First female Arab soldier joins elite unit 669
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 04.04.08, 13:31
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31. 28 Raymond: Well said. The Bible says it even better...
Rivkah   (04.04.08)
Trust ye not in a friend...There is only one friend and that is God. Always be on guard. Remember Benedict Arnold was so trusted he was an American General in the American Revolutionary War who betrayed America to the British.
32. #27 Jake; Zionism is NOT Israel
observer   (04.04.08)
that's why Ahmadinejad vowed to wipe Zionism off the political map.
33. #1 Mike;
indirect fire (idf)   (04.04.08)
your wish is my command;
34. she is as dangerous as her fellow arab, Dana International
observer   (04.04.08)
the difference is that the last has already exploded.
35. #8: And your people do everything to make women look bad
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.04.08)
Doctor AND soldier - you must be tearing your hair out.
36. We need an entire generation of ppl like her to mend the ->
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.04.08)
... almost irreparable, immense damage done by the Arab Members of Parliament who have incited and inflamed generations upon generations of Israeli Arabs with the lie of imminent Jewish Genocide, and tried to link their destiny to the self-defeating fate chosen by the Palsetinian and other Arab nations. If more like her raise their heads and throw away the Arab traitors from their midst, we MAY have a ray of hope of a peaceful and mutually enriching coexistence with our non-Jewish citizens. But I don't hold high hopes. The Arab MKs and other crazd Mulsim "leades" like Raid Salah, financed by terrorist money and traumatized by a barbaric Islam, have a different agenda: murder every chance for peace on the altar of racism, lies and terror and kill anybody who dares to dream of and act for a better future - regardless of his or her religion. It is so easy to destroy and so hard to build...
37. #32
Micha   (04.04.08)
Israel is Zionism in fact. Israel is a Jewish state. pure and simple. If you have trouble with that concept, just relearn history from reputable sources (, the protocols of the elders of zion is not a real document.)
38. She is worth ten thousand "yeshiva students"
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.04.08)
and all the "religious" female draft dodgers. I served in a combat unit and we had muslim,christian and druze soldiers and anyone of them were worth all the hara-dim "rebbes".
39. to # 27: outside the IAF she is still a 2nd class citizen..
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (04.05.08)
discriminated against in every walk of life.. this is a fact. She will still be discrimianted aginst if she tries to buy/rent an appartment in a jewish nieghborhood, her town will still be underfunded when it comes to education, services, etc.. her childern will still be part of the undrfunded arabic education system.. etc.. etc..
40. to # 35: Radical muslims do make women look bad..but.
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (04.05.08)
they do not represent ALL arabs.. The majority of israeli-arabs support equal rights for women.
41. to # 9, 10, 12, 18, 20.. and other inciters...
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (04.05.08)
Israeli-Arab has been serving in the IDF sicne day one.. only last month and arab soldier in the IDF died at the Gaza border. I know you don't care.. but they fight to make all israelis secure including you....!!
42. Kol Hakavod Medic !
Gary ,   Los Angeles   (04.05.08)
Why not !!!
43. We can't see a pic of her but I bet she's smokin!
Gil ,   Tel aviv   (04.05.08)
she just needs a nice Jewish boyfriend now (or maybe she already has one!!) :-P
44. Israelis Are So Gullible
Odds are she'll fly the plane into a building.
45. Muslim Patriot
Fred Baker ,   United States   (04.05.08)
I very much understand the IDF and Unit 669's hesitation here, but at the same time support the inclusion of true patriots in the defense of their country. If she is all this article describes her as, I would encourage giving her the chance.
46. To #38
To #38 ,   TA, Israel   (04.05.08)
I don't know where you served. But most of the most motivated and numerous people I served with came from zionist yeshivas. They were religious but they served the country proudly, so please stop putting everyone in the same category.
47. #40: Thanks
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.05.08)
48. to # 36; just a small reminder, far from all Arabs vote for
me ,   here   (04.05.08)
these Arabic parties and MKs and could not possibly disagree with them more!!! How many do you think vote for the usual Israeli parties? LOTS!
49. # 38 got it all right - EVERYONE serving the country with
me ,   here   (04.05.08)
dedication and good demeanour is worth respect! Equal job, equal salary and equal acknowledgement!
50. To #43
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.05.08)
Doesn't the girl have enough problems as it is? :-)
51. STUPID MOVE---No muslimes should be allowed in the IDF
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (04.05.08)
How long will it be before the arab will be discovered as a spy and a traitor? It is all part of the flecsh of all muslimes----liars and traitors to Israel. Expel ALL muslimes from Israel. Jordan is their homeland. Israel is all ours.
52. Why would they allow our enemy to join an elite force?
Puzzled ,   Israel   (04.05.08)
53. To #52, not an enemy
Stephen ,   Ann Arbor, U.S.   (03.08.09)
They wouldn't let an enemy join an elite force. Apparently, she's not an enemy. :)
54. Re #8 Rami
Andrew Brehm   (07.27.10)
You are absolutely right. Jewish Israelis should watch their tongues and refrain from accusing Arab Israelis of treason. Some of the finest Israelis I have met are Arabs and I think their contribution to Israeli society and security is underappreciated.
55. #28 Raymond and the like
Allen ,   Chicago, USA   (01.19.12)
we can add another name to your list called Jonathan Polard that your government is fighting for his release. Get a life, in one hand you want the Arabs to integrate and when some try you show your sick mentality.
56. Female Arab medic
Brad O'Brien ,   Fort Jackson SC   (01.20.12)
Good for her. I suspect she is more concerned about doing the mission and advancing in rank than in becoming any type of "poster girl"
57. Female soldier proudly serving her country!
Shoshana H. Kaye ,   Englewood NJ USA   (01.21.12)
What an amazingly positive article to read- how I wish more Israeli arabs would feel this way- perhaps things in Israel would be a bit more positive re: relationships between all citiizens in Israel! Best wishes to her and her family!
58. Why learn from mistakes ?
Dave Cannon ,   Dayton USA   (04.24.12)
US Army Sergeant Asan Akbar in Kuwait , lobbed three grenades into tents housing commanding officers from the 101st Airborne Division. Murders at Fort Hood Texas by US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan.
59. Arab female airborne medic
MB-Y ,   Tel Aviv, IL   (04.26.12)
She maybe not only the first in IDF, but also the first in all Mid East airforces
60. IDF Air Medic
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (05.30.12)
At least three Arab Israelis have been GENERALS in the IDF. An Israeli Arab was ACTING PRESIDENT,Speaker of the Knesset and at least one,a justice in the Israeli supreme court.The attitude of a number of posters,which expresses bigotry towards this young lady is a reaction to those Arab Israelis who approve of the Jewish State's destruction.Buit she must have gone through a security check,despite any news to the contrary.Give her a chance for she is risking her life for just being in the military service.
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