American accused of giving nuclear secrets to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.04.08, 00:15
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31. Nothing against Israel, but
these guys are US citizens. Kadesh and Pollard should both be hung for treason. The "handler" should be taken care of, too....although I think Putin is the only one who has the balls to take that kind of action.
32. #24 I do not worship the British.
Mark ,   Boston   (04.22.08)
33. #31 Why would the USA wait 25+ years?
Mark ,   Boston   (04.22.08)
34. No. 23 Dan
NYC Girl   (04.22.08)
You're absolutely right. And when an American mole was caught spying on Israel, he was unceremoniously dropped off at the airport without a word being said in order not to create an incident with the U.S. In fact, Israel should have screamed bloody murder the same way people like the execrable Caspar Weinberger did over Jonathan Pollard.
35. More evidence US is not Israel's Friend
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.22.08)
If the US were truly a frend and ally they would have handled this old,old news quietly and not made a big deal out of a friend helping a friend.The only reason this has been leaked is to gain PR points with the Arab /Islamic world ,to let them know that Israel is treated as an enemy would be treated for passing secrets to an enmey nation instead of an ally. They hold this up proudly for their Arab allies to see that they are playing hard with an ex-friend,now treating Israel like an enemy nation.
36. Friends Wouldnt Spy !!!
Rami Abu Ghalyion ,   Cairo-Egypt   (04.22.08)
37. The 5th column keeps getting longer and longer
Seth ,   Oklahoma, OK   (04.22.08)
38. Almost 30 yrs later, before Pollard affair, IT'S COVER STORY
dp ,   sf, usa   (04.22.08)
Bush needs reason not to attend Israel 60 yrs celebration. Even though this story maybe true, it's irrelevant. After Pollard affair, Israel promised to stop running spies, this occurred prior to Pollard's 1986 charge.
39. since 9/11, 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained
observer   (04.22.08)
prior to Sept. 11, as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States.
40. #35 They want Americans to hate Israel
Mark ,   Boston   (04.22.08)
I am sure the US State Department planned this one. Condi Rice.
41. A few things need to be understood...
Che Vive ,   Ghetto Beach, U.S.A.   (04.22.08)
1. We, the U.S., are a superpower. You aren't. Right or wrong, that means our government will spy on you with impunity, and if you spy on us we will be furious and will punish you. Especially if it's about nuclear secrets. That is the nature of our "special relationship". You should realize how insanely privileged you are that the punishment has been limited to just the spy, and not the country he represents. Not saying it's moral, it's just how this authoritarian world works. Oh, that's right, you thought governments had "friendships" like people do. Sorry, no. Does our behavior toward the entire rest of the world not make this clear? Really, we're not that different from the Russians. Maybe we dress better. We have nicer beaches. Superpower. Look it up. 2. Maybe if your government didn't constantly remind us of this affair by asking for Pollard's release all the time, this guy might have faded into the woodwork and gotten away. Let's just say you've kept up our interest in the matter, and have only yourselves to blame for that. 3. Nuclear secrets are one of the world's greatest concerns, and you live in one of the most violent places on earth. Do you think anyone really likes the idea of nukes in the Mideast, in your hands, the Iranians, or anyone elses? Ideally, we'd like to take away all of the regions weapons from all sides and replace them with pillows and nerf toys. The only people who really trust you with nukes are the crazy evangelicals who want you to kill yourselves with them on the premise that it'll cause Jesus to make a social call on us again. We have too many evangelists, because contrary to the image we promote of ourselves, we are a religious fundamentalist nation where faith too greatly influences policy. In that sense, we're kind of like Iran, or yourselves. That is to say, we're batshit crazy, and probably shouldn't be trusted with nukes either. Y'know, the world is one messed up, tortured place. You might ask G_d about that if you ever meet him. And be sure to convey my personal dissatisfaction to him, if you would be so kind. IMHO, he's got some basic design flaws in his products that sorely need to be addressed.
42. Why Only JEWS!
G ,   US   (04.22.08)
This is just preposterous! How many recall that it was Ted Kennedy that went to the Soviet Union to thwart the policies of the US. But I guess that's all right. Should he NOW be brought up on treason charges. What's fair is fair. What's good for the goose.
