Carter: Gaza residents 'starving to death'
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Published: 18.04.08, 00:27
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1. Once an Antisemite Always An Antisemite
Adina Kutnicki   (04.18.08)
If only his plane develops engine trouble, what a blessing that would be!!
AMERICAN ,   USA   (04.18.08)
STAY STRONG Mr, Carter. you are a great man. the jews will attack you, call you names as usual but you are doing the HOLY thing. the GOOD thing. the unprejudiced thing. STAY strong.
3. Carter is right
Daniel ,   Belgium   (04.18.08)
Why they do not understand the political elite in Israel, that his intervention is positive, dont forget that peace with Egypt was achieved by Carters work. He is a friend of Israel
4. obama & carter
Barbara ,   Long Beach USA   (04.18.08)
carter is doing obama's bidding, in my opinion... one week prior to his departure to mideast carter has publically stated that his entire family supports obama... one week later he's meeting with hamas and is spewing obam's diplomatic rheteric on meeting with us enemies- we shoul;d not be afraid to talk to our enemies - per obama. recently, carter said the ssme thing... the timing and similarity is too weird... Gov.Richardson after endorsing obama is now in south america meeting with gorrilla terrorists ... what is the reason why a Governor of New Mexico goes now to south america - one week after support of obama.... obama is behind these meetings.
5. fine...let him whine about gaza
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (04.18.08)
but does he care that lots of other people suffer much worse than gazans? no...he only cares about arabs, because the enemies of arabs are JOOOOOS.
6. Carter is an anti-Semite
Carter=trash ,   USA   (04.18.08)
He is a nobody any longer. He was the worst president in the US history.
7. What do you expect from the man who gave away Panama Canal?
Roger ,   USA   (04.18.08)
8. HAMAS BROUGHT starving to death ON THEM SELFS
sol ,   NYC   (04.18.08)
9. to Carter
gamba & pilpel   (04.18.08)
it should be at least 100 dead palis for 1 dead israeli to be fair. at least! too bad our leader is complete moron with his head far up his arse! i'm kinda embarassed to be an israeli with the current condition in israel. deeply embarassed. where is the 'cahones' israel once had... where.
10. This guy is nothing but a propagandist for the Arabs
Cynic ,   USA   (04.18.08)
He covers up the fact that his arab friends(Saudi Arabia, UAE,etc) give the Carter Center millions of dollars. Yet they won't give a penny to the "starving" Palis.
11. And that's because....
FreakShowCarter ,   USA   (04.18.08)
they keep lobbing rockets into Israel maybe?
12. Inflammatory comments
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (04.18.08)
Crime? Atrocity? Is Carter trying to incite Palestinians toward further attacks on Israelis? He needs to go home NOW.
13. Carter is Anti-Semite King
Shaka   (04.18.08)
Carter wants Jews to die proportionally to Arabs in Gaza in fact he thinks the world should lift the seige in Gaza so that Hamas who is trying to destroy Israel can get the more sophisticated Weaponery so that the poor Arabs could finally reach their goal of the Destruction of Israel. Carter is in the pockets of the Arabs, Hates the Jews/Israelis and Uses his former title of President to legitimize the Hamas Cause of Destroying Israel. While Obama talks the talk he is the same as Carter but cannot say so while in a political race. Obama and Carter could go live in Gaza with their poor helpless twisted Arab Anti-Semites.
14. Starving to death?
Brod ,   USA   (04.18.08)
How come they have plenty of money to buy weapons and rockets? To the Islamist-Jihadists, stocking up on weapons is more important than feeding, educating and providing employment for their people. And these are the kind of people that Carter seems to enjoy wallowing with.
15. Hey Carter, I support disproportionate response
USA   (04.18.08)
That's how you win wars. You're living happily off the results of 'disproportionate response,' you ungrateful terrorist supporter.
Joel ,   Canada   (04.18.08)
Former US President Jimmy Carter called the blockade of Gaza a crime and an atrocity, by doing this he has again proved to the moderate world that he supports terror and is looking to once again be in the spot light attracting attention at the innocent publics expense! Mr. Jimmy Carter has exposed himself to actually being a spy looking to gain information on those same terrorists that he supports, it is an old trick to say " you terrorists are innocent" thus gaining their trust and support allowing him to spy on them with such ease, it works every time. Now Mr. Jimmy Carter has put himself on the list of spies to be kidnapped by Osama and or Nasrallah, so don't be surprised if he is next as others were kidnapped in the past by terrorists. he may go like Klinghoffer or be taken down by his own palestinian henchmen that he so foolishly praises. All who do not live in denial know that radical Arabs can and should not be trusted. Jimmy you are an idiot lol!
17. He is just an anti-Semite
Elias ,   UK   (04.18.08)
18. Which Carter is the real one?
ariel   (04.18.08)
Did he just said that bombing Sderot was an atrocious crime? He kept his real thoughts to a more opportune moment. Now it's time to show his real "inner child"! And Olmert agreed to meet him and shake his hand? Ugh....
19. If they're so hungry how come they have strength to fight?
Hanan ,   Ottawa, Canada   (04.18.08)
20. Carter
Stan ,   Sydney, Australia   (04.18.08)
Thank goodness this peanut farmer wasn't president during WWII. We would have all been speaking German or Japanese by now -- if we were allowed to live!
21. Of course more Palestinians get killed. They are to blame
Melanie ,   Australia   (04.18.08)
More Palestinians are getting killed because your average Israeli doesn't stand around firing rockets into Gaza. If Palestinians stopped firing, they wouldn't be killed.
