Israel to honor Al Gore
Amir Ben-David
Published: 29.04.08, 09:45
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1. The prize SHOULD go to Professor Ed Krug who exposed the
Rivkah   (04.29.08)
global warming hoax for what it is. It is cyclical increased sun spot activity which leads to an ice age after the poles shift which is eminent. A friend in Maine said this was the coldest winter on record for a long time, hardly global warming. To blame the exhausts of vehicles for changing the climate is nonsense. ONE volcanic eruption polutes the atmosphere more in one day than all the vehicles on earth. Al Gore wants to ban the combustion engine as we know it and go back to an agrarian society with hoes and shovels for farming.
2. Al Gore is evil
Zion   (04.29.08)
Al Gore has flown hundreds of times more than us, owns a bigger house than ours, and uses 3 PC screens in his office. Stop him before he taxes the air.
3. Gore
greg ,   USA   (04.30.08)
Israel should make people like Karter and Gore "persona non grata"! If You onor people like these, You show what You are Yourselves....
4. Mr. Gore receiving $1 Million
Glenn E. Meredith ,   Sellersburg USA   (04.30.08)
You Jews must be crazy. It is not global warming that is creating this weather. It is global sin. This makes about as much sense as giving the award to Hamas. Most common sense people are for a cleaner environment. And they understand that weather changes. Giving this award to Mr. Gore and for this reason defies logic.
5. Al Gore does not need...
Elisheva B. ,   Berkeley, USA   (04.30.08)
...a million of Israel's dollars! Why not give him a piece of paper to hang on the wall and donate that million dollars to a worthwhile cause in Israel? Like: Magen David Adom, Feeding the Poor, paying teachers and other city workers that haven't been paid in months or years, giving money to organizations which help survivors of bombings, etc, etc, etc.
6. You Didn't print my talkback?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.30.08)
The dinosaurs are praying for their natural warm climate back in Fairbanks Alaska. The meteor that turned their home into an ice box and cooled the planet is subsiding, The naturally tropical climate is coming back. Humans didn't have anything to do with it. This is the biggest charade ever forced on man. They can't explain why the climate wouldn't go back into its natural state of warmth. Man wouldn't have a darn thing to do with it. Man wasn't around to cause the Ice Age. I'm amazed none of you at YNET have the intelligence to question these chicken little stories. The sky is falling. Dinosaurs must be rolling in their graves laughing at this short sighted theory that everyone has been gullible enough to believe. You shouldn't ignore the fact that the climate was very warm to begin with. Man had nothing to do with it. The earths temperature would naturally go back to its previous state after a catastrophic event like a meteor hitting the earth.
7. Scientists have a new theory this week.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.30.08)
To many people walking in Europe....cause earthquakes in China. Everyone stay home and watch your television sets, and play on your computers. Evey little movement could trigger an earthquake during an olympic event. Just send your million dollars for this valuable worthy theory to Steven Anchorage, Alaska. Their have been more earthquakes in China. This is absolutely a scientific fact. Don't question it. China will fall into the sea if Europe doesn't stand in place immediately. Sound pretty stupid? Look in the mirror. You're the ones buying the Global Warming hoax. When scientists make man god.....and attribute everything to what man does and have a diety complex. But you people are listening to your scientific religious leaders.
8. I Thought Gore Was Getting A Prize For
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (05.01.08)
needlessly contributing to one of the biggest food disruptions in world history, all in pursuit of a solution to an illusory problem. You Anthropogenic Global Warming nuts are going to kill us all. But you'll hand each other nice trophies along the way. Yippee!
