Evangelist Hagee pledges $6 million to Israel
Associated Press
Published: 06.04.08, 23:58
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1. That's alot of money
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (04.07.08)
Obviously, love gets in the way.
2. G-D Bless Pastor Hagee!
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.07.08)
3. Kol Hakavod
Yosef ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.08)
finally a non jew speaking more like a jew then most of the left in this country!
4. We need Israelis like him running the country not olmert
zionist forever   (04.07.08)
Its a shame this country is run by a spineless Its a shame this country is run by a spineless fool only interested in personal political glory instead of good men like John Hagee. He might not be jewish but he is more interested in the jewish state than Olmert is. All Olmert worries about is satisfying his ego and lining his pockets. A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a man called Ehud Olmert and he was mayor of Jerusalem and sugesting dividing the city and giving half of of it to terrorists would sound like treason to him but now we now have the evil Empror Olmert who cant sell the city quick enough. Keeping Jerusalem united, Communtiy centres, MDA all good causes and $6 million will go along way to helping them THANKS
5. John Hagee is a fanatic
Palestinian   (04.07.08)
who should keep his BS to himself.... Palestine is for the Palestinians.... It is not for the invaders... I am sure that Christian Palestinians are thrilled by the support of Hagee's message... May he rotten in hell.
6. May this Righteous Gentile be Blessed
R.Aklalai ,   USA   (04.07.08)
7. pastor hagee
a wonderful man with a wonderful mission. thanks from the bottom of each israeli heart.
8. good
Jacob ,   Abbotsford   (04.07.08)
Very good your decision, And thank your very much for love the Israel nation. but this is not the moment. This is´n a real goverment.
9. God bless him
joe ,   los angeles   (04.07.08)
10. 6 million? how simbolic.
11. May G-d Bless Pastor Hagee, a friend of Hashem
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (04.07.08)
I am a modern Orthodox Jew. Once again, the leftist fascists are on the worng side. They want us to oppose Pastor Hagee, a wonderful man, and great friend of Israel. No one will ever understand what makes these lefties so stupid and hostile. Pastor Hagee is better than most of the liberal Jewish leaders, who would rather embrace islime than embracing Hashem and Torah. We need to support Pastor Hagee.
12. American King-Crane 1919: impossible in Jews' hands
observer   (04.07.08)
With the best possible intentions, it may be doubted whether the Jews could possibly seem to either Christians or Moslems proper guardians of the holy places, or custodians of the Holy Land as a whole. The reason is this: the places which are most sacred to Christians-those having to do with Jesus-and which are also sacred to Moslems, are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them. It is simply impossible, under those circumstances, for Moslems and Christians to feel satisfied to have these places in Jewish hands, or under the custody of Jews. There are still other places about which Moslems must have the same feeling. In fact, from this point of view, the Moslems, just because the sacred places of all three religions are sacred to them, have made very naturally much more satisfactory custodians of the holy places than the Jews could be.
13. Pastor Hagee is right on the mark
This righteous of the gentiles is a very wise man. He is correct about equating the PA with the Taliban, they share the same goals and theology . He is right about the Catholic church which has shown it's true colors by electing a Pope with a Nazi background. The history books are filled with pictures of Hitler and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the failure to excommunicate Hitler is an indelible stain on the Catholic Church! If only our politicians had the common sense to listen to men like Pastor Hagee and Pastor Jim Vineyard we would be a lot better off!
14. another religious nutter with more money than brains
Simon ,   TA Israel   (04.07.08)
LOL i see in true Israeli style everything has a price. This religious lunatic (as if we dont have enough of them) comes along waving a wad of dollars and they all bend over kissing his butt. At what price they should be asking themselves.
15. Why are you all so happy?
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (04.07.08)
Is 6 millions US dollars such a BIG money?! What are you all sooo happy for? The best for Israel should be to say NO to this money and rely only in Jewish money and use it wisely. 6 miilions dollaras IS NOTHING for a country! In my opinion,those rejoicing with this money are ridiculous!Ridiculous!
16. Hagee for Prime Minister - not Olmert
4Hagee   (04.07.08)
17. The majority of Israelis want Jerusalem united
Millie ,   Israel   (04.07.08)
The media is just using Hagee's visit and generous contribution to make it seem that only the extreme right wants to prevent giving half of our capital city as a dhimmitudinous present to terrorists. Splitting Jerusalem should not even be a topic for discussion. Once it's on the table the left wing fanatics and terror-supporters will hang on to it with their teeth - as it is right now.
