IAEA head slams US for holding back info on Syrian reactor
Associated Press
Published: 25.04.08, 13:29
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1. u.s. criticized for witholing syrian nuclear secrets
elliot ,   point roberts,wa   (04.25.08)
BY WHO?-why give syrians notice like they did for saddam!....when democrats get in and ''the road to peace is thru damascus'' we now know what that means!
2. Mohammed Useless
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (04.25.08)
Of course Israel was right not to involve Mohammed Useless. His chances of uncovering Syria's clandestine nuclear operation had about as much chance of success as his similar efforts in Iran. Since when do you put the fox in charge of the chicken coop?
3. look it up Baradei
me ,   here and now   (04.25.08)
the only part you can play in this Usraeli fiasco is TARTOOOOOR... look it up
4. IAEA. Doing everything they can. Really!
Gideon Reader   (04.25.08)
This Putz, ElBaradei,(who would still be clueless if he did not have cable TV) should be glad he was not in the loop. If he had any knowledge, he would have had to do something, anything, and as everyone is aware THAT is something the IAEA is not able to do. At least competently.He is just P.O.'ed because he did not get a heads up, so he could dust any trail he may have made in helping the Syrians and NK's doing their dirty deeds. Rave on Cats__t, someone will cover you up.
5. so Mohamed elBaradei is angry
Hilda ,   US   (04.25.08)
That's what we get when we appoint an Arab/ Moslem in charge . Did anyone really expect him to approve of the destruction of nucleur plant in a terrorist country? The UN is worthless. When are we going to learn that?
6. Mohamed ElBaradei has exposed himself again
Henry   (04.25.08)
It's very revealing that Mohamed has angry words for the US and Israel for not telling him that Syria was engaged in nuclear activity, but he has no angry words for Syria (which had the responsibility to notify his agency because Syria signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). Mohamed acts more like a supporter of Islamic nuclear terrorism, instead of somebody who was hired to prevent it. The reason he was appointed is because the majority of the United Nations General Assembly are Islamic dictatorships who support terrorism and global jihad.
7. Mohamed ElBaradei Cannot Be Trusted
Not Jewish ,   USA   (04.25.08)
Mohamed ElBaradei is a Muslim among Muslims. He has played the stalling game to ensure that Iran has enough time to gets nukes. Maybe now he knows that we know.
8. Here's what would have happened had IAEA been notified
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.25.08)
They would have spent at least a few weeks preparing to question Syria. Syria would have denied the allegation. (Work on the facility would have accelerated.) IAEA would proceed to a series of challenge/denial exchanges over subsequent months. Access to the facility would, of course, be denied. Once the site went operational, IAEA would go into "carrots" mode, offering incentives if Syria would only cooperate... which they wouldn't. Israel was right not to bring the IAEA into this. Better to just take out the facility and deal with the criticism. Besides, we have the benefit of watching the IAEA and the UN stand on the sidelines as Iran pursued an even more ambitious weapons program.
10. Israel's nukes
Said ,   London, UK   (04.25.08)
In response to all the talkbacks here: I suppose, given your general attitude, the Arab nations - or any other nation for that matter - should take pre-emptive action against Israel in case she uses her nuclear arsenal at some unkown future date. They would be completely justified in doing so too, seeing as Israel hasn't signed the NPT. Seems fair, right?
11. That depends, Said...
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (04.25.08)
Does Israel have the same dubious history with WoMD like Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, to name a few? All of the above developed and *used* chemical weapons already - Egypt in Yemen, Iraq against both Iran and the Iraqi Kurds, and Syria while wiping out an entire Syrian city to suppress a Muslim Brotherhood revolt - Hama? So, has Israel developed *and* employed weapons of mass destruction? No, not even in a defensive manner. And yet you trust the Assad family with nukes, after they proved they couldn't be trusted with mustard and nerve gas? And you compare them to Israel, without any regard whatsoever to what the countries in question have actually *done*. Congratulations, you have successfully compared a stable democracy with a nuclear program used as a deterrent - to an incredibly unstable despotic dictatorship that didn't show any scruples with using what they've got to keep them in power. Good show, really.
