Mr. Qassam the matchmaker
Dror Ze’evi
Published: 29.04.08, 00:11
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1. on the other hand
and on the other side of our israeli borders, sexual frustration 24/7 causes the palis to send missiles at sderot. hell, let them have more sex. they'll be less violent? maybe sex is the key to peace? because nothing else seems to work for the arabs.
2. professor dror ze'evi
you are quite funny. even in times of horror and terror, the jewish soul finds humor to continue and survive. humor was also used under the unimaginable torturous situations the jews were under in the nazi death camps. maybe that and lots of hope kept them going and hoping and trying to survive no matter what. thank you for this humorous piece during such difficult times for the israeli jewish southern population.
3. I can not imagine a city without one -night stands
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.29.08)
4. I would came, but there is no gay bars there
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (04.29.08)
5. I can do it in 14 seconds !!!
rh ,   modiin   (04.29.08)
6. retard
sara ,   israel   (04.29.08)
is this all you have to think about in your life? sad. very sad.
7. Biuld a Wall
Abdullah ,   US   (04.29.08)
why dont Ehud barak biuld a wall against the Barrage of the rockets. it seems israels are suffering like palestinians. so what
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