PA negotiators furious over Israeli proposal
Roni Sofer and Ali Waked
Published: 29.04.08, 18:04
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1. Why isn't the headline 'PLO refuses Peace'
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.29.08)
They continually print that sort of thing whenever our side shows some backbone, and says no to the Arabs. It's about time to do same whenever the Arabs refuse any of our demands
2. Ahmed Qureia is becuase they DON'T want peace!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.29.08)
If Abu Allah, aka Ahmed Qureia, is annoyed then I am happy! The Palestinians, by their criticism of world leaders coming to Israel's 60th birthday which they call Yom Ha Nakbah (Day of Mourning), have once again proven they they still do not want Israel around and all this "Peace Thing" is a load of BS!
3. Israelis, this is the deal
Jonathan   (04.29.08)
1) Abbas asks for the moon (return of millions of Arab refugees and their descendants, Jerusalem, all the WB). 2) Abbas shows determination to obtain all his demands. Israelis despair. 3) At some point Abbas shows generosity of spirit and gives in on the key issue of the return of refugees, settling for a few hundred thousands instead. 4) The Israeli government breathes a sight of relief and tells Israelis how lucky they were to have such an astute negotiating team because now they will only have to give up land (all the WB, Jerusalem) and not have to surrender the Jewish majority in the rest of Israel. The resettlement in the Negev of thousands of Jews from the WB takes place. 5) The process continues ... there's the problem of continuity between the WB and Gaza... (By this time Gaza has reached an internal agreement with the WB PA.) More land needs to be surrendered for a corridor. Discontent among the Arabs continues ... 6) Corridor is arranged. Israel is split into two parts. 7) Demands are made that some Galilee Arab towns be annexed to the state of Palestine. Arabs express their support for joining Palestine. 8) Discussions and unrest continues.... By the way, did you hear about today's petition by Tel Aviv professors and students to declare their territory as occupied? It happens that there was an Arab village there once. Its name was Sheikh Munis.... And so the story continues....
4. A farce from those who can't even say the words
GZLives   (04.29.08)
"Jewish State" There will never be any peace with this bunch. Tell them to negotiate with Farfur
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (04.29.08)
6. Drama
Abigal ,   USA   (04.29.08)
Does PA Queria think by being dramatic and puling temper tantrum he will intimidate a woman or Israel ? What dimwits and grade B acting. And banal . It's the old -ALL my way or no way - school of negotiation. LOL
7. women are considered as shit
gil ,   city of david   (04.29.08)
its an error to put tsipi , a woman, un front of these middle age people. they need shaul mofaz or barak , they consider women as inferior.. if they are not happy , i suggest they give back all billions dollars & join the hamas in gaza for the last fight their last fight..... arafat refused 100% in camp david , now they have to accept 60% from olmert , because they will receive 0% from the next israel prime minister .... they know that
8. A far too generous offer .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.29.08)
I'd only be willing to pay busfare to Amman.
9. Just a Ruse to make Olmert gang look like tough negotiators
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (04.29.08)
If this article works as planned, Israelis reading it will think, "Hey, look, Olmert's not so bad. If the PA doesn't like him then I should like him. He must be a tough negotiator and will get what the others could not." It is a ruse. Olmert will sell the farm and get nothing in return. Don't be fooled.
10. #8 & friends. I'd be willing to pay plane fare to poland
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (04.29.08)
just tell me when you are packed up.
11. Negotiations
Said ,   London, UK   (04.29.08)
Israelis: "We'll give you your own country where we control all the borders: land, sea and air. Please accept this open-air prison so we can have peace!" Palis: "An open-air prison, divided into bantustans, is not my idea of peace!" Israelis: "Clearly you don't want to reach a humane peace deal!"
12. Remind me again, what is it that the pals have to offer in
jj ,   orlando   (04.29.08)
return for anything? What tangible benefits are they prepared to actually offer or implement in return for land and recognition.? When you are not holding any cards its difficult to play poker. Given the history the pals and their arab brethren would like us all to ignore, they are lucky to get anything.
13. serious Q: how long do u think ur foreign entity can survive
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (04.29.08)
in a turmoiling ocean of arabs? it's ironic that chosen elite people of god, haven't learned anything from history! you simply cannot and shall not maintain your occupation of the holy land of palestine.
14. #10 Majority of Israelis are not from Poland
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.29.08)
They are from Arab countries, chor-tachton!
15. #11 Negotiations
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.29.08)
Palis: "We'll give you a temporary truce where you give up all the land you won in 1967, ethnically cleanse 500,000 Jews so that we can have a pure Judenrein state, and flood what is left of your country with 1.5 million hostile Palestinians so that we can have a majority in 5-10 years and annihilate the rest of Israel." Israelis: "Genocide in stages, is not our idea of peace!" Palis: "Clearly then you don't want to reach a humane peace deal!"