9. 6,7 Steven Wilson: There is an ice age following a global
Rivkah   (05.01.08)
warming phenomenon from cyclical increased solar spots every 3600 years. The ice age comes when the poles of the earth shift. Normally the earth is egg shaped and slightly tilted. But presently the earth is rounded which comes before a pole shift. There are six possible sites for the north pole to shift to, most likely into Siberia. But if the poles shift to the area of the present equator, that would be particularly catastrophic since more ice melting could raise the oceans by 600 feet. Professor Immanuel Vilikovsky wrote about this 3600 cyclic phenomenon in some of his books the Russians took very seriously. They have shelters for their entire population with America's grain surplus to feed them for four or five years. Needing warmer lands for their population may be a cause of the Ezekiel chapter 38 Russian (Magog) and Muslim and Gomer attack on Israel that is stopped with an earthquake and a plague that melts the eyes (nuclear weapons). Some believe Vladimir (means son of a wild dog) Putin may be Gog of Magog since he has been traveling to Muslim nations to get a coalition together for some purpose. It is quite likely the two moons of Mars will hit the earth, one at the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the other in an ocean. Why? When Planet X that is heading toward this solar system in its 3600 year orbit around our sun hits Mars, the moons of Mars will be thrown out of orbit. Something is going to hit Mars, anciently called Tyre. The King of Tyre is a name for the devil and he is going to be cast out of heaven (Mars) to the earth and will cause a lot of problems, knowing his time is short. Yeshua said mens' hearts would fail them for PHOBOS coming upon the earth. That is one of the names of the moons of Mars. After the first moon hits the earth, the fear of the larger second one will be fearsome. The first moon will likely hit the head waters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, drying them up to make way for the kings of the east to invade the Middle East. That will also release the four fallen angels bound there who will go out to kill a third of the people on the planet.
10. # 1 Another science hoax propped up by..
Connie ,   Virginia   (05.02.08)
goverments and higher learning institutions is evolution. Right now there is a movie that has come out to challenge it. The movie is called Expelled: no intelligence allowed, hosted by Ben Stein. I read a commentary about it this morning. You still might be able to read it. Go to dnr. online. That's the paper of the biggest city near me, The Daily News Record out of Harrisonburg, Virginia.
11. 10 Connie: My three answers to you under the
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
Obama Pastor article were not printed. Dr. Michael Brown is a Messianic Jew with a Near Eastern Languages from NYU. I don't know who the Michael Brown at Brownsville Assemblies of God is. The website was on a DVD cover for a debate, but was not the correct website. A lot of speakers are reluctant to give out a direct web address because of persecutions. I checked with Olaf Hage on his web address and he said he was 3,000 emails behind in reading the mail because his time is mostly spent in research and recording lectures that cost a hundred dollars a month to get them. Dr. Michael Brown is the author of Jewish religious books like "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus". The Assemblies of God religion is a Sunday sabbath works salvation faith. They have great speakers, but salvation is by God's election and grace, not by works, lest anyone should boast. Michael Rood is a good source, too, at He has been terribly afflicted. Hackers got into his website and diverted his email and stole money without sending products. He sends the products at his own expense when he finds out.
12. 10 Connie: Joseph Farah at World Net Daily internet news
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
also recommends the movie "Expelled: no intelligence allowed".
petra ,   USA   (05.03.08)
14. 13: I would disagree. Read Joan Veon's
Rivkah   (05.04.08)
report, "The United Nations and its Global Agenda for the Environment, Economy, and Family." Also read "Environment Betrayed" newsletters by Dr. Ed Krug. What Gore wants is what his backers like billionaire George Soros want: the eventual destruction of Western Civilization so that a priviledged few are feudal lords of slaves and the world population is reduced to 500 million.
15. The Gore issue
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (05.08.08)
I remember, many moons ago, listening to a talk on the radio which said that, if every man; woman and child living in China stood on a table one (1) meter high and jumped at the command, the entire world would collapse causing a worldwide Earthquake. Obviously nobody would survive. Are the Chinese so hot? Who would have believed that?
16. Al Gore
Tam Highpoint ,   Prince George, USA   (05.15.08)
What a travesty, to honor a liberal holligan like Al Gore, yet alone to give the man big $$. I like the idea of honoring a native Israelite who has actually contributed to the betterment of the country and the world. Israel is being unequally yoked with this leftest. I would sooner be gored by a bull, than Bulled by Mr. Gore!
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