The majority of politicians have been discovered to be criminals yet the courts and police choose not to investigate. I sure don't see anything to celebrate. ANd you are a horses rear end for not understanding the obvious.
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