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British Jews: Don't celebrate Israel's 60th
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 30.04.08, 20:11
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1. ימח שמם וזכרם
Zionnist ,   Zion   (04.30.08)
אמן סלע
2. For smart people, we Jews are often so stupid.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (04.30.08)
3. Only *some* British Jews won't celebrate
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.30.08)
What we have here are the usual suspects - left wing "progressive" types lacking a proper knowledge of history and with questionable moral judgment. By repeatedly standing *against* Israel, they retain their "cred" with the liberal haters of Israel. And having a few self-hating Israelis in their circle doesn't hurt. I'm sure there are many among British Jewry who will be celebrating. Among those are families buying property in Israel because they see where the UK is heading.
4. You make me happy that I am an Ex-Pat Brit
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.30.08)
What are you scared of? Are you so dehumanised as Jews that you believe all the rubbish written in the Guardian or are you too "intellectual" to use simple horse sense to understand that it is all lies? Today, on Holocaust Remeberance day you remind me of the intellectual German Jews who thought Judaism was stupid and thought it would save them from the gas chambers!
5. Brain washed liberals
Avi ,   Tel-Aviv   (04.30.08)
6. Well sod the miserable bastards then
JC ,   London, England   (04.30.08)
Let those 100 anti Jewish, Anti Israeli morons sign what they like and let the rest of us proud Jews and Israelis in England celebrate a historic ocassion. See you on the 29th June at the salute to Israel. More details at
7. Disgusting
Su B. ,   Atlanta, USA   (04.30.08)
Why do we Jews always have self-hating apologists in our midst ? Better we should all commit national suicide...??!! Revolting.
8. Sha'ira Law is coming
Raphie ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.30.08)
When England begins to pray five times a day, and women are dressed in black and all Jews are expelled, I wonder what tune these "Jews" will sing then. Maybe "This Year In Jerusalem". The clock is running on the "British Empire" and "Jews" like these are hasting the inevitable end.
Roni Baum ,   TelAviv, Israel   (04.30.08)
LOL! In Warsaw Ghetto blazing guns We took heroic stand! And than we kicked the British out From Our Holy Land!
10. No one respects an Ephialtes
Jake   (04.30.08)
These "Jewish elites" should think about that next time they peddle lies and pander to the masses. Let the Jewish people judge these individuals for whom they are. I , for one, feel a closer bond to shamanistic steppe tribes and lip-plate-toting hunter-gatherer animists than to these "Jews".
11. Jews make excellennt anti-semites. the 100 Jews from tthe UK
William ,   USA   (04.30.08)
prove it.
12. ahh the most marginal of the marginal
Danny   (04.30.08)
the only two people who are of any note are Stephen Fry and Harold Pinter - who appears to have lost at sea since the denouncing of Stalin. The "Death March" was a couple of miles, "hundreds" didn't die and the figure for the population was probably half that quoted - oh and thousands came back to Lod and Ramle which is now mostly arab. Israel offered to take back more than 100,000 of the refugees - it DID take back more than 40,000 immediately after the war and post Olso took back several thousand more into 1948 Israel. Finally no one is accusing these people of anti-semiticism just of being liars and morons.
13. Why don't you British liberals just....
Poitcha ,   Israel   (04.30.08)
go to a mosque and listen to a Muslim cleric for once or better still, why don't you spend a weekend in Gaza if you feel so much hatred for your fellow Jew. You are such a pathetic lot. Wait till the British govt., has a Muslim won't even remember what it felt like to be British, let alone a Jew.
14. How appropos that it appears in the guardian
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.30.08)
mouthpiece for terrorists everywhere
15. The Enemy Within
Mark ,   South Africa   (04.30.08)
These British Jews remind me so much of the German Jews pre-holocaust. Same attitude, same anti-Zionistic views. Wonders if they will tall land up in the same pot ? What a shame, 60 years,a drop in the ocean of historical events. Remember how history always repeats itself.
16. British Jews?
KeepingItRealJew ,   California   (04.30.08)
Why don't these self-righteous "British Jews" simply sever their ties with the rest of our people? If they feel so little solidarity with us, then surely they would feel much more at home in the Episcopal Church. Such a sad state of affairs that such obviously self-hating Jews inflict upon us all.
