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Temple rebuilt
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 22.04.08, 13:47
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31. #29. Googled it 4 ya
rob ,   Perth, Aus   (04.23.08)
its not "Allah is the Greatest, and Mohammed is His only Prophet'. " its "Allah is the Greatest, and Mohammed is Hismessenger" also "There is no other god but god, and Mohammed is his messenger" Allah = God in Arabic (Christians use Allah in reference to god also)
32. Museum
weedin ,   Lake City, USA   (04.23.08)
What will be the name of this museum and where can I get more info on it?
33. To number 25: Cognito , Brooklyn, NY
Nidal   (04.23.08)
Al-Aqsa Mosque is the name given in the Quran to the area that surrounds the Rock under the Dome, which was also the prayer direction of Muslims during the early prophethood time of the Prophet Muhammad. Today this place is also called al-Haram al-Qudsi al-Sharif... An administrative name issued by the Memluks... which literaly means the noble sanctuary. Islamicly, al-Aqsa Mosque is the spot on which a complex of religious buildings that includes the Dome of the Rock, the congregation building of al-Aqsa, and the many other Dome... The mosque becomes overwhelmed during main religious days with numbers easily exceeding half a million worshipper. I do not understand the term Shrine you used, cause this is not used by Muslims to describe these buildings. You may as well call the Kaabah in Mecca a shrine and not a Mosque.
34. to 6 the muslem
moslema ,   jerusalem   (04.23.08)
and ibrahim rebuilt almasjed alharam in meckka but we do not know who built it in the first time .and alla say we must do haj but if the moslem can not he forgive him this is the judgment of god .. now many moslemes can visite mecka becouse of easy transport and good circumstances .. but do you think that these moslem is better than those can not do haj ... so my dear let them build the 4th temple if you can not prevent that .it will not change your beliefe and god judgment is not like jewish one .. they want it not for god sake but moslem build it for god sake ..
35. #6 - Mr. Muslim
Michael ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.23.08)
That would be difficult, since Jerusalem is not mentioned even ONCE in the Qur'an. How could anyone talk about the Al-Aqsa Mosque without giving its location? If you're talking about the "Night Ride" legend, then the Prophet must have traveled in time as well as in space, since the mosque wasn't completed until 92 years AFTER his death. During his lifetime, "the farthest mosque" was in Medina.
36. To Rob #31. The Statement
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.23.08)
The statement "Mohammed is His messenger " implies that God must have MORE messengers than only Prophet Mohammed. TO go one step further : if there were messengers of God BEFORE Prophet Mohammed -- there will be messengers of God AFTER Prophet Mohammed. Rob, as a side note : the Muslims have changed the invocation and nowadays they are reciting "Allah is the Greatest, and Mohammed is His last Prophet ". BTW Prophet means messenger.
37. To David #18. Permeating Everything.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.23.08)
You write :"What if ... God did come ?" God, i.e. the Supreme Lord, is omnipresent -- He is present everywhere. He is permeating everything. The question is NOT whether God should come -- the Supreme Lord is already permeating everything. THE question to be asked is -- is one EAGER enough to know God, the Supreme Lord. That is the REAL question each one of us should be asking. IF one is eager enough to know God, the Supreme Lord -- he/she will want to know MORE AND MORE about God, the Supreme Lord. This EAGERNESS is required in order to be able to capture God, the Supreme Lord. WITHOUT this eagerness -- it is IMPOSSIBLE to capture God, the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Person.
38. Unbelievably delusional!!!!
Barbara ,   Florida   (04.23.08)
I wish you muslims would seek the truth instead of totally swallowing what you are taught by others.
39. #8, Yep, YOU are correct
Charles Allen ,   Charlotte, NC USA   (04.24.08)
YOUR figures DO need correcting. About 375 years for the first temple, about 460 years for the second. HOWEVER, the third temple will be permanent. In case you do not understand permanent, it means FOREVER
40. to barbara
hana ,   -----   (04.24.08)
the worst is not to swallow or to get rid of any thing facts or illusion ,,,it is most of the barbaras on the world who are not moslems
41. Yaakov Sullivan, NYC
Jackie ,   NYC   (04.24.08)
Yeah, you're rite on that one...but HIS Name is YESHUA ha Mashiach ben David. Not a chance for a Christian Jesus to sit there!
42. Michael/Ra'anana & Mr. Mu slime
Muslims live a lie, I have supporting evidence that Islam is another Catholic invention...just compare the similarities, i.e. veiled women(nuns) praying on beads, women suppression & baby factories, self pain infliction, bowing to leader (Pope or Muhammed)...and people crazy enuf to believe all the above!
43. To Hana #40. Category Of Intelligent Persons.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.24.08)
You write :"the worst is not to swallow ". IF one swallows poison knowingly -- they are NOT counted in the category of intelligent persons. THOSE who refuse to swallow poison -- are clear-headed, intelligent persons. Hana, you are proposing that people swallow poison knowingly. You write :"get rid of anything facts or illusion". ONE should come out of illusion, one should NOT remain in illusion -- but to get rid of facts is NOT a sign of intelligence. Hana, to get rid of facts means that one embraces lies. Isn't it ?
44. #15 Terry, baby
observer   (04.24.08)
your grannies said it before, why should we be furious now
45. #17 my dear
you are not going to make the deadly deaf listen.
Am Israel   (04.25.08)
47. #14 Jews believe in 1 true God!
48. To Yaakov #14. Heart Belongs To YAHWEH.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.26.08)
You write :" build a Temple in our heart for Jesus, Son of God ". No, that's wrong. Each one of us should build a Temple in our hearts for YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord -- and for NO one else. No sane person will build a Temple in the heart for Lord Jesus Christ. WHY NOT ? Because the heart of each one of us belongs ONLY to Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Father of Lord Jesus Christ. So Yaakov, also your heart belongs to YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord -- if you will only allow Him to enter. UNTIL you allow Him, i.e. Yahweh, in your heart -- He, i.e. Yahweh, will NOT come. So Yaakov, the choice is yours and yours ONLY. Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, will NOT interfere with your freedom of choice.
49. Temple WILL BE Rebuilt
Louise ,   Houston, TX USA   (04.28.08)
I am a Christian and believe that the Bible's prophecys will be fulfilled regardless of man's attempts to the contrary. If the Lord could create the universe, part the Red Sea and do so many other miraculous things, who will be able to stop Him from having His temple rebuilt. It WILL happen, if not today, some day in the future. GOD BLESS ISREAL!!
50. Muslims
Louise ,   Houston, TX USA   (04.28.08)
Barbara (and some others who hae posted on this forum), I am a Christian and wonder if you are also one. God has given us free will whether to accept Christ as their Saviour or not. This means Jews, Gentiles AND Muslims. I have done so as have many others through the ages including other Gentiles, Jews and Muslims as well as other religions. I am afraid using terms like "you muslims" isn't going to do much good in leading others to salvation in Christ ie: Christianity. Please reread and think about what you have written before hitting the send button. Witness by your actions and love for others and PRAY PRAY PRAY!!
51. Temple Insanity
Joshleet ,   Arizona Desert   (05.03.08)
While the Majority of the Chrisrian World Eagerly awaits the re-building of the 3rd temple, Has anyone asked the Lord what He thinks about this?? Wouldn't the restarting of the regular sacrifices be a slap in the Lord's face for what he did on the cross??? In Ezekiel 38, its the Lord who puts hooks in the Jaws of an invading army...Why? You will find your answer in Amos 5:20
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