43. 23 years later?
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (04.22.08)
The same intellligence agent who ran Pollard ran this guy, and it took 23 years after the last transfer to catch him? Both governments are incompetent. The USA, for missing the known handler's other agents. Israel, for using the same handler after he was outed.
44. 83 year old man arrested
Richard R. ,   Buckeye USA   (04.22.08)
Oh my god Are the people in the justice department so eager to break the relations between America and Israel that they bring up twenty year old stuff. Well if they want to do that then maybe instead of Israel sending back to America all the american spies that the U. S. have sent to Israel with in the new immergrants without blasting all over the newspaper, time has come to let the bag out of the firer. Does any body believe that the 2,,000,000 american living in Israel there arent some american spies there, come on be relistic of course there are. The arabs sure no how to work there properganda thrue there friends in the justice department. Ah i have said my say.
45. Hello people! This happened 23 - 28 years ago!
truth strikes again   (04.22.08)
So many anti little time...or is it 1 or 2 creeps adding talkbacks with different names....hmmm All our amazing and great accomplishments ignored so you can attack 1 old man who may have done something over 23 years ago during a difficult time. You can't wait to attack Jews given any opportunity. Whatever.........
46. OK, "observer" (#39). Tell us your sources.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.22.08)
I'm challenging your claim about "as many as 140" Israelis arrested in a "secretive and sprawling investigation". What are your sources? Oh, right, you just made it up, or copied it from some anti-Israeli site. And, yes, there have been several cases of the US spying on Israel. In each case, they've been quietly shuttled out of the country. The CIA station in Tel Aviv does a lot more than share intel' with the Mossad.
47. #40 Mark #41
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.22.08)
Why do you and so many others always forget where the buc stops ? Are you afraid to say anthing b ad about your god who is the President over the State Dept.? Can you say Jorge Boosch ? Can you say Oval Office ? # 41 America has a God complex and will soon learn that an Empire at the top has no where else to go but down ,down,down,to hell. There you will learn that you are nothing ,not even God.
48. spy
Matthew   (04.22.08)
As an American I can never support a fellow American spying for another country, even a friendly one. However, the US official said: "Twenty-plus years ago during the Pollard case we noted that this was not the kind of behavior we would expect from friends and allies and that would remain the case today." Perhaps this is true. But if America was not the type of friend who sold: "F-15 fighter a Middle East country [read: an enemy of Israel] other than Israel" then perhaps Israel would not feel the need to spy on America. America is certainly a friend to Israel, but America is the kidn of friend that also sells hightech weapons to countries that desire to destroy Israel. Maybe Israel is not problem, maybe it is America's other "friends" in the Middle East.
49. Mister Che Vive
Matthew   (04.22.08)
I am going to be polite and assume your entire post was an attempt at satire. Otherwise, you may possibly be the most ignorant person I have come across lately. A single comment of yours will suffice to prove my point: "we'd like to take away all of the regions weapons from all sides and replace them with pillows and nerf toys." Ummm, where do you think all of those weapons came from? Okay, Israel produces some on their own, and Russia littered the ME with its cast off garbage, by US corporations (like Lockheed Martin) have made billions of dollars selling weapons to every despot in the region. If that little tidbit fails to prove my point about you, then I reference your assumed name to make my case: Che Vive? You have got to be kidding me. Why not call yourself "Hitler lives", Stalin, or Mao? The primary difference between those clowns and your hero is one of opportunity, not ideology. Are you one of those whaky "progressives" sitting in your mother's basement staring up at a Cuban flag and salivating over the latest Obama speech, just waiting Mr. B. Hussein to came along and save America by raising our taxes, giving our wealth to third world dictators, and forcing his oppresive political beliefs on the rest of us? I bet you are.
Arik Silverman ,   MilwaukeeUSA   (04.22.08)
One suspects that this action at this time might be an attempt to prevent George Bush from releasing Johnathan Pollard. There have been various stories hinting that Bush might have been ready to release Pollard before his term ends next January.
