At Doha Forum, MK Tibi listed as 'Palestinian'
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.04.08, 01:00
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1. Bye Bye Tibi the traitor
Ses ,   Miami, USA   (04.15.08)
It is beyond belief that an arab elected to the Knesset could stand at a podium and declare Israel an apartheid state ... it makses one puke ... this just goes to prove once again that the Palestinians can't stop themsleves from messing anything up that is positive in their lives ... this idiot just set arab israeli relations back another 50 years and for what .... what did the big shot tibi get from putting down his country .. he is a traitor pure and simple
2. Empty shouting- nothing will happen to Tibi.
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.15.08)
3. Ahmed Tibi is Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde
Jake   (04.15.08)
Dr. Jekyl is on permanent vacation.
4. its time for ALL of them to leave Israel!
ariell   (04.15.08)
5. Go back to Arabia, or Jordan Palestine
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.15.08)
If you want to represent Israel, fine, if you dont...leave. Simple.
6. ironic hypocrisy when US senators represent apartheid Israel
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (04.15.08)
non of you open their pie hole
7. Outrageous!
Enzo ,   LONDON,UK   (04.15.08)
It is clear to 99.9% of mankind that MK Tibi has to resign from the Knesset! It is an offence to every single Israeli citizen to have Mr Tibi (former MK) sitting in the Knesset!
8. Suicidal
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Ephraim   (04.15.08)
- Livni to Tibi: "The very fact that you are an Israeli Knesset member, that you are the deputy speaker of the Knesset as a matter of fact, who represents 20% of Israel's population, that you are here and that you can say anything you please – that is the proof that Israel is a democratic nation." - Bereny to Livni: "The very fact that Tibi is an Israeli Knesset member, that he is the deputy speaker of the Knesset as a matter of fact, who represents 20% of Israel's population, that he is there and that he can say anything he pleases – is the proof that Israel has a suicidal institutional setup. Democracy is for the nations. The Jews have the Torah as Constitution and the Torah talks about a Jewish national kingdom in Eretz Israel. Israel cannot outlaw the Torah.
9. #1 Tibi isnt just an Arab in Knesset-he's Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER
Alan ,   SA   (04.15.08)
10. Tibi or How losing credibility in less than 2 sec!
He should be awarded a medal in Israel!Congrats! I think He cannot be more useful... He has just shown to the world and to his arab "pro democrat counterparts", why Israel is right! Thank you again! I love you Tibi! PS: someone would probably confirm he read this book before going to Doha: "loosing credibility for the dummies"....
11. to 2 - watch this space (out he goes)
Real Israel   (04.15.08)
12. Exactly why no Arabs should be permitted in the Knesset
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.08)
13. Traitors
Meir ,   Toronto   (04.15.08)
Israel, in their zest to be seen as a democracy, has become 'holier than the Pope'. In fact democracies have laws preventing traitorous speech and actions. Democracy does not mean anything goes. There are laws concerning free speech and treasonous words and actions. If Israel does not have these laws they ought to grow up and legislate them and to stop tripping over themselves in order to show just how democratic they are. They are being taken advantage of.
14. Do not trust them.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.15.08)
The attitude of the Israeli Arabs to Israel can be summed up in a popular sayings: "take whatever you can and give nothing." For this reason they avoid paying taxes. At the same time they enjoy all the services and benefits which the state offers its citizens. Since they pay very little income tax, they are regarded statistically as belonging to the poor sector. But anybody who travels through Arab villages and towns in Israel is astonished by the wonderful villas of these "poor people". The Israeli Arabs are represented by three parties in the Knesset that are elected in free, democratic elections. One of them is officially communist, one officially Islamic, and one "national-democratic" but as far as their attitude to Israel as a Jewish state is concerned : they all openly wish for its disappearance although all of them swore allegiance to "the State of Israel and its laws" as described at:
15. Throw Tibi out, he is a traitor.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (04.15.08)
16. he should be hung for treason
aron ,   usa   (04.15.08)
17. #8 Sorry to inform you but the Torah is not our constitution
Simon ,   TA Israel   (04.15.08)
Where exzactly did you get that from that the Torah is our constitution? Sorry but the Torah is the Jewish bible that some people believe in while others do not. Religious freedom also includes the right not to believe. If you wish to live your life by the Torah then good for you buddy but please do not have the arrogance to claim that it is our constitution!
18. Tibi is a Benedit Arnold
b mezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (04.15.08)
Death penalty for treason and sedition. Hang him.
19. Leftist stupidity, Kadima has no common sense
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (04.15.08)
This is what we get for allowing Kadimah to stay in power, this is what we get for pandering to the arabs. How many Jewish Members are there of any Arab parliament? How many Jewish ministers are there in arab countries?
20. Had he said Israel, Livni could not have made her point
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.08)
It was good Tibi made the decision to act as such. Tzipi Livni response to Israel's being called an 'Apartheid State' was fantastic! The opportunity to make her point would have never arisen had Tibi not been there, or taken such great effort to alienate himself from Israel while still being a representative.
21. #12
Eric ,   Israel   (04.15.08)
Really? That's why we should be racist? "Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Majalli Whbee" is an Arab who serves as an MK. Read what he said; I have no problem with his statement. Don't be a racist. It just justifies why they hate us.
22. those Parliaments have to dictate what members say
observer   (04.15.08)
Those members of Parliaments should follow their parliaments' policy. Bishara shouldn't have said that Israel is democracy. Tibi should have spoken in favor of Israel. Jewish Congress members shouldn't have spoken in favor of Israel or in favor of Jews.
23. Equal shares
Dr D. ,   Jerusalem-Miami   (04.15.08)
Tibi is not stupid at all and he know the risks of proclaiming him self as Palestinian......but how one can easily renounce to a share of the billions promised to Palestine. From all the rulers present in Doha there was no one who really give a dime for his people. Arafat was a great teacher for all of them and Tibi learned fast.
24. Tibi voted by Arabs, but would he be expelled by non-Arabs?
observer   (04.15.08)
25. good response
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.15.08)
I am no fan of Livni or the government in which she sits, but her response to Tibi was formulated brilliantly
26. Hear, hear:
Kev ,   London   (04.15.08)
"a fifth column – in every sense of the word. Tibi should transfer from the Israeli Knesset to the Palestinian Authority's parliament in Ramallah. He is using his position as an MK to inflict harm upon the State of Israel and destroy is from within, as is proven by this case."
27. He should move there
Danny   (04.15.08)
28. Simon - explain this
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (04.15.08)
At what point in Jewish History did the Torah lose its relevance?
29. # 28 from the beginning buddy
Simon ,   TA Israel   (04.15.08)
For me it is a history book that has no relevance whatso ever in a modern world. Some see it as a book of fairy tales others see it a guide of life, but just like eating bread at pessach thats your choice. Did i claim to live by the Torah and its rules? Nope so shove that in your pipe and smoke it!
30. It is about time it became Israeli's,decision which side he
YSL ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.08)
It shouldn't be his decision any more,on which stage he dances.How long more will you allow this traitor to laugh in our faces. Is it because he is a double agent that he gets away with this all this seditious behaviour.
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