'Gaza violence similar to uprising in Warsaw ghetto,' says Hamas official
Published: 17.04.08, 12:23
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31. The Jewish suicide bomber and the German restaurant
Hanan ,   Ottawa, Canada   (04.17.08)
Even after the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the Holocaust, no Jew ever blew himself up in a German restaurant killing German civilians. Don't ever think you can compare Jews to yourself Zahar!
32. Plagiarism again! First it is the Torah....
Boblybo Gilobob ,   USA   (04.17.08)
They rewrite and call quran. Then it is the Temple Mt. they call rewrite and call Haram esh-Sharif. The it's Jerusalem, named over 700 times in the bible, they call it al-quds, it is not in the quran once. Then it is the Jewish narrative, a Nation with ancient historical (and G-d given) rights to the land. Now, we have the Palestinian narrative circa 1964, the invention of an ancient people, the Palestinians (there is no P in arabic, it is a Roman name) complete with a right of return. Just like the Jews! Now we have a new one, the Warsaw ghetto! Gaza! Were millions of Gazans were hearded and punished and what next? gased? These people are obsessed with stealing from the Jews everything!
33. I have suggestion: let the holy Books alone and let get
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (04.17.08)
This is big U turn, and still not working.I am refering to feedbaker who feed the decision maker. We suppose to talk positive. How about a half turn from every one and get to work and action, get thing peacful and quiet for the people of the region. Suggestion: the last year configuration where the Palestinian get them self togother for a straight walk and the same for the Israeli and the rest of the word say good luck and send it benediction. this is making every one sik, crazy, out of reality for an unkown dream. Live your life and cooperate in good faith with real action. Good luck
34. Hamass resistance = destroy all food and petrol sources
Jay3 ,   Israel   (04.17.08)
Then they can blame Israel while thinking everyone is stupid and will believe it. The public wont fall for it this time! The era of Pallywood is nearly over.
35. Doesnt their army do the goosestep?
jay3 ,   Israel   (04.17.08)
Ive seen many videos of the different Palastinian terrorist groups, marching in formation down the street, doing the goosestep. Wasnt the Muftah of Jerusalem a good friend of Hitlers? Didnt Abass write a book denying the holocaust? Isnt Gazza bordered by Egypt too? Ive never seen a bigger pack of liars in my life, Amazing.
36. Wet kisses...
Max Merbaum   (04.17.08)
They seem to have big wet kisses for the Holocaust they claim at their convenience to have never occurred.
37. And who should be likened to GrossMufti Amin al Husseini?
Jake   (04.17.08)
38. Maybe he wants israel to exterminate
Gaza just like the ,   Germans did Ghetto   (04.17.08)
39. Right - because Jews....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.17.08)
blew themselves up all over Germany under the Nazis. It would be funny if so many people didn't buy all of this Palestinian bullshit.
40. good suggestion!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.17.08)
and israel should flatten every square inch of gaza, the way the germans flattened the warsaw ghetto, and then go over what's left with flamethrowers? although israel isn't likely to take his advice, it would certainly put fewer israeli soldiers' lives at risk. and it would be entirely in keeping with the international laws on warfare, since hamas has declared its intention of destroying israel, and has committed many, many war crimes against israeli civilians. (10 more qassms just today.) surely hamas deserves no better treatment than what they are trying to do to israel!
41. Where is your concious ?
Ali ,   Gaza   (04.17.08)
I always wander and ask my self; how an Israeli with live concious can sleep his overnight with no nightmare, feeling guilty about the great syfferung you caused to the poor palestinian people ????!!!!!.. Since the early last century, killing and conspiracies, then you erected your country on the ruins and wreckage of our cities and villages, caused the palestinian generaton live a miserable life in refugees camps. and this was not all the story you followed them by your boms and rockets, thousands of victims .thousans in jails, for one Shalite you cry 24 hrs !!how about 12000 pals shalite in your jail ?? are they all have blood in hands ?? what about the israelies with blood in hands ? you blame Zahar after killing his two kids ??
42. Deuteronomy 30:7
Daniel Ben Adam ,   SF USA   (04.17.08)
And I will put these curses on your enemies who hate you
43. Ali[41] looks who talking!
Leah   (04.17.08)
Your whole post is a classic example of that saying "you can dish it out but can't take it". I have often wondered how the average Palestinian like you sleeps at night knowing full well those heroic *resistance* fighters as your leaders put it have bombed icecream parlors full of little children and their mothers and grandmas, blew up buses full of innocent people going to work,shot to death at point blank range kids studying in the library at their school,and machine gunned pregnant mothers and their little daughters all because they were Jews. It's very ironic your whole post was an obvious attempt to induce guilt into Israelis here reading it, yet after each terrorist action against Israeli civilians the terrorists your people support proudly claim responsibility for their henious crimes,they even boast about them like they have done some wonderful thing! And the majority of your own people not only do not condemn,but even support them and that's according to your own polls! Some of the terrorist crimes Palestinians have committed against Israelis especially Jewish children are some of the most cruel murders I have ever heard of in my life. And the terrorists are still trying to murder innocent Israelis every single day by firing dozens of rockets into Israel just today the Israeli soldiers stopped another gang of terrorists from infiltrating into Israel to commit a terrorist attack. I am sorry Ali, but the Palestinians are the very last group of people that should be lecturing any nation about their morality including Israel and America.
44. Al Zahar is the missing link
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.17.08)
between human and animal. Leaning on the animal side, of course. Just take a look at his face.
45. Ali #41, consider yourself lucky
Jake   (04.17.08)
after all that your people have done and all the conflictrs they have initiated in the pursuit of the destruction of Israel. Let's not forget that in 1948 the Egyptian army and their "Palestinian" Arab collaborators were stopped in their scorched-earth march northward only at Ashdod, ready to invade and annihilate Tel Aviv. Israel disengaged from Gaza and pulled out 10,000 Jews, and even that you managed to screw up. It is yourself you should blame for your own misfortunes, and Israel you should thank profusely for excercising uncanny and self-defeating mercy and restraint when dealing with Hamas terror, instead of giving these vermines exactly what they deserve.
46. #41, Jews were ethnically cleansed from Gaza
Jake   (04.17.08)
by Arabs long before Israel was founded as a state for the Jewish people. Recently, Jews were ethnically cleansed from Gaza by other Jews, and this was still not good enough for you. This is because you will only be satisfied when all Jews are either expelled or killed.
47. yeah, sure. do you know more jokes...?
uli ,   jerusalem   (04.18.08)
48. be careful what you wish for, al-zahar,
israeli ,   israel   (04.18.08)
for your wishes might come true. Just check what exactly happened to the Warsaw ghetto.
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