12. said,
Ted ,   UK   (04.25.08)
Stop displaying your naivity,because it looks more like stupidity! Tell me who is Israel threatning with Nukes? or promissed to eliminate from the world map ?stop comparing western style democracies with dicttatorships
13. the usa should be angry
jusa ,   USA   (04.25.08)
Here we potentially have two similar nuclear programs, both accused of gaining North Korean support. The UN deals with the Iranian program, where the Iranian President makes clear his plans on a near weekly basis. And the covert Syria program, where apparently the US/Israel monitored instead. Here we can see which policy is a failure, and which one achieved it's objectives. With the results, the US should be angry at the UN and especially ElBaradei for his conduct regarding "assurances".
14. Isn't it obvious the UN and the Dems can not be trusted
Jack ,   USA   (04.25.08)
Why not just go on Aljazera and provide secrets. In the US we have the left media the pro dems that will disclose anything.
15. Now El Baradei wakes up.
Robert ,   U.K.   (04.25.08)
Now El Baradei wakes up. The man is a joke! Vide his treatment of Iran. About Libya he knew nothing! same a bout North Korea. The Syria affair was in the Press a long time ago. Did he dare demand EXPLANATIONS FROM THE SYRIANS. DID HE ASK TO INSPECT THE LOCATION? NEVER. ALL HE DOES IS HELP iRAN STALL ON IT'S NUCLEAR AMBITIONS and obvious race to acheve the bomb. Staying in his cushy well paid job is his only concern.
16. to #10: U've gotta b kiddin
J.J. ,   U.S.   (04.25.08)
Israel has never employed WMDs in its wars? Have u not seen how South Lebanon/South Beirut looked like in June 2006? with one bomb, a couple buildings (where civilian tenants lived) would fall - if that's not using WMDs, then what is ur definition of WMDs?????? whole neighbourhoods were rased,... and yes, even chemical weapons were used, in addition to millions of bomblets that are still claiming civilian lives till today. I'm not arguing if such use is justified or not. I'm arguing that this "use" of WMDs has already taken place by ur cntry...
17. Why doesn't el Baradei slam Syria
Jake   (04.25.08)
for violating the NPT, the upholding of which is el Baradei's entire career is predicated upon. Is it just me, or is the UN's blue flag slowly turning green?
18. Said, #10, RE Israel's nukes
Jake   (04.25.08)
If the Arab nations really feared Israel's nukes would be used against them, there would have been a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race years ago. The funny thing is, the Arab states only seriously started considering the nuclear option when it became apparent that IRAN might be going nuclear. So who is that REALLY inspires the Arab fears? Israel? or Iran?
19. El-Bradai Courageous Man
gadees ,   vanco.   (04.25.08)
The only observation that Baradai should have added to his prtestation was Israeli's NUCLEAR status.Its ironic that a rouge state with nuclear stock pile capable of obliterating the whole ME wouldn't be asked to normalize its status in accordance with IAEA ,while other nations would be castigated and probably destroyed just because Israel say so.Its know now that Israel in 1976had entered into agreement with the late Shah of Iran upon which Israel would supply Iran with Jerrico rockets capable of carrying nuclear heads, that was then when the Shah was US its a defferent story.
20. he is a dumb as he looks!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.25.08)
21. Pardon expressions
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (04.25.08)
We're interested in your report with Tehran.
22. Coffee is for closers only.
Max Merbaum ,   San Francisco   (04.25.08)
First prize bombs the site. Second prize shows it to Congress. Third prize is you're fired.
23. Baradei knows it takes time to photoshop evidence
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (04.26.08)
24. #21 Iran is a signatory to the NPT since 1968
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (04.26.08)
Israel is not a signatory to the NPT so it's Israel that should be called upon to answer pressing questions pertaining to its Nukes. It's Israel that clamored to join the UN yet refuses to abide by some 70 UN rulings concerning its illegal occupation. Take the WMDs out of the Israeli eyes before you bother about the speck in the Iranians.
25. J.J, 16...
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (04.27.08)
You are unfamiliar with what a WMD is, the state of affairs in wartime Lebanon and Beirut (the vast majority of the city stands - only Hizb's complex was destroyed), or that your claim of Israel using chemical weapons is a pile of horseshit. Now, here's the cinch - WMD means a weapon that kills a vast amount of people indiscriminantly. As in an a city, for example, with everyone in it. Or even tens of thousands of people in the a very short period of time. Get back to me when you can work out just how and where that happened in Lebanon.
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