Report: Rights group shows clear anti-Israel bias
Published: 01.05.08, 22:28
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1. Top human rights violator is Saudiarabia..
KMR ,   Overseas   (05.01.08)
nobody other than saudi male enjoy freedom there...women not considered as humans
2. Who needs them in Yerushalaim??
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.01.08)
Send them to Azza..
3. As Mary Robinson President of the UN human rights committee
Sheila ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.08)
said "Of course it is unfair but there are more than 50 of them and only one of you - I want to be re-elected"
4. Humanitarian for who
Ilana   (05.01.08)
Well you see, apparently jews aren't humans and therefore no crimes of humanity or collective punishment can be done to them. Where are those human rightists when missiles fall on civilians who are not responsible for anything that goes on anywhere? Where are they when boys get shot at while studying? And another thousand examples? Oh that is correct!! That's where they are, with the humans over in Gaza!
5. Are theHuman Rights, Animals Rights & Netura Karta the same?
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.01.08)
They all seem to be anti-Israel.
NUTS TO NUTS TO NUTS ,   ..............DACON9   (05.01.08)
7. No decent person/group supports jewish barbarism
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.01.08)
Wake up and smell the coffee! No Nelson Mandela, No Desmond Tutu, No M. Ghandi, No Jimmy Carter, No one! No Great Statesman/No reputable organization with a shred of moral decency will support the jewish thuggery and barbarism employed against the Palestinians. NO ONE!
8. Saudi Arabia is the best advocate of jewish minorities...
simple man ,   usa   (05.01.08)
have you ever heard a synegouge burning...and insult to a jewish...a grafiti on a jewish cemetery... no, never, none, zilch that is why saudi arabia is the best advocate of human rights do not you agree, stupid lefts?
9. Lydia from Brisbane #7
Stu ,   Adelaide   (05.02.08)
expect your momma!
10. HRW wouldn't know an international law if it bit them
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.02.08)
I demand to know what international law says that any nation in the world has to supply anybody else anything period. Sarah Leah Whitson is a liar. We have no obligations to anybody outside our country period. Providing any help at all is call a 'priveledge' and if we decide to allow nothing that is our right.
11. What about Egypt?
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (05.02.08)
Egypt has a border with Gaza. Why doesn't anyone condemn Egypt for closing the border? And, if in fact they don't close the border, what's the problem? The Gazans would have access to whatever they need.
12. HRW
Thomas   (05.02.08)
Ynet never publishes my post...but you should know HRW is run by a self loathing Leftist Jew, Kenneth Roth, he is a close associate of the evil G. Soros. Soros financing Roth and most of the Leftist Anti-Israel organizations. Check them out with Google. Ynet: you don't like the truth do you?
13. No.7, You are SOOOOOOO WRONG!
rachel ,   chutz4now   (05.02.08)
Maybe you need to take a ride into Melbourne's north and speak again! You do nOT even see it in YOUR OWN COUNTRY! How can you possibly see things in Irael clearly. Make aliyah and live in the land for more than a holiday, please. And while you are at it....try talking like this about "PA controlled areas" or "Arab countries" and see how long before (chas vShalom) you need political/military/legal help.
14. No Decent Person supports-----
yerushalmi ,   nyc usa   (05.02.08)
You are right---these are NOT DECENT PEOPLE THAT YOU MENTION. Meanwhile take a good BM!
15. No. 14
NYC Girl   (05.02.08)
LOL. I think she already did because she obviously has a terminal case of verbal diarrhea.
16. Human rights watch anti-israel??
david ,   new york   (05.02.08)
ya kiddin' whodathunk? nice to know someone's on the ball
17. Lydia in Brisbane
Gimpel the fool ,   Jhb, S.A.   (05.02.08)
Lydia, I'll agree with you on one point only, but not how you would want. There is no Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu or Mahatma Ghandi anywhere in the Arab world, let alone in what you would call Palestine. Yassir Arafat, the father of all terrorists, won a nobel peace prize. That should show you how warped people's perceptions in relation to this conflict are. I know most Isreali's want peace. Always have. They have leaders capable of making difficult concessions (pulled out of Gaza). On the other side, the side you support, the Arabs hatred for Jews won't allow them to make ANY concessions and their majority voted in Hamas, who are committed to Isreal's destruction, i.e. the destruction of the Jewish people.
18. HRW is politics
Stefan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.03.08)
It is certainly enlightening to see how HRW deals with criticism. Human rights that should be in the heart of democracy are time and again dragged in the mud by HRW. All that only because Israel has to be lambasted one way or the other. HRW has taken this issue to a political level = no credibility at all. When HRW gets criticized it should take a very serious look at itself. Because it is YOUR credibility at stake (not the criticizers). That is the only issue here in my understanding. And what did we get from the HRW? Nothing at all i.e. banalities, shooting from the hip, international law crap etc. After reading several HRW reports I have come to the conclusion that HRW uses the term “International law” basically as it sees fit. They never quote the exact text nor do they make any effort to evaluate other contradictory aspects of that same or other laws, charters or agreements. So the HRW is not the judge but the litigation attorney. And it is all about influence and money, not human rights.
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