Carter 'quite at ease' about meeting Hamas' Mashaal
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.04.08, 19:09
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1. treat him like a tourist not a diplomat
zionist forever   (04.13.08)
Why do we have the serving president formerly welcoming a man to the country who is about to go meet with somebody who wants to destroy Israel? Carter is not the US president anymore there is no need for all the diplomacy he is just an anti Israel nobody who loves himself and is trying to sell a book. Natenyahu has got it right if Carter wants to visit Israel and then go onto visit Mashaal fine let him get a taxi from the airport to his hotel where he will be greeted no special treatement and he can come to Israel buy all the tourist tat, take part in his study mission then go to Syria have his friendly chit chat with a man who wants Israel destroyed. He is just an anti Israel old man who loves himself to much and writes to many books so why are we giving him such special treatement?
2. Jimmy Carter...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (04.13.08)
... the worst ex-U.S. president that Arab petrodollars can buy.
3. Dhimmi Carter is repulsive
Frank ,   Canada   (04.13.08)
This guy was the worse POTUS ever because he is a perfect idiot and a coward. This guy has only one passion: meeting with the worse criminals ever.
4. Carter, worst president ever. EVER!!!!!
jan ,   usa   (04.13.08)
5. Anti-Semitic Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Yonatan ,   Israel/USA   (04.13.08)
6. Maybe this will help get a fix on Mashaal...
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (04.13.08)
Drop the bomb after Carter leaves, of course. America needs its peanut farmers.
7. who died and left him in charge?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.13.08)
8. Of course he's at ease meeing with terrorists
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.13.08)
he's amongst his own
9. Perfectly At East with Mashaal
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (04.13.08)
Carter is "at ease" meeting with a person responsible for the murder of Jews. Cater approved Palestinian suicide bombing in his book. Carter has denounced his own country countless times. What else does anyone need to know about Jimmy Carter?
simha_xemex ,   Canada   (04.13.08)
I see former President carter as a Firefighter able to Fight them... However not capable to prevent them... Does somebody care to remind us about HIS legacy, and how HISTORY will attempt to define him ? Thank You
11. Carter worst president, Bush 2nd
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (04.13.08)
Bush: 1) Helped ruin United States economy 2) Allowed in millions of illegal aliens by not building border fence. 3) Screwed up in Iraq. 4)Pressuring Israel for a "legacy". 5) Allows Iran to get nuclear weapons.
12. NEXT-Door Neighbors?"
Mike Cato ,   USA   (04.13.08)
Mr. Carter-Away- o Saudi and Emirate- millions refers to Hamas as Israel's "NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBORS?" Does he mean like the sweet old widow,Mrs. Williams ,who lives next door to me, with whom I exchange local gossip, and apple pies at Thanksgiving, and Hanukah gifts for Christ,mas gifts at holiday time? Clearly, Mr. Carter-Away -of -Saudi & Emirate -Money needs to be sent to a nursing home with 24/7 nurses in attendance.
13. Ignorant Biased Anti-Semite
Rube Vogel   (04.13.08)
Carter’s recent book placed more blame on Israel than the terrorists, embracing the Palestinian view on many issues without any serious analysis. I can only assume that the millions of Arab dollars “awarded” to the Carter Center together with Carter's "Christian" world view have bought the desired results.
stude ham   (04.13.08)
15. Good God
Cameron ,   USA   (04.13.08)
Oh jimmy, you disgrace yourself, and us, with these kinds of utterly pompous, self-righteous, Liberal, dead-end antics. I hope the Syrians pin a little tin badge on your breast for being the biggest damn fool of 2008.
16. #11 you forgot...
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (04.13.08)
6) allowed Argentina to beat England in the World Cup !
17. Mrs. Williams
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (04.13.08)
It is so nice to see a neighbour helping feed the intellectually challenged during the holidays. Keep those pies coming !
18. Jimmy Carter hate
Tomas   (04.14.08)
Jimmy Carter is a prime examle of Jewish hate. The progressive/ liberal will try to exuse his behavior but as a son of Auschwitz survivor I feel that he would have a dialog with the SS and try to explain to the world that they just tryed to do there job.
19. #14, but WAIT!!!
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (04.14.08)
"LOOK HOW WELL THESE MAD PERSIANS ARE DOING WITH THEIR NUKES" Well those don't exist, do they you douche bag?
20. "at ease" raising status & credability of hamas terrorists
dp ,   usa   (04.14.08)
....clearly not finished adding to his list of disgraceful & shameful actions
21. Carter----Made the World Safe for Islamists
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (04.14.08)
THE WORST PRESIDENT---EVER----CARTER the FOOL. Ignore the boob, and maybe he will get held hostage by his terrorist anti-semite Friends.
22. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
me ,   here   (04.14.08)
we used when we created them." Quote, Albert Einstein. I do agree with him. Whatever results (or not) Mr Carter can get through these talks, he has proven himself a courageous man, with a backbone, a heart and a brain, ready to stand up and try - in spite of all objections - a new path! My full respect to Mr Carter in this case, no matter what the outcome will be. I respect him for trying!
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