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Monument to honor homosexual Holocaust victims
Reuven Weiss
Published: 01.05.08, 13:03
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1. The divide continues
Talula ,   Israel   (05.01.08)
Gay people are human, just like the rest of the 6 million that were murdered. But because they have been given their own memorial is saying that they are different from the rest of us. They are not. The memorials for those that perished in the death camps must include every heart that stopped beating, gays included. They were all equal, they were all humans. A memorial for ONE not one for each type of person.
2. a lesson for Shas
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.01.08)
Before the hollocaust the Nazi party in Germany lauched a campaign of hatred and incitment to violence towards jews , gays, gypsies and political activists. The same hate campaign that the Shas party seems so keen to continue. Saying gays cause earth quakes and shouls be treated like bird flu of a cure must be found. Only Shas uses reiligion as a means to justify this hatred. Lessons learnt from the Hollocaust? apparently not by Shas anyway.
3. Memorials
Ari   (05.01.08)
What about a memorial for vegetarian Jews? And ambidextrous Jews? Reform Jews? Ultra Orthodox Jews? etc. etc. The memorial for Gay Jews insults all others. A.
4. #1- Talula: I strongly disagree!
Eric ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.01.08)
No! Gays are discriminated because they are gay not because they are Jewish or any other reason, and those people were murdered because they were homosexuals. Unless the reason for their discrimination is clearly identified and rebuked in every possible and acceptable way the discrimination will continue.
5. # 3 Ari you are missing the point
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.01.08)
Well actually i am jewish and gay and a vegetarian so there! The point is 500,000 gay men were also murdered regardless of if they wer jewish or not. The lesson is that like the jews they were considered differnt and were murdered because of this. The issue is that even today people like to ignore this fact as they still feel uncomfortable with this. So if you would like to propose a memorial to gay jewish vegetarian jews then go ahead buddy thats your right !
6. Disgraceful!
Thomas   (05.01.08)
Hitler and his toadies were all gay or bi-sexual. The only reason they persecuted gays to the extent that they did was to cover-up this fact. Sorry but Nazi persecution of gays is a gay on gay crime and any memorial should be in Paris or San Francisco.
7. answer to -3 - it`s not for Jews
Dror ,   Tel-Aviv   (05.01.08)
please re read it - it`s memorial for gays who`d been persecited because being gays. there is nothing to do with Jewish holocaust
8. #4 not actually sure exactly what you disagree about
Talula ,   Israel   (05.01.08)
Maybe you should read my TB again - but slowly
9. Please, no fake!
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.01.08)
The Nazis' target were the german male homosexuals, who materialised the racial decadence. 1) Never were lesbians persecuted, these women were the backbone of the female SS corps and camp wardens. 2) Never were non german gays persecuted, as they proved the non aryans' racial decadence. In Vichy France, gay pronazis, e.g. Benoist Mechin & Abel Bonnard were ministers (and eventually were sent as ambassadors in arab countries after war).
10. #8 - Talula: I still disagree
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.01.08)
I re-read your talkback and I still disagree. I disagree with the implicit wish in your words not to recognize that homosexuals are discriminated against because of what they are. And as long as people think like you the discrimination will continue. Can't you see that?
11. #3- Ari
Eric ,   Montreal   (05.01.08)
You say: " What about a memorial for vegetarian Jews? And ambidextrous Jews? Reform Jews? Ultra Orthodox Jews?" Well can't you see the differennce or don't you want to see it? The vegeterian, ambidextrous, etc. were not discriminated or murdered by anyone because they were vegeterian, ambidextrous, etc.!!!
12. God's created homosexuality yes to honoring gays
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NY   (05.01.08)
OK, so I write a post deploring the imbalance of hundreds of "sermons" on this site against homosexuals that exist especially among Far Rightists. ( Avigdor Liberman types). In fact, the very first bashing aginst our blessed lifestyle I remember in my childhood church it was said homosexuals need to get back in the closet, and then the gay bashing started. Yet when I write this, to be able to defend my choice of homosexuality . God's word is authoritative and able to communicate clearly. With that starting point, I can handle all of the major objections that are raised by those who would seek to bash out lifestye. God's created order and homosexuality is His creation and has divine purpose. Get to reality Choose Homosexuality
13. #1 Talula/ Paula
Dovid ,   Modiin   (05.01.08)
I bet your upset that the City Council didn't commemorate the trans community.
