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Italian 'peace bride' raped, murdered in Turkey
Associated Press
Published: 12.04.08, 18:43
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1. another victim of a muslim.... very sad
3. so...sad
L.B ,   Israel   (04.12.08)
condolences to the family
4. A foolish lamb
stephen ,   ludlow, usa   (04.12.08)
Only a foolish lamb would stray among the wolves of this world. This world is not the same one of our fathers. And will only get worse as the end gets closer. Sad but true.
5. to the racist bigots here
observer ,   Jordan   (04.12.08)
What has Islam to do with this ? arent there rape and murder crimes comitted by jews or christians in israel, europe or usa? do you classify these crimes as Jewish crimes or Christian crimes? your efforts to always equate islam with evil is so pathetic, you are no diferent than those who equate zionism with racism and nazism
6. How symbolic of Western naivety.
AK   (04.12.08)
Another proof how deadly the ideas of the world peacenicks truly are. Unfortunately, their religious belief in peace at any cost can get all of us dead.
7. stupidity
R.R. ,   USA   (04.12.08)
Very sad that she was murdered, but that was really stupid. A western woman hitchhicking alone through Turkey?! What was she thinking?!
8. Faces of islam
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (04.12.08)
9. People from the free world shall not travell in muslim lands
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (04.12.08)
It is clearly stated in their scriptures what muslims are forced to do to non muslims. Goin to a muslim country means you are putting yourself in a life threatening situation.
Alfred   (04.12.08)
11. so very sad indeed...but y was she traveling alone?
12. as in israel: the will for peace is killed by muslims
13. hard to believe
confused   (04.12.08)
I find it incredible that this woman had any expectation of surviving her pilgrimage, or whatever you may want to call it. I certainly do not hold the woman accountable for the actions of her murderer - he should be executed with no appeal, and very little fanfare. Just take him outside and shoot him as a dog. Nevertheless the woman deserves a Darwin award for such stupidity. I'm sorry to be so disrespectful, postmortem, but um, how stupid can you possibly be? I would say check this woman's writings etc., to see if she left a suicide note or anything. That would be the only way I can make sense of such apparent colossal ignorance
14. That woman is so stupid that if stupidity were a crime,
Rivkah   (04.12.08)
she would be imprisoned. Even in America, women are raped and murdered walking alone not only in remote places, but in shopping center parking lots. To think she could safely transverse a hateful place like Turkey alone, walking, is so stupid, it is beyond belief. In fact, it was a death wish on her part. She needed medical help and institutionalization. Her parents failed her by not having her put into a mental hospital. At least she would still be alive if they had done that.
15. nothing to do with Islam..
Shamed 2b Israeli ,   TA   (04.12.08)
sad ,but this happens all the time all over the world, has nothing to do with religion, could have happened in Italie etc...I'm already getting used to the racist talkbacks,mostly from religious/right wing israelis or Jewish living abroad....shame on you... #5 you are absolutely right, Israelis could learn something from you..
16. re: 5- You have a valid point.
Dk ,   LA-usa   (04.12.08)
These crimes do happen frequently in the west. If it was done by an individual it would lend support to your argument. If, on the otherhand, it was done by a group, I would have to question the motivation behind it as Christians, Jews and westerners are frequently targeted in Muslim countries- and this could be just another example. Either way, our condolences to the family of this lovely, (but extremely naive), "free-spirit" and no offense to decent muslims-who are also, (or should be), sickened by this murder.
17. Olmert, Beilin, Ramon, Peres travell
Jim ,   Chicago   (04.12.08)
But Jews in Israel killed and raped in Gaza, and soon in Jerusalem.
18. #15shame to be israeli? go live in gaza...
stephane ,   france   (04.12.08)
i'm a right-wing man and i'm proud of that. notice that in the word " right wing ", you have the word " right ", so we are definitly " right " ;-) i lived in israel 8 years and i left because i was ashame to see jews like you,and to see that again, after 60 years, jews were murdered without any revenge from the lasts israeli governments. no revenge because of the pressure of traitors like you and because we have ministers that worry only about " what would think the world if we fight back ". i feel sad for this girl but she was a leftist naive dreamer like you. she hitchiked to come to israel to understand what's going on their but she already found the answer on the way. she met a bad guy in turkey,a muslim....what a coincidence...
19. such a family!!
Giuseppe ,   Italy   (04.12.08)
this woman was a "pacifista" and she was travelling around the middle east for "peace". His goal was to come in Israel via Turkey for joining stupid peaceniks friends against palestinnian "occupation". She deserve it: only italian peaceniks are thinking at middle east like a "disneyland" of peace. And his mother is more dumb than she was: she said that in her youth she made the same... STUPID PEOPLE
20. #5 you are right
Natan   (04.12.08)
So that leaves Islam with beheadings, suicide bombings, and various acts of terrorism to be credited with....
21. #5: Just do the math - honestly, now
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.12.08)
How likely is it that a Jew would have done this? Trying to sugarcoat this predictable tragedy by saying there was no connection to Islam is like the NRA saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people."
22. How many women getting raped in America?
I Am   (04.12.08)
How many women getting raped in America every year?????? The ones who made silly comments here,you are NOT different from muslim jihadists who all jews blame for everything. What kind of hatred you have in you??????? Unfortunately this happens everywhere in the world,now should I blame ALL AMERICANS BECAUSE OF COUNTLESS RAPE CASES IN AMERICA?????
23. sounds like the stupidity of the children's crusade...
Ami Israel   (04.12.08)
of the middle ages is alive and well in Italy today.
24. Could the racist talkbackers please shut up
proud Israeli ,   Israel   (04.12.08)
I don't see what this has to do with Islam. This is rape. It happens in Israel, it happens everywhere. this anti-Muslim crusade some of you are on is the same as objectifying women as passive objects to control and conquer. I don't see a major difference between misogany and creating two dimensional representations of Muslims.
25. #14 You're 100% right. The same meshugener as Rachel Corey &
Miriam ,   Israel   (04.13.08)
all the other Peace Now / Terrorists Now meshaga'im. They all need/ed medical help and institutionalization.
26. For the sake of peace
Memo Gur ,   ankara   (04.12.08)
I am a Turkish man. I live in Turkey. I am deeply sorry for this disgusting brutal event. Sorry..We have again learned that this world is not the place for good people..
27. I guess mohamad didnt like her dress
like uncovered meat?   (04.13.08)
I thought turks were better behaved then arabs, but I guess he couldnt help but revert to the behavior of his namesake, the "so called prophet"
28. to #9
Hilda ,   US   (04.13.08)
If what you say is true and I have no reason to disbelieve you than why is the world including your own Sweden so anxious to add another and another and another Muslim terror state to nations of the world? We just saw Bosnia added and they are actiovely and anxiously trying to destroy the State of Israel and replace it with a Muslim Palestine.
29. to #5
suzannah ,   brooklyn, ny   (04.13.08)
You are right. This murder of an innocent woman has nothing to do with religion. It is an act of a sick, evil individual.
30. Its sad that Turkey is also falling into the hands of these
Hanna   (04.13.08)
racists. This tragedy dosn't seem to be a usual case that may happen to any woman. I am sure this woman mentioned to the man that she was going to Israel and this is the only reason she got attacked and killed. I Hope that Turkish people will be able to fight the Islamists and won't surrender their country to them.
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