Noam Shalit: Carter's anti-Israeli stance helpful
Ahiya Raved
Published: 13.04.08, 22:14
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1. remember the American hostages in Iran?
Ami Israel   (04.13.08)
Well Mr. Carter didn't get them out of was Mr. Reagan who did that. So let's not get our hopes up 2 high
2. I don't blame..........
Bill Pearlman ,   New York, USA   (04.13.08)
the Shalits for grasping at anything. Particularly since Olmert doesn't seem to be particularly interested. But Jimmy Carter is not the guy to trust on this or anything else that is Jewish related. He is an out and out anti-semite and Hamas is not going to do anything that they don't want to do just because peanut Jimmy showed up.
3. Noam shalit talks with his emotions
zionist forever   (04.13.08)
Noam Shalit is just a father who wants to get his son back and political reality for him is clouded by emotions. He would say that the right thing to do would be to give the entire country to the palestians if he thought it would get Gilad back and he would condem any government that rejected this demand. We all feel very sorry for him but I dont think his support for Carter is not something that should make us sit up and take notice.
4. Carter.
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.13.08)
All the whitewashing in the world doesn't detract from the fact that this peanut farmer is 100% anti Israel. He should never have been let into the Country and President Peres' meeting with him should never have happened. Well done Bibi and Tzipi Livni for refusing to meet with Carter.
5. Carter's anti Israel stance helpful...
Sam ,   NY   (04.13.08)
but only to those who also hate the state of Israel.
6. Why are we so desperate to talk with him?
American ,   Irvine California   (04.13.08)
I really do not understand why so many people want to speak with Mr. Carter. Who is he really and what effect does he have on anything? An old man bantering.
7. We may feel sorry for Mr Shalit..but his
Yankle B   (04.13.08)
obnoxious behaviour of late have annoyed many people who may have helped him. At this stage I venture to say most people simply wish he would get lost. We know he is a father.We also know that many have lost their sons trying to free his. Its time he starts to appreciate that. He obviously cant so hence no one really catres about him and his son. They are simply being polite.
8. Senile ignorant inbred redneck trailer trash
Bernie ,   Seattle WA   (04.13.08)
Who is famous for his botched rescue attempt of the Iranian hostages which ended up in US helicopters crashing in the desert, his low life brother Billie urinating in public, Billie Beer, lusting after every women he looks at and mentally undressing them, and talking on the phone while sitting on the toilet! This useless heap of waste from the Georgia gene pool is not worth all the tax money we spend on him yearly. His trip to Syria needs to be investigated, if it is being paid for by tax dollars. If so this man is most probably guilty of high treason. It is fitting that he meets with senile Uncle Shimmy Peres, maybe these two old men can check in to an olds age home together and stop embarrassing their nations!
USA   (04.14.08)
He helps many the world over, poor and destitute and he is not prejudiced like you jews are. HE IS GREAT.
10. To Noam Shalit
aj ,   CA   (04.14.08)
Do not demean yourself like this. This is not what Gilad would want.
11. Freedom to Palestinian Prisoners
Ali ,   Gaza   (04.14.08)
Freedom to Freedom Prisoners ...then Shalit will also be released, Once Shalit released he should go to Airport and from there directly to his original country France ..this fair enough !!!
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (04.14.08)
Your headline: Noam Shalit: Carter's anti-Israeli stance helpful . . . What Shalet actually said: Noam Shalit, told Ynet "the fact that Carter is not considered pro-Israeli, = = = Not being "pro-Israeli" does NOT equate to being "anti-Israel" and according to your quote, Shalit never said Carter is "anti-Israel" despite your headline. The point is that Carter is considered to be even-handed in this dispute, meaning he is not biased in favor of one side of the other. Carter's even-handedness is the reason Sadat was willing to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Sadat felt Carter was not swindling him into something of benefit only to Israel.
13. Carter's Meeting With Hamas
NYC Girl   (04.14.08)
So this failed former president thinks he's going to assess the degree of flexibility in the Hamas position. Well, here's a news flash for you, Jimmy...and I'll give it to you in that good old southern vernacular you'll be able to understand. THERE AIN'T NO DAMN FLEXIBILITY!!!
14. Jimme gets money from the Saudis to bash Israel!!
Redneck ,   Peanutfarm, USA   (04.14.08)
Jimme is an anti-semite of the first order. In the deep south,where he was inbred they still believe Jews have horns and drink babies' blood. Jimme is nefarious to Israel. Keep him away!!!
