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Temple rebuilt
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 22.04.08, 13:47
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1. But im ready for the real 3rd jewish temple
augustine e johnson ,   birmingham, usa   (04.22.08)
but im ready for the third jewish temple not a replica =========augustine e johnson - usa
2. soon...Amen!
andrew ,   miami,fl   (04.22.08)
4. Ah I see, separating nationhood and religion: Bad.
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Ephraim   (04.22.08)
- Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg, in charge of the project’s establishment, told Yedioth Ahronoth Wednesday: "We are not taking a political stance," - Bereny: Why not? Wouldn't it be better to spend all these dollar-milions on building the Temple on the Temple Mount and not a model next to it, overlooking it or whatever? A very symbol of defeat? Can a rabbi today be apolitical? And if so, why? Is he so damn afraid of the olmerts? Where is the Pesach spirit, Jews eating the egyptian god?
5. I say build the 3rd Temple ...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.22.08)
in a new location. There is nothing holy about this particular, that paricular mountain of another particular mound of dirt. Its the word of God and the spirit of the people that matter. Lets end this it yes - in the western part of Jerusalem. Can we not honor God from that location as well? I am not some genius rabbi - but I pray that one of them has this vision for peace. We are an ancient people with limitless creativity.
6. The thirf temple has already been built!
Muslim   (04.22.08)
We muslims believe that Moses was a muslim, etc.. and that all the prophet before the Prophet Muhammad called for the religiong Ibrahim called for. Taking this into account, the Third Temple has been already built, and it was named in the Quran alAqsa mosque. This site has been mentioned numerously in the Quran.
7. temple " replica"
ramallah ,   ramallah   (04.22.08)
society of fabrications and losers. since you are making a replica , make one for Moses, jesus.what the hick.
8. Correct my figures
Ingvar Karlsen ,   Rio, Brazil   (04.22.08)
1st temple survived 25 years after ready 2nd temple survived 15 years after ready better avoid construction of third...
9. The Museum with the Temple
Karen Orr ,   USA   (04.22.08)
Shalom, I am a Christian who loves the whole Bible. I have done the math of the ages of the patriarchs and have made the year of creation as year one after creation( YAC) Seth was born in Adam's 130th year, so that is designated as 130YAC. If you believe the Bible versus Evolution, why not start there and do the math. Abraham was born 2008 YAC, which was 430 years after the Flood. Please consider writing the dates from creation and also from our point in history. If God is real, I believe He is, then He is a literal and specific God and would not lead us astray with the numbers and ages. Sodom and Gomorrah would have ocurred when Abraham was 99 2,107 YAC 451 years after the flood. Please check it out. God Bless you. Sincerely, Karen Orr
10. My Congratulations To.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.22.08)
My heartfelt best wishes, my congratulations to Mr. Kirk Douglas, Mr. Michael Douglas and Mr. Leslie Dan for building the Temple replica. Seems like it will be an impressive piece of art. I get the feeling it will attract millions of visitors a year, each year. To Johnson #1 and Bereny #4 : at least we will have the replica -- so, let us be thankful for that, let's appreciate. Who knows when the real one will come. Who knows how much time it will take.
11. Time to build the real one! enough with replicas
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (04.22.08)
12. #5
Bram ,   Toronto, Ontario   (04.22.08)
Here's a creative idea, demolish the mosque, build the temple and expel all those hostile to Israel, from Israel and decimate any nation who attacks us..... kinda like the Torah says to do.
13. "demolish" mosque
Mike ,   NY, USA   (04.22.08)
Nice solution, but I say there's no need to demolish the thing - lets just carefully move it somewhere else.
14. We must build a Temple in out heart for Jesus son of God
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.22.08)
15. #6 Muslim - What scholarly work are you referring to?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.22.08)
Perhaps the work of that eminent Islamic scholar Oueld Qabh ibn Zamel in his great philosophical masterpiece "Kitab Al Kdub" .... Maybe from his other great work "Hadra Khouiya" which relies on the oral traditions known as al-mzuwwer ....
16. No third temple
Sidney ,   USA   (04.22.08)
The temple was a slaughterhouse. Surely in two thousand years, we have moved beyond that.
