Wiesenthal Center releases list of most wanted Nazis
Associated Press
Published: 30.04.08, 09:57
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1. It seems almost a mistake
J. Klaber ,   R. Hasharon, Israel   (04.30.08)
to publish such a list without checking if anyone involved is still alive. Without trying to hurt the Wiesenthal Center , but this reads like a cover up. 63 years (!!) after end of WWII still publishing search lists?? The extended info below the names, however, tells tales (about the real cover up of governments that is).
2. nazis
sas ,   israel   (04.30.08)
why not all are with pictures??????
3. nazi scum!
lea/shosh ,   s.o. ca usa   (10.31.08)
they should all be caught & punished severly,even by death..Not a simple one either! Think of all those murdered by those beasts & how many future generations of their children will never be.. Never Again!
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