State Department: Carter should not meet Hamas chief
Published: 10.04.08, 20:09
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1. At least Regean had the common sense
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (04.10.08)
to disappear from public life when his Alzheimer's kicked in.
2. Carter meeting with Hamas
Major ,   Florida, USA   (04.10.08)
I'd love to see Carter's passport revoked. He has no business acting in opposition to expressed US foreign policy issues. Our enemies love him because he is an embarrassment to the US. I suspect it has something to do with peanuts! :-)
THE ULTIMATE SYMBOL ,   ..............DACON9   (04.10.08)
4. to Major #2
Mike Cato ,   USA   (04.10.08)
I do not agree that Carter's behavior has to do with 'Peanuts". Rather, I would propose that it has much more to do with the millions he has received (and is receiving?) from the Saudis and the Emirates.
5. Carter's Legacy
Scott ,   PHX, AZ   (04.10.08)
Let's see, Mr. Anti Semitism himself who hoodwinked Begin to not only give up the Sinai to Egypt (after all why not give it back a third time) but more importantly why not have Israel take responsibility for Gaza. That goes down as the greatest blunder of all time (at least until "W" went into Iraq ). Now Israel has had to deal with the cancer of Gaza for almost 30 yrs post Carter/Begin/Sadat and the cancer has continued to spread. Let's cut the power, or better yet, give them back to Egypt - at least they don't have a constitution or civil rights to worry about. Enough is enough already, stop blaming Israel for the Arabs own fallacy of pain and suffering, they are the ones who left during the war of independance and created refugee camps and the complete abandonment of their own arab brothers. Better yet, send the folks in Gaza to the Sinai, and send the PA in Samaria and Judea back to Jordan...have the oil rich countries donate a few bucks for redevelopment and the rest can go to the swiss bank accounts of Abbas, etc etc. :*)
6. This has to be considered treason.
Jay3 ,   Israel   (04.10.08)
This disgusting man must be put in jail and shut up from the media.....he is a danger to common sense!
7. Then he will fly to Tora Bora and meet with Bin Laden.
Cynic ,   USA   (04.10.08)
8. then, Hamas chief is the one who will meet Carter
9. If you wonder why he protects terrorists
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (04.10.08)
Just read the financial records of the Carter Library. The primary donors? The wahabi terror financiers!
10. Old age
gil ,   ashkelon   (04.10.08)
t is really sad towatch how old age affect the brain of people who were already filled with hatred towards jews,Poor Carter,not only senile,but advised by his wife,whose humanitarian solution of the confict is the return of all"refugees" in their (quote) "motherland"(unquote).
11. Carter supports Hamas terror, state dept. Fatah terror
Yona   (04.10.08)
they disagree on which murderous band should be strengthened.
12. It's not old age!
J. Russell ,   Houston, US   (04.10.08)
It is delusional idealism born of a liberal globalist world view and a culture of reason. Carter and his like believe that a rational solution can be reached with fanatical Islam. I can only imagine that Carter's message to Hamas will be; Wait until Obama takes office, then we can really talk.
13. Time to lock up this white trash!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.10.08)
This pinhead should have been locked up long ago. He is a major embarasment to the U.S.
14. Carter's journey
graczek ,   Maryland USA   (04.10.08)
I loudly applaud Former President Jimmy Carter’s courage as a peacemaker, but first and foremost as a true Christian who has not succumbed to the pro-zionist kookiness of the evangelistic fringe cults. It is likely too much to hope, but if there is to be any peace—not truce—in the Holy Land, it can be achieved only through the phasing out of the Zionist regime and its replacement by a UN Trusteeship until things get sorted out. This was the original plan back in 1947. I hope such a transition will be as bloodless and seamless as possible. I do not seek the destruction of the Jewish people, but as an old-order Christian myself, I must object to their having a state, anywhere on Earth, until they receive a tangible sign of forgiveness from Christ Jesus, Who was the truly offended Party, and because of Whose killing the Jews lost their land definitively after 135 AD.
15. Hamas-man meeting Hamas leader!!!!
KMR ,   Overseas   (04.10.08)
16. failed president, failed statesman
Steve   (04.11.08)
Carter will do what Carter has done best during his entire career, the wrong thing.
17. jimmy carter meeting mashaal
dan kaplan ,   usa   (04.11.08)
of course the state dept.doesn't want mr. peanut to visit mashaal. they want condi rice to be the first. obtw, did you know that condi is really jimmy carter in blackface and drag ?
18. # 14
Thomas   (04.11.08)
Do you even read the Bible? Do you know anything aout the time and place Christ lived in? For insance, the Gospel of Mark, the only Gospel written by someone who lived during that time period, puts the executon of Jesus squarely on the shoulders of the Romans. Naturally, the Jews couldn't try and execute anyone because it would have been seen by the Romans an an insurection against their legal authority. If there was any group of Jews who favored the death of Christ it was the Sadducees, whom both the Nazarenes and the Pharisees alike, saw as corrupt and who don't exist anymore. I didn't know true Christians could bear false witness.
19.  Where Jimmy "Peanut Breath" Carter Get's Bought.
Not Jewish ,   USA   (04.11.08)
Just type, "jimmy carter and the arab lobby" into the Internet and watch what comes up. This piece of human crap wrecked the economy of my home state of Georgia, USA before he wrecked the total USA's economy(22% interest rates and collective national emotional depression), there were banking scandals with his friend, Burt Lance and Carter was involved. Then Carter backstabbed our friend, the Shah of Iran and replaced him with Ayatollah Khomeini. Carter browbeat Israel into accepting an icy peace at best with her enemy Egypt by pressuring Israel to make concessions to the Islamic enemy and of course committing the USA to give the Egyptians zillions to sweeten the deal. The Jews of Israel have never forgotten what this buffoon did to their interests and Jewish soil. Jimmy boy never misses a chance to slam Israel. That's why he is visiting enemies of Israel. Oh yes, Peanut Breath just endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for president of the USA. They are political twins.