17. Moonbats
Jeff ,   Toronto   (04.30.08)
Harold Pinter ( lunatic) is the idiot who endorsed the play "my name is Rachel Corrie". Pinter is part of a group of Left Wing Self Hating Jews who have been shunned by mainstream Judaism for their retarded rants. Apparently he doesn't have much time left once his disease returns. Perhaps he could appear on one of "Roger Waters" pig baloons.
18. Will Bush put'em on terror list? cuz they say the truth.
MO ,   USA   (04.30.08)
Judaism is a reverent religion that must be respected by all, but Zionism is a pure terror.
19. To call these nonJewish Jews..........
Phil ,   US   (04.30.08)
self-haters is to give some kind of psychological excuse for their behavior. Instead, these nonJewish Jews are simply despicable traitors. Ostracizing them will not work because creatures like Pinter and Rose associate with like-minded people who share their evil. Although these wretched excuses for human beings represent the worst of the treasonous antisemitic and nonJewish Jews, they are similar to the Jewish publishers of the NY Times and other prominent American Jews who refused to do anything to rescue the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust.
20. In the immortal words of Monty Python,
Daniel Pinner ,   Kfar Tapuach   (04.30.08)
Sod off, you stropping wankers. And stay in England, 'cos if you ever make Aliyah, you'd probably end up voting for Ra'am-Ta'al or Meretz, or some other bunch of Hampton Wicks who'll sprout the same sickness in the Knesset.
21. Self Hating Israeli/Jewish Traitors
Sid Emess ,   London?Jerusalem   (04.30.08)
These people have forgotten the Holocaust and the reasons behind it and now are providing fuel to our enemies. If they had been in the Warsaw Ghetto would they have fought back? There is no place for these traitors either in Jewish society in the UK or in Israel. But of course they don't care as they do NOT associate with the general mainstream Jewsih community! So their voices count for nothing!!!
22. A house divided cannot stand.
This article is vile. This kind of Jewish thinking will CAUSE another holocaust.
23. how many nonantisemitic, Holocaust nondeniers Neurtri Karta?
24. how dare they call themselves jews?
joe ,   paris   (04.30.08)
25. They're not Jews.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.30.08)
Maybe their grand-parents were Jews - these creeps come out of the woodwork or crawl out from under rocks only to indulge in Israel-bashing. Otherwise, they have no connexion to Judaism or to the Jewish people. Their only motivation is to show how "not-Jewish" they are to make themselves "acceptable" in left-wing gentile society. There were many like that in pre-war Germany & they ended up in the ovens anyway. If they want to opt out of their Jewish heritage, fine, it's their right. We don't murder apostates like some. But they should have the good sense to keep quiet & not slander the rest of us.
26. I'll say someone didnt go to hebrew school....
leo ,   ny   (04.30.08) was the british state formed? Where they greeted with candy and flowers?
27. This goes for Britain, too
Roberta ,   Santa Monica   (04.30.08)
How can these men live in Britain with any conscience? Britain ruled half the world for centuries; conquered its neighbors; murdered Europeans on a mass scale during World Wars I and II; carried on terrorism against the Irish; fought an imperialist war in the Falklands--and what possible right did they have to do so? The Jews'--powerless for 2,000 years--alleged crimes don't even hit the radar screen. These so-called "Jews" need to find an unstained country. It's called Utopia.
FO ,   Belgium   (04.30.08)
Instead of celebrating Israel's 60th, celebrate your joint responsability as British citizens, in the collaboration of your country with Nazi Germany about the extermination of European Jewry, by imposing, (in total and treacherous breach of the resolutions voted by the League of Nations, the 24th of July 1922 unanimously by its 51 members) the White Paper Policy, closing the borders of Palestine, and preventing European Jews to save their lives from Nazi barbarism..
29. re: Israeli "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians
Carole Lawrence ,   Aventura, FL USA   (04.30.08)
Israelis who are know to be very efficient in all they do must have missed the "ethnic cleansing" lessons - the Arab polulation of Israel has grown more 100% since 1948 - gee, I wonder how that happened?
30. #29, you mean 1,000%
Danny   (04.30.08)
around 150,000 end of the war and now 1.2 million
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