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (04.18.08)
And if they have plenty of weapons, and don't have enough food, their priorities are all wrong, if so, let them eat their weapons and feed them to their civilians. They in Gaza have enough hatred to feed a continent, let them eat that too. If they want food and fuel from Israel, let them stop their agression against Israel.
23. Pathetic
Roman ,   Lod   (04.18.08)
Mr. Carter, there are people in Egypt who enjoy less calories a day than the average besieged Gazan - in case you haven't noticed (and you haven't), Egypt has a very large and very poor population. People died at bread lines there, Jimmy, because no Egyptian enjoys so much international aid as a Palestinian - no special UN agency and hordes of NGOs to help. You are blinded by your own idealism, Jimmy Carter. It is only a mercy that you can do no more harm. And to those who claim that Carter brought us peace - he didn't. Sadat and Begin brought us peace. Carter was quite secondary, a moneybag to replace the Soviet moneybag and thus assure Sadat of continued Egyptian regional might. He didn't do squat for the diplomatic discussions between Egypt and Israel, and was at most the man who happened to be the US president at the time when Egypt and Israel had decided to end the conflict.
24. the power of peanut-brain thinking
25. this anti semite list the plot years ago
zionist forever   (04.18.08)
I feel very sorry for you for loosing your relative but look at it this way 30-40 brave palestians lost their lives to make it possible for you to loose your relative. If the man is so concerned about gettng food to the palestians as he is in Egypt why doesnt he tell mubarak to open the Raffah Crossing and send in food via the Egyptian border Terrorists are not trying to kill Egyptians but they are trying to kill Israelis so Egypt can justify becoming the humanitarian. Carter isnt considered the best president at home so he wants instead to be remebered as the terrorists best friend.
26. What would Peanut Brain do if rockets were fired at him?
Elly ,   Vienna, Austria   (04.18.08)
What would Peanut Brain do if rockets were fired at him? He is a senile Antisemite.
27. Starving and Carter
alerob ,   dallas, texas   (04.18.08)
Gee, I didn't realize Gaza was surrounded by Israel on all four sides. Who would of thunk it. I guess Carter just can't seem to blame Egypt for any of this. Maybe I am wrong, can anyone clear me up on this geographical oddity?
28. I am Amazed at the israeli Mind
Ahmed ,   London   (04.18.08)
Moderators - please dont block my comment, as usual. It seems that the more valid, logical and polite my comment, the more chance it has of being rejected. why would you be so afraid of people reading my comments if you are so convinced of the legitimacy of your cause? I am truly amazed. More so everyday, at the mind of an israeli. The world clearly knows now the nature of israel, and everybody in it. Everyday, i feel that theres nothing more israel can do to surpass itself, but im always wrong.. but to get to the point where an american president has been called an anti semite and a terrorist by every single commentator says a lot.. and it does you a lot of harm.. we all know about the "terrorists" you murder everyday in gaza. Funny how Mr regev comes on tv everyday to say how israel is targetting terrorists in response to attacks on its civilians. its even more funny that everytime he comes out to make such a comment, an israeli soldier has been killed, with 30 civilians and children killed in palestine. Theres telling lies and then theres comedy.. everyday, ever since my mind opened up to politics, its the same story... i know its a lie, you know its a lie.. and now an american president, an AMERICAN PRESIDENT, is a terrorist because he didnt lie on your behalf. he didnt repeat the lie that israel is defending itself. so if that makes him a terrorist, then it tells the world a hell of a lot about your definition of a terrorist, before you kill 120 of them in gaza. im tired of making angry comments, just i know that i dont need to be angry.. the universe has a way of bringing balance, bringing justice.. one way or another, sooner or later, in one shape or another, justice will come... it just will.. i feel more sorry for the israelis than i do for the palestinians... because a palestinian may sleep on the floor, he may sleep in the rubble outside what used to be his house, he may sleep with one child less, he may sleep hungry... but you know what, he sleeps... and he sleeps good.. and he sleeps with a clear heart.. your settlers and your soldiers, your politicians and the commentators on this forum may lie down on thick matresses, in nice buildings overlooking green grass watered by diverted palestinians rivers... but he doesnt sleep.. the hatred in your voices, in your words, in your spelling... i can smell it through my screen... its the rotten stench of guilt.. its the rotten stench of a liar, of a murderer who knows theres something wrong.. I look forward to your responses... yea yea bin laden, yea yea terrorism... bin laden, saddam, mubarak, the saudis, all of them.. only came to being through the help of the americans, and indirectly israel.. we hate them more than you do.. its a shame the general public is confused and falls for your propaganda that tries to make hamas and hezbollah seem like an extension of alqaeda, the devil that hurts us more than it hurts you.. but there are enough of us who know, and who understand.. our fighters will fight, and our children will die, and our houses will fall... but we will sleep in a comfort that you cannot ever dream of... and that day will come, believe me FAR sooner than you imagine, that you will be humbled out of your arrogance and if you cannot speak the truth, then it will be spoken on your behalf.
29. Carter's myopic view
Lenny ,   Berkeley, California   (04.18.08)
Mr Carter, I have a suggestion for you. Pursuade your Hamas buddies to recognize Israel's right to exist, get them to cease their terrorism and get them to retrieve some of the 3 billion dollars that your chum Yasser spirited away . Hamas can then feed, educate, and uplift their bretheren to their heart's content Palestinians to your heart's content. Problem solved QED!
..............DACON9   (04.18.08)
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