15. Carter=terrible president+anti Israel
Joel ,   NJ, US   (04.14.08)
With that said you cannot blame him for the Iran hostages it was either Iran trying to embarrass him or Reagan taking foreign policy into his own hands when he was not president which is a huge violation of the constitution. Also, although I think Carter is terrible he is not setting policy and he is simply talking anything that he can do to help get this mans son back he should be welcome to do.
16. Great American? (not sure)..... but horrible President
Ron ,   USA   (04.14.08)
21% interest rates.... botched rescue missions in Iran.... highest inflation rate in the last 100 years.... gas lines at the pump....
17. Carter is pro-Israel
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach USA   (04.14.08)
I didn't see ANYTHING in Jimmy Carter's book that even so much as intimated that he is against Israel. What I saw was clear indication that he is against Israel's violating international law, and what is wrong with that?
18. He's a liar too
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen Md   (04.14.08)
Carter is a piece of work. He claims that 64% of Israelis support negotiations with Hamas. Really? Which poll is he quoting? Ev erything negative that as been said of Carter by other writers is true. He wrote a book that was part plagarism and mostly lies and mistakes. This arrogant and pompous fool thinks he is right and the rest of the world is wrong. He only agrees with other antisemites.
19. # 9
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (04.14.08)
First of all DON'T DARE to call yourself USA, because you DON'T represent this country in your stupid and moronic comments. You're part of the filthy antiamerican lefties that spoil our beautiful country. Secondly, DON'T DARE to bring your ANTIJEWISH rants to this website. Go to reach your friends of The French or British press or anyone else in Eurabia. Because of turncoats like you we had 09/11 and all the massacres perpetrated by your barbarian friends. USA you call yourself, I'll say rather Iran...or Cuba...
20. ...AND OTHERS...?
21. #9 and what about 9/11 - without prejudice?
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.14.08)
Alan ,   Waterbury, USA   (04.14.08)
>He helps many the world over, poor and destitute and he is not prejudiced like you jews are. HE IS GREAT. That certainly shows the type of person Carter appeals to.
23. thankfully, America is anti-Carter !
aaron ,   ra'anana   (04.14.08)
MCCAIN 2008!
24. Mr. Shalit's visit with Carter
David   (04.14.08)
So now we know, once and for all, what Noam Shalit's political leanings are. This explains why he has been criticizing the Prime Minister for not releasing enough Palestinian terrorists (as if he hasn't released enough already), rather than recognizing that such actions only serve to embolden the terrorists to commit more kidnappings and acts of terror. It's quite sad.
25. #1 Ami: Wrong. Mr. Carter DID get them out with billions of
Rivkah   (04.14.08)
dollars in cash in exchange for the release of the hostages on the day of Reagan's first inauguration. Sadly, that gave the Muslim terrorists a taste for US dollars for prisoners. Mr. Carter DID get them out, but was not credited for that.
26. It would be lovely if Mr. Carter comes out with Gilad Shalit
Rivkah   (04.14.08)
shtikipedia ,   Tel Aviv   (04.14.08)
As much as farmer President Jimmy Carter would like to pin the medal of honor on himself and swipe most of the credit for the peace between Israel and Egypt, history will reveal it was Anwar Sadat’s will and subsequent visit to Jerusalem, what he demonstrably recognized as Israel’s capital, that changed the world. Sorry JC.
28. #12 and 25 - Carter caused the problem Ross Perot
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (04.14.08)
Carter did not understand the situation and put hundreds of Americans at risk. Then did nothing to get them out. It was Ross Perot who started the process and sent in his own employees to get his own people out. Then Regan had no choice except to follow Ross' example.
29. Noam would release thousands of terrorists for his son!
redmike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (04.14.08)
Pragmatically he is 100% wrong and the huge majority of the Israeli public is sick to death of hearing how he doesn't care if his son's release would lead to lots of other kidnappings - which it would. If nothing is given for kidnapees then there will be no more kidnappings because the risk involved, with no expectation of reward would make it inane. If my son were released and lots of Israelis (or others) were kidnapped as a result then I would find it hard to live with myself. But Noam is totally egoistic! Mike
30. 22 alan
USA ,   AMERICA   (04.15.08)
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