CIA: Syrian reactor capacity was 1-2 weapons per year
Published: 29.04.08, 07:00
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1. Thanks for saving the world again Israel
rh ,   modiin   (04.29.08)
1981 Israel Bombs Bagdad Nuclear plant. Israel saves the world. 2008 Israel bombs Syrian Nuclear Plant ???? Israel bombs Iranian Nuclear Plant. Will someone please say thank you.
2. The world *should* be thanking Israel...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.29.08)
... but I won't hold my breath. Note that IAEA's feckless leader El Baradei slammed the US and Israel for not coming to them first, but didn't say a harsh word about Syria. As in 1981, Israel did the world a favor by destroying the Syrian facility. The haters of Israel are already out in force, claiming the evidence is fake, that it demonstrates Israeli aggressiveness, that Israel has nukes, why not Syria, etc. They're bigots and idiots, and probably beyond redemption.
3. how many? only 600 months
4. Burden of proof should be on the bellicose party...
Wanda ,   Montreal   (04.29.08)
...but all this is propaganda.
5. #1
first causes a little disaster after 10 years, the second will cause a moderately high one after 5 years, the third will cause major one after zero years.
6. Is Ynet reporter effected from Radiation leakage?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.29.08)
Ynet reported was there and very short range he photographed ruins. When Chernobil reactor leaked radiation all world suffered. Nuclear reactors are not such a thing to discuss beside its ruins if it was indeed a nuclear reactor or not. Simply you will be exposed to radioactivitiy. Ynet reporter was not effected and he was prosecuted by Israel because entering "enemy" state. Just be careful, prosecutor was not Syria accusing him of spying, just opposite Israel who prosecuted. THat was because they AFRAID THEIR LIE WOULD BE EXPOSED TO PUBLIC OPINION By the way he strangely stopped reporting the site bombed and turned his attetion to Jews in syria, who phoned and reprimand him to divert attetion from the site? That is journalism, not your releasing now CIA propoganda
7. #4 syria immediately bulldozed over the evidence. Guilty!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (04.29.08)
8. and when
will he declare that Syria had already stopped its nuclear program 20 years ago?
9. Syria nuke
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (04.29.08)
So how come it takes Iran so long to get up and running ?
10. israel is tougher than the rest of the world put together!
debra ,   usa   (04.29.08)
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