UN calls for disarming Hizbullah and solution to Israel-Lebanon conflict
Associated Press
Published: 16.04.08, 07:58
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1. Regardless to the fact
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.16.08)
that they will never disarm, the UN will be condemning Israel the moment it replies to Hisballah's attacks.
2. UN expressed concern - ooh grandma, what big teeth u have
pity, big bad wolf ,   is a lamb   (04.16.08)
3. and where is the teeth to implement this resolution
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (04.16.08)
If folks think that these radical groups are going to willingly comply then they have another think coming. these groupes have no interest in cooperating....and probably hid most of thier cache of weapons already.
4. UN disarm Hezbullah !!!!
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (04.16.08)
That will be the day !
5. Disgusting hypocrites! Not worth the effort to type this art
Helen   (04.16.08)
6. UN, please dont offend Hezbollah's Ambassador-Carter
KMR ,   Overseas   (04.16.08)
7. disarm yes when israel disapper
hizbollah supporter ,   sydney,australia   (04.16.08)
i am sure 100% that no one in the world can disarm hizbollah only one thing which is israel must desapear.
8. Inference of the last war in Lebanon.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.16.08)
Following the last war in Lebanon, Israel will have to draw certain major lessons to ensure its long-term strategic survival. What is needed now, immediately and urgently, are thoughtful and coherent guidelines concerning national defense, deterrence, targeting and even preemption (anticipatory self-defense). It is no longer adequate for Israel (more or less capably) to merely stumble from one war to the next without an appropriate “master plan” for direction. Armed with such a framework of expanded conceptual understanding, the Jewish state could quickly begin to deduce pertinent tactics and policy options to match particular situations and crises. In the near-term, of course, the need of both nuclear war avoidance and counter-WMD terrorism. The war against Hizbullah does not concern Israel only, as explained at:
10. To 7 - you are not a real Australian!!
Aussie Larikin ,   Wagga   (04.16.08)
Although you now live there after running from your war-torn land of origin; Lebanon. Unfortunately, Sydney has been inundated by hundreds of thousands of your type of cretins and leeches - taking with you your hatred. Australia WAS the lucky country before your type invaded us. Real Australians know the difference between good and bad. Israel will never disappear. The UN are not blind, albeit lame. But at least they are working towards getting it right. DOWN DOWN HIZBULLAH/TERRORISM!!!
11. Y waste time w/resolutions just wipe him off the map!
12.  Preparation for Disarming Hizbullah...
Mike Reising ,   Berkeley, CA. USA   (04.16.08)
Five things to do immediately. Count, plan to counter and destroy SAM sites, and not just in Lebenon, in any place that can reach IAF bases. IAF needs to go over all information they know about evading SAM sites (I read that the IAF has some tactics to evaid SAMs). Anyone, like Canada in 2006, who wants to get out, do it now. Give out gas-masks, supplies, etcetera, now, for all Israelis, and check that all have underground bunkers ready. And sadly, once that's done, be prepared to do the "unthinkable" if Israelis and the IAF starts taking hits, remembering that 1 Jew = 1,000HizbullahiraniantanzimalaskambhamasalqudplfpmartersalqaidaEtAlins!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.16.08)
Israel will follow two stage strategy against IRAN Israel is afraid of Hizbullah and its capacity, therefore before attacking IRAN 1. Israel will attack Lebonan and try to pacify Hizbullah before attacking Iran, if Israel can "deter" or even partialy pacify Hizbullah very next day 2. Israel will attack IRAN Israel thinks attacking first IRAN will expose zionist entity to both but if Israel somehow start handling with Hizbullah it could be more sucessfull. US deployment was to intimidate Iran in Iran's backlash but it will not work. Israel will be in fire, US will collapse faster, a chain of revolutions all US and Israel unfriendly will break up all over the world (due to increas and shock food prices) especially in Egypt, Jordan and otherm muslim countries. Iran will sell its oil 4 times more dear and will surive, in fact Iran even may offer 10 billion USD for a good Israeli strike on IRan as Iran will gain 100rds of billions in a short time. You sail against a strom!!!
14. Yes, I agree disarm the fat Nasrallah, then after
Talula ,   Israel   (04.16.08)
take him to pieces, bit by bit. He's a big fat loser who should not be sharing the planet with anyone. Send him to meet his son already,
15. tayfun - u got good drugs!
16. disarming Hizbulla
ZD ,   USA   (04.16.08)
I call on th UN to disarm Israel
18. hehehe allways fun with those UN guys ;)
female ,   TA   (04.16.08)
19. #17
Ram ,   London   (04.16.08)
Yes you are right! Israel cannot disarm Gaza or Hizbullah. But you know what? It can wipe them out. One day your brothers will push Israel to the edge of its patience and you can say goodbye to all of them!
20. #9, Ram is 100% correct.
Real Israel   (04.16.08)
We are close to the end of our tether. We’ve had the ability to make 'national parks' out of Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and other backward places for ages. We haven't, and hope we don’t have to. But if 'push' continues to approach 'shove' . . . .
21. To Nbr 7 Hizbullah supporter.
Hiram ,   Sfat-Ismailia   (04.16.08)
Dear Nbr 7 Hizbullah supporter. It is really interesting to see how " immigrants" to Australia like yourself are supporting Hizbullah . Instead of becoming a real supporter by sharing the difficulties with your idols, you have chosen the comfort of Australia which , if I recall, lives a pleasant life totally in disrespect of Islamic laws ! You have guts ! .... Now let me tell you this : Hizbullah is a criminal organisation which has widely contributed to distorting Islamic values in addition to promoting anti-semitism and obscurantism. If you are in favor of obscurantism, total eradication of civil liberties, traditional corruption like that existing in Iran and Lebanon, why don't you get your ass overhere, take arms, join that militia of yours and fight for a change ? Those who speak in the name of God do violate Islam, Judaism, Christianity and other similar religions or philosophy. Understanding all of this indeed requires a level of education which you may not be yet familiar with- which is understandable- but with a bit of courage , you could become a good fighter....and at least ATTEMPT to eradicate Israel ! Others have tried before you..they have all failed ! May be it is time for people like you to realize that untill your leaders change for full democracy, the only way out for Islamist groups and militia is that of mediocrity like demonstrated in the entire middle east on a daily basis ! But finally , are you really worth anything else when you escape far away from the real problems ?
22. #12 - Your comments...
Laurence ,   Santa Ana, CA USA   (04.16.08)
...are likely to have you run out on a rail by your community. Be careful, Berkeley leftists won't tolerate anyone disenting from their party line: Israel = Apartheid, Arabs = victims, USA = Evil.
23. #17 - Put down the crack pipe.
Laurence ,   Santa Ana, CA uSA   (04.16.08)
In 60 years, Israel has accomplished more, contributed more and achieved more than all arab countries combined in their entire existence. Talk about failure - you clowns wrote the book. Pity, you can't read though.
24. To #17
Sal ,   US   (04.16.08)
Israel can not disarm all jihadist suicidal murders because they don't let them. EU, Russia, syria, China, Iran, Carter,crying Lebanes president, etc.. otherwise they will be death meat by now.
25. To 17, A country of Failures?
Jewish American ,   USA   (04.16.08)
If Israel is a country of failures how many Nobel Prizes have Israeli's won since 1948? The answer, 4. Since you probably do not like Jews either, how many Jews have won the prize since 1901? The answer 165. Now, how many Palis have won the Nobel prize since 1901? A whopping total of 6. And one was a joke (Arafat's award). There are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and just barely 12 million Jews. Enough said. So next time you think a country is a failure, look at what is around it.
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