More Palestinian patients being denied entry to Israel
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 21.04.08, 14:16
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Keren ,   Israel-SP   (04.21.08)
PHR didn't notice yet that Gazans are enemies of Israel?They didn't notice yet that gazans send daily roquets into Israel? To ask Israel to treat enemies is at least surreal ,to say the least!
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Turkey   (04.21.08)
3. physicians for human rights
israeli ,   israel   (04.21.08)
are welcome to travel to Gaza and treat the whomever they want in Gazan facilities.
4. Am I recalling correctly
jackie ,   Florida, USA   (04.21.08)
Could anyone please tell me how many Germans requiring medical attention were allowed into the UK during the Second World War? As I recall, only Hess who was somewhat insane flew in.
5. and how many Israelis were treated in the PA?
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.21.08)
1,500 patients from the PA were treated for serious problems in Israel over the last few months (details ). How many patients crossed from Israel to GAza for treatment other than lynching or kidnapping?
6. Real Human Rights abuse
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.21.08)
You should have the courage to denounce and to fight the real fanatics, to defend the real victims of cruelty, perversion and abuse of power as shown at :
7. More anti-Israel spin
Chuck A ,   Franklin USA   (04.21.08)
The Pals say let me into Israel to heal me so that I may better murder you. That all Pals want to murder all Jews is irrelevant to these "physicians". Why don't these concerned doctors set up practice in Gaza to better serve the sick and wounded Pals there?
8. If I recall, there IS a war on
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.21.08)
And we are NOT obligated to provide aid and comfort to the enemy, for any reason!
9. Where did all those millions go?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.21.08)
The hamas terrorists have routinely bragged about the millions in cash they have smuggled across to the terror strip. Perhaps if they used even a fraction of that for the benefit of medical treatment, this issue would be non-existant. But the cost of terrorism is high, and hamas is more than happy to allow its 'citizens' to die and exploit their deaths for PR rather than providing aid and assistance.
10. Health Issue
Jeff ,   Atlanta USA   (04.21.08)
Why does Jimmy Carter not get them flown to USA or go to Egypt for treatment?
11. can't eat the cake...
oded   (04.21.08)
and have it too... the arabs can't continue to rain kasskam on israeli towns and kibottzim, denying them their way of life , and expect that israle will bend over and treat their sick. doesn't work that way. plus, who says it is israel's responsebilty in the first place? let them all go to egypt... they are egyptian citizens afterall anyway.
12. Peace will come when Israel loves its children
USA   (04.21.08)
more than the enemy. People like this group will destroy the Western world. The West cannot defend itself any longer because of sympathy to our enemies who surround themselves with innocents. That never stopped war before and wars were actually won and the winning country was able to give its people peace and a good way of life.
13. Wasn't Hamas voted in by these Palestinians
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (04.21.08)
that now want help from Israel? Go complain to Haniyeh! Lay the blame on his feet where it belongs. We don't need any Palestinian that feels he doesn't have anything to loose committ a suicide attack at an Israeli hospital, as thanks for medical treatment provided. Oh, why aren't your ARAB brothers helping??
14. GUILT TRIPS!!!!!
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.21.08)
The idiocy of it all is that Israel has become responsible for the existence of the people who would destroy it. Would Israelis be welcomed by Moslem run hospitals? Would Israelis be brought to hospitals in Gaza and other institutions administered by our "neighbors"?
15. Lifesaving procedures are denied to law-abiding Americans
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.21.08)
all the time because of financial and insurance complexities. Where are the human rights groups? Are the Palestinians somehow more entitled?
16. Don't Wait on Israel to Treat You
You have hospitals in Gaza for your use. These people voted for Hamas so they should live as if Israel doesn't exist.
17. This is what humane behavior is all about?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.21.08)
Where is the light unto the nations?
18. They made their bed , let them lie in it
rachel ,   usa   (04.21.08)
21. We won't treat those who seek our death! Period!
22. Are you kidding me?
Guy ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.21.08)
Israel has no obligation to treat Palestinians! These people want their own country, well they need to start acting like it and treat their own kind.
23. israel- gaza
jane ,   israel   (04.21.08)
would someone please explain to me why in the world we should let palestinians into israel for medical treatment. didn't they want to be free, seperate, and with their own government? so, bevakasha, you made your bed, now lie in it. gaza is no longer our problem.
24. whose side are they on?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.21.08)
"These deaths clearly illustrate that the Shin Bet, which often uses security concerns as a hollow excuse to deny patients entry into Israel, holds an unwarranted amount of power and needs to be more closely monitored," PHR said in a statement." phr is under the mistaken impression that palestinians have a RIGHT to be treated in israel, even if this puts the lives of israeli patients in jeopardy. where else in the world do people have the right to enter a foreign country and demand to be treated? and where else in the world have such patients brought explosives with them to the hospital? if it were not for the activities of fatah and hamas, who recruited patients for their terrorist "martyrdom operations", the security checks wouldn't have to be so thorough. if phr wishes to lay blame for "needless deaths", they don't need to look to israel - the arabs, and particularly the palestinians, have caused more "needless deaths" both among their own people, and among israelis, than any other people on earth. perhaps it is phr that "needs to be more closely monitored", due to its apparent willingness to put israeli patients at risk, in its hurry to spout the arab propaganda line.
25. Human rights?
Anon ,   anon   (04.21.08)
Why should they be treated in Israel? Let them go to Egypt or Lebanon or Syria or Iran or Saudi Arabia or Morrocco or Libya or Yemen or Jordan... Why on earth would they want to go to their enemy instead of their brother??? Strange!
27. Let the palestinian enemy care for their own
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC, NY, USA   (04.21.08)
As long as we will be at war with islime (forever), let them take care of their own. We foolishly gave the Gaza and much of Yesha. Let them DEMAND that their imbecile government stop attacking Israel, and run a government. VERY IMPORTANTLY, these so-called sick people are often brought into Israel as a Trojan Horse. Empty ambulances filled with explosives, and the usual vile subhuman tactics of this revolting enemy. Cut off ALL assistance and contact with this enemy, including water and electric. In Gaza they chose Hamas, now let them ENJOY their choice. Kahane Chai!
28. They are trying to destroy Israel-let them treat their own
elianna ,   LA   (04.21.08)
29. Stop the scapegoat of Israel .
rachel ,   usa   (04.21.08)
30. Docs and rights
mark ,   canada   (04.21.08)
The docs have a right to say what they are saying, But does anyone outside of Israel, actually have rights to medical care in Israel?? I saw an article asking "how many Israelis were treated in the PA"? Well --- I should be able to answer that, even from the comfort of my chair...... I don't think it is all that simple. If Hamas/and others of that ilk are able to round up gullable people to use as mad bombers, simply because they are scheduled fo further treatment in an Israeli hospital.......... doesn't say much for the patients who are recieving free care from Israel's hospitals. That could easily tell me, a bystander, that that is the end of treatment. With all the money they expend on weaponry to attempt mass murder in Israel, could it not be better spent on aid for their own???? No one has a right to treatment, particularly when evil means are used against caregivers. Treatments, driven by kindness and love are freely given by the Israelis. What are the motives of the Hamas types?????
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