14. to #1
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.01.08)
While I'd agree if that was the reality, it isn't. Nazis separated people very effectively. Jews had a yellow star, gays had a pink triangle. Gay Jews had a star consisting of a yellow and a pink triangle. The problem is compounded, because many people refused to recognize the treatment of gays. In fact, certain MKs sometimes voice opinions on measures towards gays that differ little from the treatment gays received in Germany.
15. to #2, Russia uses that tactic too
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.01.08)
Official Russian Orthodox Church is against gays, pretty much siding with neo-Nazis on this issue. Although they don't earthquakes on gays, the effect of their actions is undeniable. The question is - does Israel want to turn into Russia?
16. to #3, learn history
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.01.08)
Vegetarian Jews were not treated differently from the rest of the Jews, Neither were ambidextrous Jews, neither were Reform or Ultra Orthodox. Gay Jews were treated differently. They had to wear a different type of yellow star, which also had a pink triangle on it. And they were subject to different treatment. I am not saying this to compete over who suffered more. I am just pointing out the mistake of not studying history.
17. Monument to honor gay victims of the Holocaust.
Nemo ,   Toronto,Canada   (05.01.08)
Sometimes I'm so ashamed to be called a human, It is uncincable that in the 21st century we are still debating who to honor when they are killed and executed, when they are denied their rights as human beings and villified specialy in the name of some bronce Age supersticious mithological religious a recovering Catholic and seeing that we have now an "ex Nazi Pope" leading the masses ( I was raised in Spain and never once it would have crossed my mind to join the facist youth movement of Franco even as a very young man and inexperienced I new better ).The hatred and ignorance among a small very vocal Elite of religeous fanatics seems to drown the voice of reason, we had them in Spain and the movement is growing larger in North America and Africa, not to mention the Arab country's. Beter Universities, and Schools , beter Libraries and not forgeting how aufull it can be to let the ignorant rule a country based on superstition and not on science. peace to all ...real or imagined.
18. Nemo #17
m ,   Toronto   (05.01.08)
The problem is that people who comment here don't understand the idea. Jews were persecuted and killed if they were gay or old, or young, or babies, so it really doesn't matter if they were gay or not, as long as they were Jews, their destiny was the ovens after a long time of torture and dehumanization. By the way Franco the fascist saved 30,000 Jews from death. No Jews who crossed into Spain were returned, unlike Switzerland the "neutral" who did the opposite.
19. the new jew
ilan ,   ta   (05.01.08)
gay is the new jew - hated and discriminated against. no?
20. #13
Are you saying that Talula is part of the trans community? Is Talula birth name Paul?
21. # 15 - Most People Already Are Like the Russians
There's no nation on earth where homosexuality is tolerated. If the people here who claim to be tolerant, had one of their own sons "come out of the closet", they would be embarrassed by it.
22. and...
ilan ,   ta   (05.02.08)
and there's no country on earth where jews are tolerated other than, maybe, israel
23. #21: I'd be more embarrassed if my child was a bigot.
Shar ,   Israel   (05.02.08)
24. #12 - Choose homosexuality?
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.02.08)
I don't think who you are is created - you don't choose it. You only get to choose whether to love yourself -- all of yourself -- or not.
25. #21
Matan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.02.08)
I came out of the closet, my parents had literally no problem with it, it took some getting used to (they now had to think in terms of me having a Husband instead of a Wife). We talk on the phone at least once daily, we have Shabbat together, both my parents have continued to play match's unfortunate that hate consumes really have no idea what your missing by allowing yourself to be blinded by it.
26. #24 Most (63%) people are suppressed homosexuals
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (05.02.08)
Look at the latest survey!
27. #24 - more posts....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.03.08)
righ from Yaakov's tuchus.
28. Monument for gays
graham ,   Germany   (05.03.08)
Monument here - monument there. - what's the relevance of a past sexual orientation for those who are dead -and (one trusts) whose souls are judged worthy to be in a better place. Were there gays at Masada? Im not "anti-gay" I just think it is enough to be a victim of the Shoah Graham
29. What about a monument for gypsies in Tel aviv
Harry ,   US   (05.30.08)
And for the disabled, communists etc? What about the millions innocent people that were killed by Nazi bombing all over Europe. Inscribe their names too, and the population of Linz. This newest monument is more about making a point - its okay to be gay, rather than commemeration. It's a joke!
30. Israeli gay holocaust memorial
SteveMD2 ,   Annapolis, MD, USA   (06.02.08)
Right on. This is only decades late.
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