Man strips in protest of bread sale during Passover
Avi Cohen
Published: 22.04.08, 00:50
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1. If it is a Private Space We Can Smoke!
JM ,   Bet Shemesh   (04.21.08)
The anti-smoking laws say smoking is prohibited in public spaces and restaurants an malls are considered public spaces.... if they really are private soaces than the anti-smoking laws are invalid! The courts need to choose: either no smoking or no chaometz
2. "Tiv Taam supermarket chain in the city of Bat Yam"
Secular Jew ,   Israel   (04.21.08)
Wow, doesn't that just read like "the bowels of h_ll". A city full of Jew-haters with a store making blood-money off their passive-aggressive activity. Is there even a single resident there - paid by Israel to come here to live as Jews - who even understands the tradition of unleavened bread? We're not talking about seeking freedom of action, here - chances are, there are plenty there who avoid other Israeli foods just because they weren't served in the Soviet Union. If Israel absolutely needs to give up a strip of land to the Palestinians, look no further. And if we're looking for citizens to exchange for kidnapped soldiers, the stooge TT owners will stand up just fine to torture, because they have no soul.
3. Wow!
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington D.C.   (04.21.08)
This kid should be given a medal and made Prime Minister. One has to appreciate his Chutzpah!
4. I wonder how his protest against the gay parade would look?
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.21.08)
Would he eat pita in the middle of the parade?
5. Well done boy! Seculars twisted the law, not you
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (04.21.08)
6. Now that's funny but dumb.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (04.21.08)
7. Can the sock sue for indecent assault, due to penetration
Alan ,   SA   (04.21.08)
8. You can leave your sock on!!??
Juan ,   Spain   (04.21.08)
LOL Hilarious
9. #8
pork-eater ,   israel   (04.21.08)
there was nothing to put on.
10. Little Shmekel
Naftali Geldfeld ,   New York   (04.21.08)
He didnt have much to cover...hehehe
11. To #1 - Your comment is stupid!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.21.08)
Hametz does't kill. Smoking does and the Torah says "Thou shalt not kill"! Cigarettes killed my wife from lung cancer. Eating bread did not. Live and let live - smoke at home but don't smoke where there are children or others.
12. CHametz during Passover? That's crap!
Texas Matt ,   USA   (04.21.08)
This is exactly why we keep haredi around . to enforce policies pertanning to maintaining a cultural identity. Stop studying and protest more. Gessh yall are only strong when it comes to picking on the weak.
13. #11
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.21.08)
You have to give the Haredi credit. Israel is theoretically a land of "rule of law". The Hametz Judge made a decision against the Knesset's wishes in accordance with her political beliefs. The protestor made beautiful use of his freedom of expression to show the hypocrisy of the Israeli "justice system". Sadly, nothing will come of it except that maybe the police will beat the Haredi guy for "assaulting a police officer".
14. Good for him!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (04.21.08)
Hope somebody caught that on their cell phone camera!! Maybe we'll see it on You Tube soon!
15. Should take Mazuz and judges for mental observation
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.21.08)
This man sounds a bit unstable, but our judicial system is completely out of it's mind.
16. Oh well, he obviously had no place to show off his
"assets". But I wonder what would've became of a woman protesting in the same manner against religious oppression in Bnei Brak. Would she be congratulated for her "healthy chutzpah" over here? I doubt it. So, what became of "live and let live"?
17. #11 Thanks. That needed to be said.
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.21.08)
18. to nr.3
alon frank ,   ramat beth shemesh,I   (04.22.08)
I agree. this man showed the corrupt israeli justice that they're wrong in their rulings. kol hakavod!!!
19. I love it when no-nothings speak
I.N.Cognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (04.22.08)
Law has certain standards. Including in the common law tradition. When a judge passes a decision on the interpretation of certain laws, she must take cognizance of the wording of the law itself, of the legislature's comments and the process of the law's ratification. This is clearly what the judge did. (As has been agreed to by Mazuz.) As for the guy's use of the word "public", he has no knowledge of law and legislation. To make the story short, the same may have a different meaning or interpretation in the law and the dictionary, as well as among several laws. For example, if I call my boyfriend, who is in the same state as I am, it is still possible for the government to call this interstate commerce, because even though both of us are in the same state, the signal probably traveled outside of the state at some point.
20. this lunatic is a sexual pervert. this is not about religion
debra ,   usa   (04.22.08)
21. Gave the housewives a big thrill, or a big disappointment?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.22.08)
22. The guy is nuts!
benny Blanco ,   Washington   (04.22.08)
i would have shot his behind with a rubberband. The guy is a meshugener.
23. #19 You need HELP! NOT US
SOS   (04.22.08)
Don’t come here with your freshly changed diapers, right out of law school and lecture us what law is, or how one is to interoperate it. This judge twisted the law in order to fulfill her own beliefs, this young man, however crazy he may be, beat the court on its own turf, and you can't take it, because you embrace the same - anti religious beliefs as the judge.
24. Sascha Barron Cohen - is that you?
Noah ,   New York, NY   (04.22.08)
This guy is a Haredi like I am a Haredi.
25. Well, that's a twist on the sock puppet
USA   (04.22.08)
26. Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Ariel ,   Us   (04.22.08)
Monthy Python's " The meaning of life": " You can wrap it up in ribbons, You can stick it in your sock. But don't take it out in public Or they will stick you in the dock And you won't a-come a-back! Thank you very much!"
27. Next time...
Enzo ,   london,uk   (04.22.08) could borrow one of my Burlington Original Extra Soft Argyle Socks! They come in 33 colors!!! For that special extra touch...!
28. Just a secular stunt
Josh   (04.22.08)
29. #11
another yerushalmi ,   jerusalem   (04.22.08)
Your comment is even stupider. Torah does not say "thou shal not kill" but "al tirtzah". Killing is permissible, murder is not. Now to learn the difference between the two, buy masechet sanhedrin, find a rav and a chevruta and go learn.
30. #1 - I fully agree with you
tsedek ,   israel   (04.22.08)
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