'Jonathan doesn't know accused spy'
Sharon Roffe Ofir
Published: 22.04.08, 20:54
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1. Dreyfus affair Dreyfus affair
Mark ,   Boston   (04.22.08)
2. Pesach the season of Blood Libels
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (04.22.08)
As time goes on, the blood libels get more sophisticated. Using blood for matzoh no longer is believable, except by Jew hating uneducated arabs.
3. #1 - oh please!!! Dreyfus was innocent...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.22.08)
Pollard is on tape stealing documents. Lets not get carried away here.
4. And to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies ..
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (04.22.08)
"Well she would say that, wouldn't she".
5. Pollard sits 23 years instead of 2-4 years!!
roei   (04.22.08)
6. What does Esther Pollard know? She wasn't there.
JPS ,   Efrat   (04.22.08)
Pollard's wife at the time of his crimes was Anne Pollard. Esther Pollard married Jonathan after he was jailed. Lots of books written about women who marry guys in jail...
7. Of Course he doesn't know him
Dan ,   Canada   (04.23.08)
As if he's going to say yes I know him and we spied together. US administration won't arrest random jews unless they have some kind of evidence...we all know the truth let's just admit it
8. He is an excuse to rekindle the Pollard affair
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.23.08)
This elderly man is being used as an excuse to rekindle public nterest in teh Pollard affair to prevent the release of Pollard. Bad manipulationof the public at the expense of Israel and this man. Catch the real enemies of the American people not your allies.
9. Pollard and Albert Speer - Same Prison Sentence?
Wisconsin Marshall ,   USA   (04.23.08)
Jonathan Pollard has now served about the same number of years in prison as Albert Speer. Speer was in charge of the Nazi industrial war machine, and sentenced to 20 years. Speer served out his full sentence, and Pollard should not sit longer than Speer.
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