Carter meets Hamas chief Mashaal in Syria
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Published: 18.04.08, 23:17
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1. I wish this dimwit would just disappear!
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (04.18.08)
Him and the Clinton's. I've seen all of both of them I ever want to see!
2. historical similarities
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.18.08)
mussolini meets hitler; chamberlain meets hitler;pope meets hitler; carter meets the ayatollah; carter meets idi amin; ford meets hitler; kapos meet oven masters...getting the drift?
3. Don't forget to KISS THE BRIDE !
Zarebin ,   London, UK   (04.18.08)
Don't forget to kiss the bride (Mashaal) Mr. president ! I do not get, how he is trying to legitimize a terrorist group (Hamas) ?!
4. I am totally ashamed of Carter, but for Gilad Shalit's sake,
Lindsey ,   Fort Lee U.S.A.   (04.18.08)
if any good comes out of this meeting for him, then all of this embarrassment will have been suffered happily.
5. Peace at any price???
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (04.18.08)
Jimmy Carter is running around the Middle East yelling “Peace-Peace-Peace” in the belief that he alone is the only person or entity capable of bestowing peace upon all parties. This is a clear and unmistakable indication of insanity. Clearly Jimmy Carter has developed a severe mental illness and upon returning to the United States must be taken into custody and held for mental evaluation. Individual citizens that think they can usher in an era of universal peace amongst parties with disparate goals is clearly suffering delusions of grandeur. When Mao Tse Tung asked President Nixon if peace was all he was interested in, President Nixon, one our greatest if not the greatest Statesman wisely replied “Peace with Justice”. Jimmy Carter has no such deep thought processes and is a danger to the Israeli’s and himself and must be taken into protective mental custody
6. Israel's misplaced faith
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.18.08)
Carter and his antics are just a reflection of Israel's cursed relationship with the U.S. No peace is coming with this failed marriage to the treacherous wife abuser and betrayer. When Israel places ALL her faith in a dubious ally for peace and security as she has done with the cursed Road Map,everything goes from bad to wosre. Drop the U.S. and thgeir failed Road Map and return to Hashem will all your heart.
7. Jimmy's Legacy
Dan ,   USA   (04.18.08)
Jimmy Carter, arguably the worst U.S. President of the 20th century, is vying for the position of the worst ex-U.S. president of the 21st Century. J.C. shows no respect for current U.S. administration and its policy, the ongoing war on terror, and for the multitude of victims and their families who have suffered immensely at the hands of blood thirsty criminals. By legitimatizing Hamas, he is likewise giving credence to their stated ultimate goal, which is the complete destruction of the only western-style liberal democracy in the middle-east. This man is driven by self-promotion and narcissism and perhaps a latent anti-Semitism that his masked by his ostensible anti-Zionism.
stude ham   (04.18.08)
There are no solutions to the hamas demonogerie. and carter lost all his credibility in persia by handing it over so easily to the lunatics now in control of its inhabitants. so peanut brain jimmy... with which side of the toilet paper do you prefer to wipe?
9. Carter ... the Peanut Farmer
Grootkak ,   South Africa   (04.18.08)
Didnt Jimmy Carter have the lowest popularity ranking of all US Presidents ( Lower than Bush and Nixon).. Let him sell peanuts to these monkeys !!!
10. Shameful
Natan   (04.18.08)
talks expected to focus on ways to include the Islamist group in efforts to achieve Palestinian-Israeli peace. Are you for real??????How in the world do you negotiate with people that don't believe in your right to exist???? Carter in it's idiotic, naive way still believes that you can appease those schmocks. Can some one remind this moron that Hamas also believes in killing Americans too. Carter has just given eligitimacy to one of the most vicious, cruel organization in history!!!Shame on you Mr. President. You have disgraced the office of the President of the United States.
11. #3
Jane   (04.18.08)
Because he is a Jew-hater who is getting Arab $$ for his "Carter Center"
12. Jimma = Timmay from Southpark - anyone else see similarity?
13. Syria needs the Lord's favor and assisting in the release of
Rivkah   (04.18.08)
the Israeli soldiers would be helpful. Isaiah 17:1 in the Authorized King James Bible says Damascus will be destroyed. This can be delayed by seeking the Lord's favor. Remember long ago when General Naaman the Syrian won battles against ancient Israel because God favored that one man in Syria the troops called father? Mr. Assad should aspire to be like General Naaman to win God's favor to delay the judgment pronounced on Syria long ago.
14. What hypocrites
Faraz ,   Meldreth, UK   (04.18.08)
What a bunch of pathetic losers all those people are who criticises the one person who is actively seeking to get these soldiers freed. It is far better to negotiate a settlement even with the Devil if it can save lives. But no, these self-righteous hypocrites will sit on their ignoble behinds, crying shame, when their own refusal to act humanely has turned the Middle East into the quagmire that it is today. Well done Jimmy Carter!
15. Faraz - I partially agree with you
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (04.18.08)
Note: I am not agreeing with your name calling at all. We (Jews, Zionists) have plenty of reasons to dislike Jimmy Carter, even before his book. But I would certainly be happy if he produced results, such as freeing Gilad. Let's see the results first.
16. Faraz
Jane   (04.18.08)
OUR refusal to act humanely? OURS? WE do not proudly display blood soaked hands through windows to the cheers of the crowd. WE do not distribute candies upon the death of the enemy. WE do not crush the heads of adolescent boys on hikes. WE do not deliberately kill by sniper fire 10-month old babies in their fathers' arms. WE do not blow up entire families celebrating a holiday. Do not speak to us of humanity. If we did not behave as humanely as we do, there would no longer be a Palestinian issue to contend with.