20. Carter's "non-endorsement" of Obama
Jake   (04.11.08)
reminds me of my 8th grade Physics teacher when I asked him for help, during a test, on a multiple choice question with 4 possible answers. He said, "Well it can't be A. B does not fit the criteria. And you can dismiss D out of hand." So I said, "Is it C?" "I'm not giving you the answer", he replied.
21. Scott's (#5) answer is spot on
Jake   (04.11.08)
Carter forced Israel to give up the vast empty Sinai and hang on to the concrete jungle of Gaza. What a wonderful bright idea. After all, what use could Israel possibly have with hundreds of miles of sun-baked sand, when it can inherit the most densely populated, most rapidly multiplying nest of Islamists on the face of the Earth? Carter, through his infinite wisdom and even-handedness, has taught us that above all, in life, it is important to execute Justice. And it is not Justice to return the Gaza Strip to Egypt, from whom the territory was captured in the first place. No. It is more imporant not to split the "Palestinian people", whose identity was proclaimed by the Arab League in Cairo in 1964, claiming only those territories "under Zionist occupation" at the time. And if the Fatah-controlled West Bank wanst nothing to do with the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip, risking a rupture in the "Palestinian people", Carter will fix that right away, by arranging a "kissing point" between the 2 entities. And Israel had better do it too, chop-chop, otherwise Carter will write another book comparing them to Bantustans. And after Carter is through slicing, dicing, and executing Justice, Israel will always be left holding one thing in its hand, but it just won't be land.
22. Carter is Acting on America's Interests, Not Israel's
Mr. Know-It-All ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (04.11.08)
With the complete failure of GW Bush as a president by every measure, and Condi Rice's State Department failures in everything they've touched as well, it is time for real American Patriots like Jimmy Carter to step in and do what both GW and Condi have proven they cannot, act in the best interest of America. Sure it will tick off the Zionists/Neocons, but who cares as what they want is not what is best or the USA and never has been. The US will never find a solution or make peace with the Arab world as long as our leaders have their heads up the Israeli's arse, so until GW and Condi pull out for air or leave office, it is time for real American leaders like Jimmy Carter to step up to the plate
23. carter = hillary
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (04.11.08)
What is the difference? carter embraces terrorist, hillary embraced terrorists! We do remember her hugging suha arafat after arafat accused Jews of gassing palestinian kids
Azita Ardalan ,   New York, NY   (04.11.08)
It's because of Carter & his INCOMPETENCE that there is a fascist Islamist government in charge that threatens Israel's existence. He needs to shut up & stick to comments on his peanut farm !
25. PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
do yourselves a favor. if you really want to see who carter really is, even according to his biographer do this: google ...major arab country donors to the carter center. read all the sites. will open your eyes!
26. Carter
Millicent ,   Israel   (04.11.08)
The man is a fool! Wasn't under his leadership reigns that the Iranian Terrorist invaded the American Embassy in Iran and held the workers there hostage for over 400 days, while America under his leadership did nothing? Didn't it take Ronald Regean's election to the US Presidency to get them released because the Iranians feared what Regean would do? Carter was an ineffectual US President,he should stick to what he is good at which is his work for Habitat for Humanity in which he helped build homes for those without in the poor areas of the USA! I am sure there are many other poor families who would like a home to call their own MR Carter, so go back to doing that and keep out of the ME!
27. CARTER - Enemy of the State of Israel
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.11.08)
It's an absolute disgrace that this piece of trash is even allowed into Israel. That any Israeli official should meet with him when he is here, is even a bigger disgrace. President Peres, I am really surprised at your agreeing to meet with this proven enemy of the State of Israel! It's only a matter of time before Carter converts to Islam!
28. #23 Knows NOTHING
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.11.08)
#23 Mr Know it all, get your brain out of neutral and your tongue out of top gear. You are a completete ignoramus. It's time you took your head out of the sand and saw just how unlucky America is to have had an idiot like Carter as President.
29. Carter and the left.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.08)
The hypocrisy of the left is astounding. They shout, “End the occupation now!” but when Israel did end the occupation of Gaza, they accused Israel of unilateralism. They cry out against racism, but they treat the Palestinians with a paternalistic racism that considers them so primitive they cannot be held responsible for what they do. After all, I have been told, you can’t expect the Palestinians to change, they grew up with an anti-Israel narrative. Israelis are expected to change. Israelis who have lived for years under the threat of Arab aggression and Palestinian terrorism are expected to change and to forgive and to apologize. But Palestinians are not expected to change. They are not expected to stop broadcasting children’s TV programs that fill their children’s minds with racist hatred. No wonder the Palestinians keep calling themselves victims. More about correctness at :
30. #14
First of all Jesus was Jewish, second it was the Romans who murdered him not the Jews. Third Jesus knew Judas was going to betrayed him and told him so and forgave him on the spot! Why don't you read the Gospel according to Judas, and see the truth that the Jews didn't kill Jesus and thus have nothing to be forgiven for! As for Carter, he is meddling where he doesn't belong, or did you forget thatit was under his presidency that the Iranians stormed the American Embassy in Iran holding US Citizens hostage for over 400 days, and Carter did nothing, it took the election of Ronald Regan to the presidency to get those hostages free! The only good Carter has done is his work with Habitat for Humanity and the building of homes for the poor across the USA , he should stick with that there are alot more homeless there in the US that would appreciate his help!
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