51.  Those two persons are STUPID!!!
GAD RAZ ,   ISRAEL   (04.22.08)
the Israeli called Kadish on March 20 and told him to lie to federal law enforcement agents who were investigating possible espionage. "Don't say anything. Let them say whatever they want. You didn't ... do anything. ... What happened 25 years ago? You didn't remember anything," the man allegedly told Kadish in Hebrew. Kadish confessed to FBI agents on Sunday that he had given the Israeli between 50 and 100 classified documents and accepted no cash in return, only small gifts and occasional dinners for him and his family. Those two persons are STUPID!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
52. A spy is a spy
Merrill ,   New York, NY   (04.23.08)
I absolutely love Israel, I go there every couple of years, I have relatives / friends living there, I visit the every day to see what's happening there but I would never spy against my homeland, the United States. That's just wrong. (Only if the US unprovokingly attacked Israel, then possibly..)
53. Tacit approval for all those years !
norm   (04.23.08)
What is political point of the arrest now?
GZLives   (04.23.08)
Hey ... any of you suggesting anything different are really over the line. Americans are YOUR best friends. Would you prefer the Brits or the French? Spying is a no no and this smells like it was sort of industrial espionage. Whatever it was, whoever is involved goes to jail and rightfully so. YOU DON'T UNDERMINE ALL OF US AMERICAN JEWS WHO DEFEND YOU DAY AFTER DAY.... UNDERSTAND?
55. #51
Marilyn ,   USA   (04.23.08)
It depends on what is meant by small gifts. I immediately think diamonds, however it could also be small in relation to someone elses net assets, etc. It could span a wide range of possibilities.
56. Espionage
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (04.23.08)
It is just mind boggling to read some of the talkbacks here justifying this guy's actions all in the name of Zionism, and "Jewish loyalty." Some go as far as claiming the US is not Israel's friend. Well, if the US is not Israel's friend, just refuse their help (political, financial, material, arms, and the list goes on). Why does Israel accept US help at all??? It is as if the fact that Jews that are citizens of other countries are expected to betray their own countries, and put Israel above all. This sort of incident just causes Jews to come under suspicion in their respective countries, and causes unnecessary problems, which Israel will be quick to attribute to Anti-Semitism. I am sure this guy will have his day in court, and if found guilty, should be punished to the full extent of the law.
57. why now?
Joseph ,   Israel   (04.23.08)
Food riots in Egypt show that soon Mubarak will fall and massive amounts of advanced US weapons will go to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hezbolla now rules Southern Lebanon. Hamas is increasingly popular, while the US has failed in setting up a puppet regime under Abbas. Olmert may be balking at making further concessions so the Americans publish a 25 year old "spy case" to pressure him to make more retreats to guarantee that the Arabs will defeat Israel in the next war.
58. Probably just an elaborate cover-up
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (04.23.08)
for all the information the US steals from Israel.
59. American accused of giving nuclear secrets to Israel
Morris ,   Israel   (04.23.08)
It appears Obama has friend in high places- first Clinton will nuke Iran if they nuke Israel, and now this1 Hmmmm
60. something stinks here
Yisraeli   (04.23.08)
Bad enough Pollard is languishing in jail on an unprecedented length inspite of his plea bargain. This affair now stinks to high heaven and with its timing and alludes to hidden agendas. Can you imagine just for one moment how many CIA operatives were spying in Israel in the last 30 yrs? Id say in their 10's if not 100's. And no doubt some known to the Shin Bet of their activities. Yet has any one of them been brought up on charges? Of course not. Why? because you dont do that to friendly states even tho spying on one another is a regular affair, I repeat a REGULAR AFFAIR. As USA on UK and vice versa and many countries of Europe especially France. Yet none are arraigned and brought up on charges. Which indicates two strong points why they happen to Israel. 1. Your basic simple anti Jew spite and to score points. 2. There could be a far dark macabre reason for this new affair. Israel no matter what she says does NOT want Pollard released, it would embarrass and endanger too many current politicians sitting on warm seats. They want to see him die in prison. Now that there are ramblings to have Pollard released, it wouldnt suprise me in the slightest if Israel herself fed this information to have the above arrested and setback the Pollard affair for ever. Dirty? Yes for sure, but then so has Israels handling of Pollard been so very dirty over the decades. Something stinks here big time!
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