Iran launches war on 'Barbie doll invasion'
Published: 28.04.08, 16:38
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1. We should not wait : tomorrow it might be too late.
Robert Bernier   (04.28.08)
A nuclear Iran has become an increasingly contentious issue as Ahmadinejad will not have any moral consideration keeping him from using the atomic bomb. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, will be a severe blow to world terrorism and will reduce significantly our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hizbullah and Hamas. It will also remove the threat of a nuclear missile attack on Europe, Russia, China and India. The population in the West, as well as in the other peace loving countries will feel safer again. Learn more about Iran at :
2. i would say
that images of public stoning of men and women for imagined sins, public hangings from cranes of homosexuals because of their lifestyles, public beheading of supposed "crimonals against the regime" IS A LOT, A LOT, A LOT MORE HARMFUL TO THE YOUNG AND A LOT MORE EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE TO THER YOUNG IRANIANS THAN A PLASTIC FIGURE WITH BOOBS.
3. we americans and europeans
modern states and all, have had millions of "young impressionable minds" grow up on western culture and with barbis,et al. AND WE BROUGHT UP SUCCESFUL SCIENTISTS, LEADERS, MATHEMATICIANS, RESEARCHERS, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, BUSINESSMEN, TEACHERS, ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS, ETC... I DO NOT SEE ANY OF THESE IMPRESSIONABLE MINDS BEING CORRUPT OR EVIL BECAUSE OF BARBI. however, what i see in iran is poor education, no scientific research to speak of, poor medical and social infrastructure, poor economy and business, poor job market, inflation and an extremely high unemployment, dysfunctional economy, etc... go ahead, throw all the barbis in the trash this will help you progress? you can't keep an economy together even without your barbis.
4. #1 - Robert Bernier
Eric ,   Montreal   (04.28.08)
Why did you change your name? Do you think the readers are stupid? You are one and the same guy who used to write seemingly from Metula. What are you hiding? Do you think people will take you for serious when you lie about who you are?
5. "C'mon Barbie, Let's Go Party!"
Leslie ,   Ashdod   (04.28.08)
I'm a barbie-girl, in a barbie world...wearing plastic, its fantastic....!
6. They could import Hitler dolls from Ukraine.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.28.08)
That better represents Islamic values.
7. #3 That is the exception, what about all those girls
that do nothing other than dream about being an "American Idol", a Brittany Spears, make up, plastic surgery, =---- what you are giving is the exception to the rule, not the rule itself. You know this to be true. PS: Nobody reads anything if its in caps.
8. They want to go back to the 7th Century.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.28.08)
The good old days. I guess the 21st Century is a bit tough on 7th Century minds.
9. Fatwa on Barbie
Jake   (04.28.08)
The Religion of Peace strikes again. The Babary Ape of Tehran has just added Barbie to the list of nemeses that need to be wiped off the map.
10. Chareidi Jews are well aware that these dolls
pose a danger for the neshama.
11. laughable
mb   (04.28.08)
Iran's theocracy should take a note from East Germany: they're gonna lose this one. The East Germans wanted Michael Jordan, Levi's and Western brands far more than they wanted their government and their state-imposed economy. What happened? The wall came down.
12. #7
i do not agree with you at all. this is NOT THE EXCEPTION! spears, american idol, etc... are entertainments that do never stand in the way of our generation of brilliant progressive, inventive and ambitious kids continuing to be successful and making our democratic countries a continued success. there are bad apples in every society and even in muslim societies as well and in arab culture. repression of people, imprisonong people for personal choice, suppression of new ideas, new trends, new dicoveries, new scientific endeavors, even toys of any kind is still suppression and goes against human nature. man is not a dog put on a leash. man has needs, wants and above all a strive for freedom and creativity and the desire to adopt anything he wants for himself even if it is not good for him. but man must make this choice freely and pay for the consequences himself. after all, how are you to lear what is ok and not ok? there was once a russia that supressed people like muslims and clerics supress their masses. it didn't work. people rebeled and got their freedom. the german wall came down and also did the ussr. you can't keep people in chains forever. it is against human nature. the harder you try, the harder they fight you. we have our american idols, our britney spears and our insane everywhere. but they are a very small minority. on the other hand, muslim regimes under people that opress have suicide bombers, murderers in the name of religion, terrorists, unstable governments and societies and an extremely repressive clerical regime that creates only misery, confused, poor economy, poverty, inflation, unemployment, emotional dissatisfaction, paranoiah and fear in the masses, poverty, instability, etc... but they don't allow a barbi in the country!!!! now, you tell me. would you like to live under this regime, or under freedom to choose for yourself what is good or bad for you. man was created with a mind of his won. he must excercise it for his own good and the evolution and creativity of the future of his country. when you rob people of such innocent things as a barbi, you are in fact afraid. of what are the mullahs afraid of???? they are not afraid that barbi may corrupt their masses. they are afraid that people, given a freedom of choice, would oust them at the fastest convenient moment. this is what they are afraid of. this is why the despotic government clerics, mullah and imams of such countries rule with fear and opression, with threats and police state actions, with no freedom of press or public commentary and with no opportunity to questions government policies that are supposedly introduced for the "best for the people". YOU ARE WRONG! the age of enlightment and modernity passed by while these countries with their fearful regimes relegate the masses to ignorance, instability, fear and opression. they keep them hungry, uninformed, uncivilized and unedicated precisely to be able to control every aspect of their lives and thus continue the viability of such regimes. people that opress anything are people that are insecure and fearful of what their masses will do if they "only knew". religion is a personal choice. it should never be a government instituted modos of operandi. your god and his rules may not be my god and his rules. there are apples and oranges in the world. not all are the same. to subject people to only one point of view, one rule, one idea, is to subject people to the bin of historical death, to subject people to not being able to have cenlightment and produce, create and move forward as the future demands. this is why you see most islamic countries backwards and undeveloped with incredible corruption, government mismanagements of the economy, starvation, unemployment, fanaticism of religion, factional violence, dissatisfaction, anger, opression and unemployment. have you asked yourself if arab didn't have oil what have they produced or invented since the 7th century?