16. Negotiations is give and take
Reality C heck ,   BaGolan   (04.29.08)
Israel gives and the palis take!
17. Khlaed from Jordan calling Israel a "foreign entity"
GZLives   (04.29.08)
Haven't they told you where YOUR country came from yet Khaled or do you think Allah bestowed it on you? Jeeez talk about ignorant bluster ....
18. #14 could have foold me. most of you are
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (04.29.08)
euro / american rejects. not Mizrahim., get your facts straight
19. Stories about the pretend peace talks are now stale!
redmike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (04.29.08)
Everybody who has even the smallest about of knowledge about the subject knows that the whole peace talks issue is a farce and they are only taking place to please the US, the EU and the Israeli left etc and for internal PA political reasons. Israel has no intention of returning to the '67 borders; Jerusalem will not be divided; Gaza will not be connected to the West Bank (it never was) and the idea that millions of "Palestinians" will come (note that I don't say 'return') to live in Israel is not even accepted by the extreme left in Israel. It's hard to watch most plays at the theater more than once and this one is now boring most people to tears. Mike
20. Our unquestionable rights on the Land of Israel.
Robert Bernier   (04.29.08)
We have modern political rights dating back to the First World War: "After World War I, the borders and countries that today make up the Middle East were created - Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. Modern Israel was created the same way! The countries of the world charged Britain [in the San Remo Resolution of 1920, based on the League of Nations and Balfour Declaration] with creating a 'national homeland' for the Jewish People, based on the 'historical rights' of the Jews, and calling for Jewish immigration and settlement here. Only a quarter of the land, including Hevron and Shechem, originally designated for the Jews by the League of Nations, was left for us. The historical and political truth about rights and legitimity can be read in its 5 parts at :
21. Khaled
Eyal ,   Tel Aviv Man   (04.29.08)
Plenty of time more. You are talking about yourself, right? Israel has been in existence for over 3,500 years, not including our for fathers before Abraham, which is 5758 years. We have always been here. How long have you been in existence? Secondly, the Palestinians today, are not the same Philistines we read about in the Bible. Today, the Philistines are nomads, coming from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Iran and so on. If you recall, King David wiped out the old Philistines you are referring to. The same thing is going to happen to your brothers again. Seems like dejavoo.
22. Headline: Head Palestinian Negotiator.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.29.08)
Has Tantrum and Cries to the Press. This is the bullshit that Israel has to nogotiate with.
23. Robert #20 Deranged Leftists Don't Care
GZLives   (04.29.08)
about facts or truth or certainly history. After all they believe there was some people called "Palestinians" because Arafat the Egyptian said so. They deranged Left only wants Israel destroyed. Read Richard and Invicta from Londonistan to see a graphic illustration of wackadoodles
24. #13 Moses split the Red sea and Israel will split Arab swine
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.29.08)
Happy 60th anniversary to Israel - 1 million more till the end of time
25. #13 - where is and was Palestine?
redmike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (04.29.08)
who are the Palestinians? When did they come into existence? where was their country? what language did they speak? Please answer seriously. Mike
26. #18
Micha   (04.29.08)
take off your hood.
27. Arabs are disconnected from reality
Sam ,   Canada   (04.29.08)
The Palestinians and the Arabs in general are waitng for the Jews to hand over the country to them. That is what peace means to them. For propoganda purposes (getting pressure on Israel) they try to sound reasonable to Western countries. It's all a sham. The Arabs still don't accept that there will be a Jewish-majority state in their midst.
28. 13
zionist forever   (04.29.08)
khaled The only occupation of the holy land around here is being done by the arabs Jordan especialy. The state of Jordan a 20th century creation was built on 80% of the former kingdom of Judea which is also 80% of the land promised to the jews under the legue of nations mandate given to the British and the Balfour Decleration. The palestians are a creation of Yasser Arafat they are not a people with any kind of history they are the PLO and they are ocupying parts of the Kingdom of Judea. Jews today occupy only a tiny part of the land promised to them by God and what was theres long before arabs or islam came into existance. One day we will once again be masters of all of the promised land and there will be no more palestians and the palestian state of Jordan will be replaced by the jewish state. At 60 we only occupy a small part of our land but please God in the next 60 years we will gain back all that was take from us.
29. Jerusalem a Cup of Trembling to the world
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (04.29.08)
Zechariah Chapter 12 :1 thru 9... Who says the words spoken thousands of years ago are irrelevent ???
30. #24 & #25. you were lost for 2000 years, soon will be lost
abbas ,   palestine   (04.29.08)
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