Carter: Arafat fought for just causes
Ali Waked
Published: 15.04.08, 18:24
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1. What a moron.
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.15.08)
2. One piece of human trash pays a visit to dumpster...
Arthur ,   SF CA   (04.15.08)
3. american devil
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.15.08)
This creepy ol;d man fooled me in 76' and got my vote .I learned a valuable lesson about not trusting any U.S. politician ever again. Israel's marriage to the U.S.and it's farce peace agenda has been a double edged sword. It seems the cursed edge of this sword has brought much weakening and damage to Israel since Carter up to the present U.S. leader. It is so sad to see Israel putting the U.S. and her agenda above the will of Hashem even after all the evil the U.S. has pushed on them under the lie of a peace that exists only in fantasyland of the delusional fools.
4. Arafat fought for his bank accounts and his billions
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (04.15.08)
JEWS GOTTA STAND UP ,   ..............DACON9   (04.15.08)
6. Arafat fought to make himself rich and is in Hell this very
cantbelieve ,   usa   (04.15.08)
hour, enjoying the fruit of his labor. He misused the poor people who looked up to him and used them for personal gain by stealing money given to help them. He used the money on Himself and to keep himself in power. Jimmy I remember you being president... I would keep quite because your deeds will always speech louder than your words. You are still a loser...just like arafart.
7. Hahaha
Ze'ev ,   Haifa, Eretz Israel   (04.15.08)
Arafat made billions which the ravens fought to divide later.
8. No surprises here: Carter delivers as expected...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.15.08)
... I hope now that those who met with him in Israel feel now REALLY, REALLY STUPID! The same hands which shook theirs, are now embracing arch terrorists and racist scum. The same foul mouth who uttered lies nd slur now praise bloodthirst and genocide. Pity he was allowed to enter Israel in the first place without a public apology for the rabidly anti-semitic piece of garbage he wrote some time ago. Carter is a stain on the American conscience, and just like Clinton - an abberation to a lineage of presidents which fought for freedom and human values.
9. A real nutcase. Stick to peanuts, Mr. Carter.
Miriam ,   Israel   (04.15.08)
Peanut farmers ain't politicians.
10. #3 Carter has not even praised Ben-Gurion
observer   (04.15.08)
will he curse Ben-Gurion when he curses Arafat ?
11. #1
David ,   Jerusalem   (04.15.08)
You said it precisley!
12. Peanut Brain
Juan ,   Spain   (04.15.08)
I felt physically sick reading this report. He is a foolish traitor.
13. I hope this 5h!+ never steps foot in the Holy Land again:
Real Israel   (04.15.08)
he should be declared as persona-non-gratis from this day on.
14. Leftist Haaretz editorial today praises Carter
sw   (04.15.08)
15. carter
sas ,   israel   (04.15.08)
we all know how he feels about the jews n isreal - he can go to ................
16. insulting pre.president won't give honor or change the fact
George Saliba ,   Canada   (04.15.08)
The majority of American president become more pro Arab cause when they leave office. This well known fact and show how much the Jewish lobby is holding the robe around their neck while they are in active politic. Carter is free from that heavy Jewish burden so he can tell or act freely to the side of the truth, the real truth seen by previous president who knew the real American Jewish” chantage “and conspiracy while he was in presidency. Jew already forgot what help he gave Israel while he was is office now he is the anti-Semitic in the black list.
17. finally
edward ,   las vegas   (04.15.08)
someone finally has the courage to open a dialogue with the palestinians. if you want to see a true "man of peace", look no further than president carter. egypt is looking for a terror cell right now because of this great american peace making hero
18. Carter is not as smart as his peanuts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.15.08)
The Egyptian murdered US diplomates and stole from everybody and this moron praises him. Enough said already Carter is a nobody of his own making
USAUSAUSA   (04.15.08)
YOu are a beautiful soul. STAY STRONG .
20. to #17: "great man of peace...."?
miri ,   yavne   (04.15.08)
what planet are you living on?
21. Carter: a foolish king (president)
K. M. ,   Odenton, USA   (04.15.08)
Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished. Ecclesiastes 4:13
22. causes
colin   (04.15.08)
Carter has again proven to be the sincerest anti semite in the world.The only other just causes that arafat advanced was the killing of Jews.He was backed by the criminal carter.
23. right wing = stoopid
Bob ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.15.08)
I know your fear controls your life, but boo hoo for you. Obama or Clinton is going to be the next president and lucky for all of us that your messianic solutions have fooled enough people for enough time now - and enough is enough.
24. Carter and Arafat - peas in a pod
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.15.08)
America's one time leader now travels the world sucking up to every dictator and thug in sight. He was an utter failure as President, and is widely regarded as an embarrassment as ex-President. All his earlier talk about human rights goes out the window when it comes to the likes of Arafat, Assad, Mugabe and Qadaffi. He is a moral disgrace.
25. Arafat stole more from the Arabs than anyone else
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.15.08)
Amazing how anyone who praise this guy? I take pride in my photo of me strangling the statue of Arafat in London. Its one of my favorite photos. That terrorist did nothing for anyone except his cronies and wife who was probably artificially inseminated, since Arafat died of AIDs. Carter is such an embarrassment.
26. #19, Carter was horrible, thank goodness for Reagan
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.15.08)
We are still living with the hell Carter created in Iran. The effects of out of control inflation were during his administration also. He forced a peace agreement on Israel and never followed up with the fact Egypt doesnt keep to the agreement and we have given them over $30 billion for a lie? No to mention the terrorists that came from Egypt that struck USA on 911. Way to go with supporting someone who in a small way was responsible for 911. There are many others to blame also, in both parties, but Carter was and is a fool and a danger to the US.
27. How dare he...
Jacob ,   UK   (04.15.08)
How can Carter say that a murderer and terrorist like Arafat fought for just causes? What just causes were these? Killing innocent people and responsible for the deaths of many more is not what I call 'just causes'. When Arafat died the so-called Palestinian cause died with him and people like Mashaal will soon be joining him.
28. #19 hahahahah, would you like to buy a bridge in Gaza?
rachel ,   usa   (04.15.08)
29. Why does the press pay attention to senile peanut farmer?
Roberto carlos ,   Brazil   (04.15.08)
If he got no coverage his stupid forays into other people's business would have no significance. The world knows he "hates" Israel because he is an ambassador to Saudi oil money. Saudis pay him millions to bash Israel because he has the "reputation" of being a "good man". He is a KKK member in Georgia.
30. Why is Hamas' Deputy PM in Ramallah?
Cynic ,   USA   (04.15.08)
Just proof that the civil war in Gaza was bogus. The PA and Hamas are one in the same whose goal is to destroy Israel.
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