2 Israelis killed in terror attack at Nahal Oz
Ali Waked
Published: 09.04.08, 16:42
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1. Olmert, your people die while you kiss Abbas
Cynic ,   USA   (04.09.08)
2. I feel your pain Nahal Oz
Ehud Olmert ,   Ramallah   (04.09.08)
NOW SHUT UP. Can't you see I'm trying to make nice with condi and mahmood?
4. Human Rights, Betzelem WHERE ARE THEY when Israeli CIVILIANS
Miriam ,   Israel   (04.09.08)
are targeted? Clear proof that these groups are Arabs and anti-Semites. Since YNet always posts their articles, YNet no doubt is part of these groups.
5. This is how Israel is repaid for providing fuel? Shameful!
6. #1, #2, #3 - Talkbacks should show respect for the dead! B'H
7. The disengagement sure did bring peace
JD ,   J-m   (04.09.08)
Not. We told you so. Not only did it bring ethnic cleansing, but it has also brought us death and war. How long until we undo the damage that you have done?
8. No decency
Yaakov ,   Brooklyn NY   (04.09.08)
Ynet why can't you call a terrorist attack what it is? A shooting incident is something else. I wonder why, and how do you choose the wording. My condolences to the families...
9. Israel's Neville Chamberlain Approach
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.09.08)
Maybe you should give them more fuel ,more money, more food ,more weapons ? ,for the 'peace ' of course. Before P.M. Sharon became a reflection of Israel (comatose) he warned Bush about his plan to sacrifice Israel to the Islamic world as the west sacrificed Czechslovakia to the German Nazi war machine. Sharon was right ,but he capitulated under pressure. Olmert has alway been capitulated from birth. Israel, A nation led by faithless ,spineless fools who learn nothing from the past or present. We see Israel falling religiously into this same insanity of rewarding bad behavior because they follow a fool and his Road Map which even a moron can see does not lead to peace. How has Israel become such a land of fools who do not see where their insane restraint is leading their nation ?
10. Fuel for Blood
Sam   (04.09.08)
Perhaps the next time the world complains when Israel cuts off fuel transfers to the terror state of Gaza, the world will remember today's killing ...
Nashat ,   Gaza   (04.09.08)
Operations will continue until the embargo lifted
13. 7 - you're right, this would have never happened
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.09.08)
yes, things would have been MUCH calmer: palestinians would not be tunneling into the settlements and abducting loads of women/children in the night, qassams would be nonexistent, terrorists would not be as angry, and there would be none of this, how you put it, "ethnic cleansing" and "death and war". oh, if we only still had the gaza settlements - life would be much better!
14. What about the drills or it's really only drills
15. Stop transferring fuel
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (04.09.08)
Israel should stop giving any fuel to Gaza. It is simply dangerous for the Israeli personnal. We should refuse to endanger our citizens. Let them drive on salty sea-water.
16. OK..OK
Ali ,   Gaza   (04.09.08)
Stop threat that you will enter Gaza. If you not enter Gaza , Gaza will enter to you !! this unfair siege should be lifted, other wise life and death are equal .
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.09.08)
Ali Waked writes, "2 people killed" and then gives further details as "2 men in their 30's." At a time I was wondering if he did not mean the terrorists who opened fire. Why is this tool still getting published in YNet?
18. #13.. thats whats happening NOW
elchonon ,   Chevron   (04.09.08)
Lets see... soldiers being attacked ? check! Tunnels being dug ? check! Kassam's raining down ? check! Israeli's being shot? check! What the heck in the world has changed ?!?! Well, for one we ran like cowards, we screwd over 8,000 residents, the army can no longer operate, hamas controlls the border etc.. etc.. etc.. Dont kid yourself.
19. #11 - You wanted independence
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.09.08)
So why should we deal with you. It's our choice as a sovereign state who have dealings with. It is not an embargo. It's independence
20. An IDF overreaction
Ehud Olmert ,   Ramallah   (04.09.08)
21. Answer to Nashat from Gaza
Jerome   (04.09.08)
You (Hamas) are receiving orders again from Iran to distract attention from Nuclear Activities ,don't worry Nashat( I would say Nahash in hebreu) YOU HAMAS you will pay a heavy price!!!!
22.  # 19 Independence !!!!!
Ali ,   GAZA   (04.09.08)
You destryed the Airport and the sea port and not allow Rafah cossing re opened and close all crossing points in the face of goods !!!
23. that no things !! u will see more
ahmed ,   Rafah   (04.09.08)
if israill thing we will shut up if they close roads and fuels .. u dont know palestines
24. 18 - continue your checklist
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.09.08)
weren't those things you mantion already happening on a much more regular basis? you think qassam production would not have grown as it has? you think israeli civilians would have stopped being murdered at the rate they were? you think the army (not to mention the settlers also) would not be sitting ducks from tunnel bombs? you can argue that not disengaging would be better than disengaging if you forget how the situation was deteriorating there. things would be much worse and there would be many more dead had we stayed. this is only an argument about the degree of deterioration we'd be experiencing now.
25. Arabs: giving fuel dishonors Arabs
Alex ,   LA, USA   (04.09.08)
This helps Arabs to emlist myrtirs.
26. #7 How long until you undo the damage?
AK   (04.09.08)
Not until you remove Olmert from power. As things stand now, Olmert's about to etnically cleanse Judea of Jews and he means to do it by disarming them so the Arabs can murder them with guns provided by him and his judenrat government. So, what do Israelis do about it, while olmert prepares the lists of the Jews to die next? What will it take for you to take to the streets in thousands? when the last Jews of Tel Aviv are burning?
28. 27 - ok by your same logic, all gazans are terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.09.08)
and they deserve to be treated as terrorists. if that's the way you want it, that's fine.
29. Sooner or later
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (04.09.08)
The incident proves one more time that the Palestinian leadership has not the slightest interest in the well-being of their own people. I guess the Palestinians have a fine living in the Strip, they aren't needy at all – with all the money from Europe...?! If not, they couldn't afford to disrupt their own logistics chain (fuel supply to the Gaza Strip) and would finally use their money to build up their economy. So Israel should stop the deliveries of fuel to the Strip and – of course – hunt down the terrorists. Sooner or later even we Europeans get the facts... By the way, #27: The only ones committing crimes against Palestinians (and Israelis)... are the Palestinians themselves.
30. We should fight with the will to defeat the enemy.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.09.08)
US Congressman David Weldon (R., Florida), who visited Israel a few weeks ago, said Israel should strike back at Gaza in one fell swoop. "During World War II," Weldon told the Makor Rishon newspaper, "the U.S. attacked Japan mercilessly. Despite the ethical problems, everyone now agrees that this caused Japan to surrender, thus saving many lives, including Japanese lives. This is the reason I think Israel should hit the Palestinians with one fell swoop, thus defeating them. Otherwise, this cruel situation of today will continue year after year, decade after decade.Just like parents have to protect their children," Weldon said, "a state must protect its citizens, especially those who are threatened such as those in Sderot. If a country would attack the U.S., I would support turning that country into dust. If it’s right for the U.S., it's right for Israel." As described at :
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