18. God Will Bless Pastor Hagee
Gabrielle G. ,   Los Angeles, Va, USA   (04.07.08)
and his congregation for this fine gift. Our Father said "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee". Keep Jerusalem whole! From a Christian who holds Israel close to her heart
19. You're right, Romanism is . . .
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (04.07.08)
Finally! Eh he, here is someone who agrees with me. The Roman Catholic Institution IS jealous of, and ARE attempting to supplant , the Jewish People. The Dope of Rome is complicit in the murder of The Millions.
20. netanyahu
seahorsewoman ,   israel   (04.07.08)
is not hardline as stated, just sane.
21. American King-Crane
Tziva ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (04.07.08)
You took one pararaph written nearly 100 years ago as "evidence" that we "abhor" the places holy to others. NOT TRUE. Under Israeli care, the holy sites of all religions having ties here have been protected, guarded, and the tenders of those sites allowed to carry out what archeological excavation and worship services in peace and community. Have you ever been here? What do you know about anything here?
22. Balls
James ,   Geneva,Switzerland   (04.07.08)
Seems like this man has more balls than most of the Jews in Israel. It is quite obvious that 90+% of Muslims and most Europeans want Israel gone. However as has been the case throughout history many Jews, including your own prime minister have deluded themselves about the intentions of their enemies. You gentlemen can learn a lot from John Hagee, he is a true godsend for Israel.
23. Keren, you sound bitter...
Kev ,   London   (04.07.08)
This money could save Jewish lives. At worst it can improve some lives in Israel, what can you find to complain about there?
24. All this charity sounds like a good thing, but wait until
Rivkah   (04.07.08)
the people who help others need help themselves. They will find the world is a cold, cold place and there is no charity for them. I learned that charity begins at home and helping others by impoverishing yourself is foolish because no one will help you at that point.
25. #21 tenders?
observer   (04.07.08)
do you mean that Waqf is allowed to take care of mending those sites, needless to say excavations. Is Kfar Saba on the planet earth?
26. The American debt load is $30,000. for each man, woman, and
Rivkah   (04.07.08)
child in America. It is America that needs charity and debt relief. I cannot imagine the countries of the world helping America and Americans. They are so used to getting instead of giving and when asked to help, they will turn their backs and walk away, laughing in their hearts at the foolishness of Americans who were robbed, helping others to the point of national bankruptcy. Stanley Fisher of the Bank of Israel is doing what he can by buying twelve billion US dollars. He is a rare soul, making a poor investment to help a friend of Israel.
27. how dare you
nelly ,   israel   (04.07.08) call him "controversial"?
28. funny money
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.07.08)
Better hurry up and spend the dollars before they become worthless paper. While my fellow Christian's financial support to Israel is a wonderful thing,Israel needs much more than U.S. dollars at the moment. Israel needs to be freed from the yoke of U.S. bondage and entrapment The U.S. led Road Map is a daggar pointed at Israel's throat pressing skin and already drawing blood. Sadly Hagee is not vocal enough against the fraud Bush and his evil agenda against Israel. He should have told Christians to withold their vote for Bush in 2004 until Bush released Pollard and ended his final solution Road Map. That would have been right. Instead he is/ was the blind leading the blind. All that money does not impress me. That so many like Hagee are in bed with these political leaders who ALWAYS lie and treacherously betray Israel after they get their votes is a great tragedy which reveals where their faith truly lies. The fact that he supports McCain or any politician instead of encouraging Israel to seek the Holy One of Israel alone is bad news. America will not save Israel, America is not Israel's messiah or let alone friend,but a treacherous betrayer who has long ago sold the Jewish people out for greedy gain.
29. Hagee supports israel, Ofir gives 43 Mil to britain
AK   (04.07.08)
There is nothing controversial about Hagee. He supports Israel while Bronfman doesn't think American Jews should. God Bless Hagee.
30. Observer, there's NOTHING Christians and Muslims share.
AK   (04.07.08)
Not places, not beliefs, not morality. Christians, on the other hand follow the Jewish Bible -- the good Christians, that is.
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