17. To number 15... Terry!
Palestinian   (04.22.08)
Terry, The fact that to be a Muslim, you have to believe in what have been recited on the previous prophets of God, is a necessity. All verses of the Quran talk about that. In practical language, the Prophet Muhammad did not come to reinvent the wheel or to tell people something that was not told, but to unify the Message of Abraham, and to solve the disputes the people of the Book fell in, by offering a new universal book that reasserts the original message or Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and all the other Prophets of God. Islam, call these propthets the Prophets of Islam and that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets. These are basics of Islam... But your comment was funny and halarious which implies you have deep knowledge about what you are talking about.... Hats off!
18. What if we rebuilt it and G-d did come?
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.22.08)
Would he be proud of his children? Of how we get along with our half-brothers (the Arabs)? Would he have something to say to the Osamas of the world, something like, "You just don't get it, do you? You don't have a clue of what I want of you." Maybe if the Temple was rebuilt, G-d would just wash his hands of our existance. Poof! All gone! Maybe not such a good idea.... But as for this replica? Go for it! Thank you to the Douglas family! Show the world what we once had before it was destroyed by pagan armies. Show the Arab world that their grand mosque is a poor shadow of the grandeur that was our Temple.
19. so funny ! :)
20. Just as long as this temple stays in the Museum
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (04.22.08)
... there are enough meshugenahs around who want to rebuild it on its (alleged) original location; no need to encourage them. If only the Douglases had stuck to the movies they would have been respected and honoured; however like Charlton Heston and some other over-idolized film-stars, they have begun to believe their own PR and think that they have become real actors on the world stage. Only a few like Grace Kelly and Ronald Reagan actually made the transition and went on to be something more than a celluloid image. Kirk, you are not Spartacus!
21. #15 kol-hakavod Terry you should teach islam
bershad   (04.22.08)
22. Too cool for school
what ,   here   (04.22.08)
That's such a cool answer sydney #16 you should run for president!
23. Build Temple, replace Aqsa!
Uzi Meir ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.22.08)
Third Temple will be much better & nicer than old junky al-Aqsa. Aqsa is falling apart anyway, so no sweat! And if Abraham,Joseph & Moses were muslims, why muslims idolworship stone in Mecca? Do giur & come to Temple worship G-d! Make peace with Him, with jews & with America & harvest blessings!
24. No more museums!
Ben-Yehudah ,   Kfar Tapu'ah, Efraim   (04.22.08)
B"H No more museums! Let's build the real thing. No more holocaust museums either. Let's use the money to prevent the current holocausts, intermarriage and assimilation.
25. to # 18 again
I.N.Cognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (04.22.08)
"their grand mosque"? The golden dome belongs NOT to a mosque. Al-Aqsa mosque itself is ugly from the outside and gray. Dome of the Rock is not a mosque, it is a shrine.
26. #20 - OK, now Hate-Mouth Chanalouse...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.23.08)
Denies that the temple even WAS on the temple mount with her "alleged" comment. What a freakin' moron....
27. Judge not lest ye be judged!
Connie Belrose ,   Hamilton, Canada   (04.23.08)
When the Messiah returns for His bride, should He subject such lawmakers to the fate of their own judgments? When He returns they'd better hope that they are not "shaking" in their boots over their Pharisitical laws lest they themselves be judged to have epilepsy and be cast away from Him.
28. Temple to be Rebuilt?
Tamera ,   Mishawaka, In   (04.23.08)
"Build it and they will come..." quoting the movie Field of Dreams. I am very eager to see the third temple too.
29. To #17. Question For You.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.23.08)
You write :".. to be a Muslim, ..". A Muslim is a servant of Allah. I have a question for you : you don't know Allah -- so how can you be a Muslim ? (This question is NOT meant to discourage you. I would like to see HOW you answer it.) You write :".. the previous prophets of God (i.e. Abraham, Moses, Jesus), ..". Another question for you : In Islam religion you people are told to recite daily an invocation : 'Allah is the Greatest, and Mohammed is His only Prophet'. If Prophet Mohammed is His only prophet -- that means you guys have NOT accepted the above-mentioned persons as prophets. WHAT is your answer ?
30. Third Temple - Next 41 years...
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (04.23.08)
This is good news. The real Third Temple will be built sometime in the next 41 years...
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