Urgent interrogation: Police to question Olmert Friday
Roni Sofer
Published: 01.05.08, 21:43
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1. Usual solution:Kick Jews out of homes & case will close.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (05.01.08)
2. Any one doubts that Olmert is a ganeef?
naro ,   nyc   (05.01.08)
They are all corrupt in Israel politics.
3. olmert has his day
marcel   (05.01.08)
Nail him. This is the way to get this arrogant weakling out of office.He can take livni and ramon with him.
4. I would like to see Olmert go BUT the public needs to do so
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (05.01.08)
While I am the first person who wishes to see Olmert go, I feel uncomfortable about him being ousted by the Attorney General. We have a democractic system that needs to be followed. The voice of the people must be heard. Let the Israelis vote him out of service. If they fail to do so, they deserve him.
5. Baaaaa? Baaa? Baaaaaaaaa!
Gideon Reader   (05.01.08)
Gentlemen songsters off on a spree,...........! They found him with a dead girl, a live boy, or a goat zonked on Ruffies? Hmmm! Got caught with his fingers in someone else's cookie jar? Sticky fingerin' is cool as long as it is on your own patch.
6. oh no that again!
fish   (05.01.08)
Oy vey, it looks like Olmerto is indecisive about some "peace" moves, like giving more weaponry to Pal-s or destroying "illegal" settlements. So the SYSTEM wants to slap him on the butt a little... Beware, Israelis - when Olmert is summoned by police - Jews get expelled from their homes. There's a conspiracy going on here. WHO RULES THIS COUNTRY? Remember after Annapolis all charges against him were mysteriously dropped? G-d, it doesn't even smell bad, IT STINKS, and the stench is unbearable!
7. What now !!! All this corruption whats going on ???
HARRY   (05.01.08)
8. to # 6 I think the reverse is true.LOL
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (05.01.08)
God help Him, and the peace loving people who voted for him. it is always like that when he decide to run for peace and real realization to his people, he got a mystery case open to perturbe him. You the people who are peace loving must rise for him and ask them to let him do the Final peace work. Good luck
9. You guys in Israel are like Croats...
John ,   Europe   (05.01.08)
They also have half of their government under investigation.
10. ohlmert - investigation
sas ,   israel   (05.01.08)
hope they "catch" him on something. the man is corrupt a liar and dishonest. so are most of his friends...............................and his wife is not much better. she appears so little on TV so that people will not talk about her. i have seen her in action. she certainly is shrewd and corrupt.
11. Here is the reason
observer   (05.01.08)
A box containing sweet Levant pastas was carried by Abbas as a gift to Olmert from Bashar Al-Assad after attending the last Arab Summit in Damascus. A similar box for Livni, but nothing for Barak. How could Assad send sweets to Barak after the big desert hit; that was the point which derived Barak furious. That was between Barak and Assad, the PA was just a messenger, so why was that nagging at Quraie? (source is Maariv in Hebrew)
12. Please Please Please!
Jonny Gee ,   Brookline, MA USA   (05.01.08)
Let it be for real this time.
13. Arrest Bibi and the right
Ran   (05.01.08)
Stop harrassing Olmert and go after Bibi and the other right wing opponents of Oslo. Being a war monger needs to be a crime
14. I hope he gets 60 years in jail
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.01.08)
as a gift to the people of Israel.
15. 10,000 Trucks for 1m Hungarian Jews
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (05.01.08)
Holocaust deniers are at it again, while 10,000 young Jews march near Auschwitz. Iran complains to UNSC about Hillary, while it sends it's goose stepping soldiers down main streets, guarded by Shihab Missiles noting "Next Year in Jerusalem". Hez has 40,000 Katys and Grads, and Hamas wants a so-called hudna (to allow it to beef up it's militias). Syria tries a quickie nuke plant (2 bombs year initially) and dismisses US intelligence as "Fabricated". While above goes on, Israel's elected leadership is again put on the hot coals. In 1944, Brits scoffed at 10,000 trucks for 1m Hungarian Jews, while no one was warned about boarding those trains. Jews have learned nothing about survival., except first do your own others can gloat., while rubbing their hands with glee. 12,000 Jews gassed daily...remember!
16. to no 13
fish   (05.01.08)
To be a "peace supporter" in Israel must be outlawed. You idiots brought a lot of suffering on Israel with your outlandish ideas of peace among the sea of Arab hatred towards Jews. I love this, you bloody leftist liberal - you want to send your political opponents to prison becasue they don't worship your peace idol! Shame on you!
17. to no 8
fish52   (05.01.08)
For you peace means give you more land of Israel to Arabs and having more Jews killed. We love peace and we want peace, but we don't want to be fooled by the likes of Olmert and murdered by the likes of Hamas. LOL stands for - Laughing Out Loud? !
18. to # 17 I know what LOL means.
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (05.02.08)
You have i think a high degree of annexiaty like me some time. regard
19. You can't arrest a dictator like Olmert
Yonatan ,   Israel/USA   (05.02.08)
20. olmert under investigation
bernard landman ,   raanana   (05.02.08)
olmert, give Israel a very happy 60 birthday present- disappear for our next 60 years
21. Olmert celeberationg Israel independeny by inaugurating
observer   (05.02.08)
dependency on Egypt enemy. Yesterday, Egypt's natural gas started to flow to flow on a rate of 1.7 billion cubic meters/year. It is estimated that more than 20% of Israel's electricity will depend on Egypt's gas.
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