Druze, Christians clash near Galilee village
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 25.04.08, 11:26
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1. Enough already!
2. Brawl and squabble!
shimon ,   poleg   (04.25.08)
Sounds more like a gunfight to me. Very poor journalism to somehow belittle a horrific shootout
3. The forgotten Christians
Bill   (04.25.08)
It's funny the Zionist Christians in America don't care about real Christians in the holy land. These forgotten Christians are persucuted by both Muslims and Jews but yet none of America's money goes to the christians in the holyland.
4. Hey Billy, #3, where are Jews mentioned in the article?
Jake   (04.25.08)
For your information, there are no Jews living in the vicinity of Ilabun or the Tomb of Jethro Druze pilgrimage site. It is in a portion of the Galilee thickly populated by Arab villages, and few Jews. But of course, you already knew that, right? The closest the article comes to mentioning Jews is in the sentence: "Another severely injured person with shrapnel in his head was flown early Friday to the neurosurgical unit at the Rambam Medical Center in the center of Haifa." Did you read that? "Flown". Incidentally, in Haifa there are Christian Arabs living in every neighborhood of the city, side by side with the Jews, and are entirely indistinguishable from their Jewish neighbors. In fact Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the number of Christians is increasing. So eat your heart out about what those terrible Jews are doing.
5. “The affair is over and is behind us” said MK Said Naffaa
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (04.25.08)
Tell that to the person who needed to have a bullet removed. Why were the marchers armed to visit a grave site.
6. to #3
John ,   England   (04.25.08)
forget about the Americans and the west.....being an Israeli Christian i always argued that the only way for us to survive, in that part of the world, is to support the Jewish. Starting with committing ourselves to joining the Israeli army. In a nutshell, you cant have your cake and eat cant support the muslims and the arab countries, and expect the Israeli state to protect you!
7. #3 - Not Forgotten
Christy ,   Boston, US   (04.26.08)
" ... Zionist Christians in America don't care about real Christians in the holy land." Don't know where this idea comes from. I'm an American Zionist Christian who does care about Christian persecution taking place world wide, not just in the Holy Land. Christian persecution is nothing new, unfortunately. Doesn't get much mainstream media attention, yet I recently read that more Christians have been persecuted (enslaved&killed) for their faith in the last century than in all the other centuries combined. Christian persecution is something fellow Christians DO care about. There are websites and organizations, for example, that have been set up to help our persecuted brothers & sisters. The persecution is in many countries & so is the help. Do a web search on Persecuted Christians and you'll find some sites of people who are helping. I don't know anyone who is a Christian Zionist who ignores Christian persecution.
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