Gaza on verge of eruption
Alex Fishman
Published: 16.04.08, 10:03
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1. if a boil is about to erupt
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.16.08)
you lance it. like they say, "power to the people".
2. Let them go to hell!!
Moshe   (04.16.08)
3. Hamas will not go quietly ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.16.08)
They've been trying to create a crisis of some kind on several occasions. So far, all these attempts have been relatively unsuccessful. The usual crowd of useful idiots revved up the propaganda machine with the usual chorus of "humanitarian" concerns but it fell kind of flat. But, Hamas will not give up - any "resistance" resonates in the Arab world. No matter how senseless, futile, self-defeating, & usually baseless, the Arabs eat it up. Hamas has an audience & like the good entertainers they are, they play to their audience. They are, of course, aiming for control of the West Bank. Abbas & his Fatah crooks have little support no matter how much money they distribute. The unfortunate fact is that Palestinian (& more generally, Arab) politics can only win public support by being more intransigeant, more radical, more anti-Israel - moderation & compromise only cause a loss of support. This is the major asset of Hamas. It is also why peace is an unrealistic option.
4. so we know...let's lock down the borders!
Ami Israel   (04.16.08)
Gaza is their problem not ours. What's most interesting is the Egyptian brotherly reaction towards their fellow Moslem brothers in Gaza.
5. Gaza should implode and die
Millie ,   Israel   (04.16.08)
6. prediction
Matthew   (04.16.08)
I might be crazy, but I think this is all smoke and mirrors. How about this lovely scenerio... We know that Hezbollah has twice as many missiles, with much longer ranges, than it did before. Egypt is quietly amassing a large military presence in the Sinai, with Israel's okay, so that it can "keep an eye on Gaza". Syria has an enourmous armament, complete with chemical weapons. Based on its support of Hezbollah and the fact that it got caught trying to produce nuclear weapons we can safely assumes that it is up to know good. Iran has missiles capable of reaching Israel and, well, is Iran, enough said. Hamas is much closer to the PA than you might think. Notice the presence of the Hamas deputy minister in Ramallah meeting with fruitcake carter yesterday. Also, the people in Gaza are at the breaking point: they are ready to do something crazy. Finally, Israel has the most incompetant leadership that anyone could possible imagine. They have no stomach for defense, let along an offensive military campaign. Connect the dots: Hezbollah and Hamas launch massive, cooridinated rocket and missile attacks against Israel. Waves of suicide bombers infiltrate Israel (thanks to the lack of road blocks and the settlers having their weapons taken away). Half a million Gazans pour across the border into Israel, where the IDF is really incapable of handling them do to international outrage at the "civilian" casualities. The moment it looks like Israel on the ropes, diplomatically even more than military, Syria adds its rockets to the barrage, and makes a thrust at the Golan with its many armored division. Iran may even lob some rockets at Tel-Aviv. Egypt makes a sprint across the border and thru the Negev, cutting the south off from the north and then turns to gobble up Eilat, which it has wanted for decades. The IDF, though the finest fighting force in the world, is paralyzed because of the immense ignorance of Israel's leadership. The international community is outraged by the "civilian" casualties among the Gazans, and in order to halt it the Unied Nations steps in, with America's blessing (especially with Obama or Hillary in the White House--and also because OPEC freezes the oil supply to the US and cripples what is left of our economy) and forces a one State solution on Israel in order to regain peace. Millions of Arabs flood Israel, which causes a masss exodus of Jews, and Palestine is achieved. Sound crazy? I sure hope so. But if e ahve to depend on Olmert and company to stop it I am terrified.
7. Hamas wanted to return Gaza to the 6th century
redmike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (04.16.08)
Hamas are barbarians and they have returned the strip to the 6th century. They burn books and internet cafes and who knows what they do to homosexuals are other minorities. Honor killing is approved of etc etc. Gazans voted for them and must now overthrow them - if they want to?! Mike
8. Hamas has no solution ......
Hiram ,   Sfat-Ismailia   (04.16.08)
...simply because hamas is an Islamic organisation. Short of imposing terror and privation of civil liberties like this is currently done in Iran, AND EVERYTIME THINGS ARE DONE IN "GOD"S NAME", there are no possible solutions to any type of crisis. Hamas has not yet understood that Palestinian want to LIVE and not be systematically submitted to the intellectual dictatorship or war lords, militia, and " religious gurus" whose level of education is not compatible with the creation and development of an emerging nation ! As long as some "locations" will be run by religious gurus of all kind and trends, there will be poverty, no education, unhappy people ...Just look around the Middle-East .....and this for the same reason : Islam is not compatible with Democracy !
9. I Say Send In Jimmy Carter Lock Him In And Don't Let Him Out
David ,   Marietta USA   (04.16.08)
He will be happy, his new dear friends will be happy, the UN will be happy, I suspect Israel will be VERY happy (do the Camp David thing again, lock the combatants in a room, and don't let 'em out till there is a treaty, which is to say, not for a long, long while), Egypt will be happy (they won't have to deal with him), the US will be happy (WE won't have to deal with him). This is a completely no lose proposition! And he might even win himself another Nobel (if he lives). And if things go south, there is always Jesse Jackson out there to negotiate the release of our illustrious president.
10. Gaza erupting
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (04.16.08)
Well lets hope they do erupt on the Egyptian side because if the "Gypies" mow them down the world will not say a word but if it's Israel protecting itself.....
11. Hamas Is History
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (04.16.08)
I guess nobody has told Hamas that it is history. The question really is will Gaza implode from within or will Hamas do something really dumb and Israel will destroy them? Either way, it's just a matter of time.
12. Ashamed
Your Mama ,   USA   (04.16.08)
I feel ashamed for you because you stated that you are from USA and you talked so badly for your own former president. You better off just move back to your hell country Israel!!!!
13. Good riddance
Zion   (04.16.08)
14. Let Egypt have it...
Matan ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.08)
Let it self destruct entirely and/or have a problem with Egypt, then let Egypt move in and deal with it (and annex it) and then we're done with the issue of having two separate entities to deal with. The West Bank turns into 'Palestine' and holy shit (not like any of us thought it would ever happen) but maybe Bush can then claim that somehow he was responsible for peace in the Middle East...let Hamas have their 72 @$^W raisins as they rot in hell.
15. ........
mother ,   ......   (04.17.08)
yesterday .while iwas watching the tv with mydaughter . the mother in the interance of the hospitaltold the jurnalist that she came to aske about her son naser he was 17 years and she wasquiet as my daughter described her and my daughter said as if the mother acostomed the situation .. i said no .still she had hope. infront of the dead body of her son .she burst on crying she never blamed hamass .. it is the truth.about gazans themothers and not the mothers ,, it is the truth that the israilitis andmanyarableaders want to escape
16. Hamas
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (04.20.08)
Well, hell mend Hamas. They asked for it and they GOT IT! I have not one iota of sympathy for those savages. They are getting what's coming to them fast and furious. AMEN!!!
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