13. #8
they don't want to go back. they ARE IN THE 7TH CENTURY ALREADY!
14. Create a veiled doll in a chador
Ran   (04.28.08)
kids can play "honour killing" where she gets stabbed and burnt for going out with Ken
15. #10
well, sir, the haredi jews are not much different than the mullahs and clerics of iran when it comes to opression of their people. so, i would beg to differ here with you. the haredis are not a very good example of freedom and productive society since they are continuously the only population in israel that hardly works and hardly contributes to israeli economy (studying the bible 24/7 is not work or productivity, by the way). and, at tghe same time, they sit with an arm and hand open for donations instead of finding good employment. additionally, most of their young refuse to serve in combat units and tzahal because they claim that studying the torah is their gift to israel's existance. and you talk about barbi as a threat to your soul and neshama? shame on you! what is a threat is you living of the gifts and handouts of others that protect your existance and your 24/7 studying of the torah with their own lives. again, shame on you!
16. +18 Only
Zarebin ,   London, UK   (04.28.08)
About 6 months ago Iranian costume service in the port city of Bandar Abbas discovered 6 container of sex toys worth $250 million shipped from China to Iran.
17. To #4
greg ,   USA   (04.28.08)
So what? He is wright anyway...
18. T #13
greg ,   Usa   (04.28.08)
Please change the word "ALREADY" to "STILL".....
19. #16
Nahid ,   Iran   (04.28.08)
According to Iranian media Shadid Rajaei Port in Bandar Abbas control only by IRGC, regimes media censored the news and only said "Child Toys"
20. #18
ok, STILL. but you do get the idea behind my post anyway. thanks!
21. Is Ken a threat to Islamic morality & virtue too?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.28.08)
With the rather limited delivery system that Ken is sporting, I don't see Barbie's boyfriend corrupting anyone in Iran.
22. Iran Barbie could be a best seller if its marketed right
zionist forever   (04.28.08)
When are we going to see the Iranian Barbie Black dress, black headscarf, black sunglasses in and in one hand a kalashnikov and she is burning the Israeli and American flags. For a change Ken could instead of being a play boy that loves Barbie he could be a man with a job .... a neuclear scientist working on a nuke to wipe out Israel and the US. Harry Potter coulsd have a little magic wand that mushroom clouds come out of the end of and he flys on a shihab missle with deah to Israel written on the side They could pass a new law ordering pearents to give Iran Barbie to their daughters and terrorist Potter to their sons.
23. #21
you are simply a riot!!!! very funny. that was my feeling exactly, but being a woman of modest experiences, i wouldn't know! still, a very funny response on your part. ken may not be acceptable in iran as well because god forbid future homosexual boys may be corrupted by his less than generous endowment. what are they going to do then? hang ken on a crane in a public square and bury barbi up to her neck and stone her to death? pop! here goes her head. pop, here comes her plastic leg. pop, here goes ken's neck...etc...
24. 23
zionist forever   (04.29.08)
You forget that there are no gays in Iran the president told us himself. Amazing really not a single gay in Iran but there are all those boys running around with big guns.
25. Sara & Dara-"Complete with Jihad Accessories"
DK ,   la   (04.29.08)
Our covert Cheney/CIA plan has been exposed. We've been flooding Iran with dirty "mens magazines" and small airline bottles of liquor in an attempt to divert Iranian men from killing-to the criminal activity of "dating". Sara comes in a black bag with 2 eye-holes and "chattel" printed on her back and comes complete with leash.. Dara sports a stylish A-bombjihad 2nd hand coat with Jihad headband reading; "Death to the World"..."Armani styled suicide vests available at extra cost" Just wait till they see our "Mighty Mo" Doll.
26. #24
funny you should talk about ahmadog's speech at harvard. i graduated harvard last year and attended the speech. what can i possibly say. the crowd was roaring outside when the ramkol uttered ahmi's words. the jews at harvard just fell to the ground choking from laughter. i didn't want to be rude, but had a very big smile on my face and raised my hand so that the monkey can see my reaction. my israeli flag was in the other hand, though. i just happen to raise both hands together. what a smart sneaky person i am!!!! anyway, i just thought you were hilarious! have a great week. debra boston, mass.
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