17. I hope it's not much ado about nothing & that Shalit...
gets home soon. If he has gone for the sake of one of our soldiers to meet with these men then it is worth it. and remember it does take a certain amount of courage...who knows may-be this time unlike with his own American hostages in Iran, Carter will get it right!
18. Carter: Just A Patheic old Man
sandman ,   ann arbor   (04.18.08)
Armed with a long peanuts branch he attacks windmills produced only in his mind and then spews with out any rational cognition. Mr Carter you owe every American Family that lost a family members (like mine) to Hamas mindless terrorist against unarmed cilivans a apology. Your abusive bovine scatological reviews you allow Hamas to use your naive utterances for thier proproganda usages is afront to most Americans . It now can be claimed in fact in down side of your life your legacy is that of a naive patheic old fool unable to see fact from pulp fiction manufacture for you reviews .
19. Farfur Thanks President Carter Too !
GZLives   (04.18.08)
for giving legitimacy to his portrayal of Jews as monkeys and pigs so all Palestinian children can grow up hating Jews.
20. typical answer
observer   (04.18.08)
Q: what if you know that Jimmy Carter is a Jew? A: a self-hating Jew.
21. Mohd. Jimmy bin Carter
NT Atilla ,   Tel Aviv   (04.18.08)
thinks he's a hero when he's a zero This peanut has got no human grace a man without a face
22. #4 Actually Carter is ashamed of you !
23. Hamas peace proporsal
J. Newtongriever ,   pookalocka   (04.19.08)
April 16, 2008 No. 68 From the MEMRI TV Archives: Speeches by Hamas Leaders -Hamas Spokesman in Gaza Ismail Radhwan: President Carter's Visit Reflects Recognition that Hamas Cannot Be Ignored -Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniya Attacks Fatah and Declares: "We Will Never Recognize Israel" -Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar: The Jews Have No Right to the Land of Palestine; The Torah is a Fabrication - Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Al-Zahar Defends "Martyrdom-Seeking Operations" - Leader Khaled Mash'al at a Damascus Mosque: The Nation of Islam Will Sit at the Throne of the World and the West Will Be Full of Remorse When It Is Too Late - Speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council Ahmad Bahr Refers to Jews as "Brothers of Pigs and Apes" - Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan Justifies Suicide Bombings in Buses: Israeli Soldiers Ride Those Buses - Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan: We Will Not Accept a Solution in Which Haifa, Jaffa, and Acre Will Remain Israeli Cities - Fayyadh Al-Akhdhar, a Hamas Leader in Nablus: The Hamas of Car Bombs, - Martyrdom-Seekers, and Qassam Missiles Is the Same Hamas of the Government and Parliament - Muhammad Nazzal, Hamas Political Bureau Member: If Al-Qaeda Wants to Come to Palestine, They Are Welcome - Leader and PA Foreign Minister Attend Rally in Damascus During Which PFLP Representative in Lebanon says: "We, the Palestinian People, are in Favor of Iran Having a Nuclear Bomb" - Palestinian MPs Shout "Jihad Is Our Path" as Hamas Government Wins Confidence Vote - Hamas Leader Isma'il Haniya: No Contradiction between Hamas Participating in the Resistance and in Legislative Council - Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We Will Not Give Up the Resistance; We Will Not Give Up a Single Inch of Palestine; We Will Not Recognize Israel's Right to Exist - Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan: Suicide Operations Help Cancel Palestinian Commitments, Hamas Will Continue to Use These Operations - A Hamas Spokesman: Tel Aviv and Haifa, Like Gaza and Ramallah, Should Be Liberated - Incitement on Hamas TV against President Bush during His Middle East Visit To view this clip, visit
24. #16 Caught Red Handed
gadees ,   vanco.   (04.19.08)
I could also say that you didn't trick some jewish children to engrave their signatures on the Israeli bombs and rockets before launching them across to the Lebanese side.Everybody saw that shameful scene on global media in case you deny it.
25. #15 Robby
gadees ,   vanco.   (04.19.08)
The reasons you reffer to in expressing your dislike of Carter must have stemed from the fact that he had finally realized how foolish he was to think that Israel was truly searching for peace. Wasn't this the same man who handed Egypt to Israel, he was then an angel of peace. So what has happened to this man to deserve all this hate and dislike.If Carter succeeds in reaching an accord between Hamas and Israel, it must be a fair one.
26. America Should be Proud of Carter in light of GW's Failures
Mr. Know-It-All ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (04.19.08)
Given the complete and total failure of GW Bush in anything he has touched, from Iraq, Afghanistan to Mideast Peace, American needs a real man like Carter to step up and do the job that George junior has proven himself incapable. The Leadership shown by Jimmy Carter has been seriously lacking in US foreign policy, which sadly has more resembled a pouting child hiding in their room than any form of international diplomacy. The rightists and war mongers hate diplomacy as their goal is not peace but endless war, and the results of their efforts can be seen by the 5-years of constant violence and failed progress in Iraq, which BTW is looking more and more like Israel’s 40+ occupation of Palestine and Israel’s similarly failed methods and tactics. May God Bless Jimmy Carter and all those seeking peace vs. war!
27. carter
Myron Ernst ,   USA   (04.19.08)
28. # 14 WELL SAID
erik ,   Czech Rep.   (04.19.08)
29. A good read
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (04.19.08)
30. # 16 Jane
Natan   (04.18.08)
Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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