IDF says did not hit Beit Hanoun house
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.05.08, 15:57
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1. Let the Palis produce the shrapnel to prove otherwise
Cynic ,   USA   (05.02.08)
They won't. Because it will prove these people were killed by their own brothers.
2. Well Pals what have you to say ? :-)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (05.02.08)
3. Israel still loses in the PR war
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington D.C.   (05.02.08)
The truth doesn't matter in the PR war being waged by the Paleo's. All of the news being broadcast out of Gaza is being done so by "reporters" who shill for Hamas. The average Europeon or American sees images of bloodied or dead Paleos followed by rambling statements from inept Israeli spokespeople. Get with it Israel, you are losing the PR war as you are the real one!
4. Another Jenin - Where is Ashley Banfeld NOW?
Jack ,   USA   (05.02.08)
Remember, when Israel had to go into jennin and it was claimed they killed civialains and put them in a Freezer truck, that boy who was shot by his own people crouching in a corner with his father who used the boy as a shield. Alot of people forget these things or remember the funeral procession, where the arabs carried a person dead on a casket until they walked out of range from the camera and news men. Israel filmed the man get up and walk away. Or the dead bodies frozen and taken from the morgues in Lebanon and placed on the street next to an apartment building. My question is why the media and the Arabs are so stupid. Remember a few months ago when the power was not cut off but Hamas claimed it was. They showed footage in candel light but someone forgot to turn off the lights in the street. Dumb, da Dumb, Dumb!
5. And our foolish PM, Olmert, apologizes....
JAy3 ,   Israel   (05.02.08)
what a moron!
6. Bet the BBC wont report this!
Karen ,   Rehovot Israel   (05.02.08)
7. How about International investigation???
New yorker ,   New York   (05.02.08)
Only International investigation can prove it not the Israeli .
8. confirmed that they were terrorists carrying explosives;
With OR Against?
9. Beit Hanoun Probe
Richard R ,   Buckeye USA   (05.02.08)
Does it really matter what the IDF saids? You know the world will call us liers and cover upers, so what does it matter. The best thing to do is just go on with our mission and up, up, and away with out looking back. We must protect our people at all cost, because nobody else will, if it was up to the world we would be put back into the gas chambers in order to finish the job. The world wants us all dead ( jews ) so they don't have to get up in the morning feeling guilty. So who cares about Beit Hanoun since the hummus killed there own to cause an incident. God Bless Israel
10. #5 Sorrow at deaths of families is what makes us different
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.02.08)
to them. We express sorrow we do not celebrate deaths - it does not mean we are apologising for a mistake. Just humane
11. Now,I want to see international media reporting this
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.02.08)
Will they? Something should be done in order to force them to report! If they reported something and it was wrong ,it forcefully should be corrected.It is a basic principle of justice,otherwise they are being conivent with slandering.
12. To #7 - It matters not what the reality is
Jimmy Carter ,   Plains GA   (05.02.08)
I will find a way to blame the Jews
13. Pusillanimous Propoganda
Joe Kaufman ,   Formerly Jerusalem   (05.02.08)
With all of the electronic warfare technology available to Israel, why can't Israel over-ride hamas broadcasts, and put the results of this enquiry, in Arabic, on Gazan radio and television sets. Why do Israeli decision makers refuse to combat the IslamoFascist Jew Hating big lies that propagate this conflict with the non lethal technology available to us to reach the hearts and minds of the population of Arabs that no one wants, ie, the Gazan Palestinians? What are we waiting for?
14. stop apologizing
fish   (05.02.08)
This is war, we have to protect our citizens first. Let the enemies count their dead. Whatever Israel says, whoever is guilty, the world and enemies will blame Israel anyway. So whats' the point? Israeli buries her dead and killed with dignity, without performances that Arabs create on the bodies of their dead, like rushing in the streets with strechers on which the dead lie with their faces not covered. Hoodlums around with twisted faces shout and wave V signs - all this looks so good for interntaional reporters versus humane and reserved burial processions in Israel. Having said that - shame on you, media people. You are enarmoured with these staged acts - you earn your living out of this, and thus you feed the war machine with your poisonous propaganda. You may blame Russia of all evils, but when fighting in Chechnya Russians denied access of media to the war zone categorically - it's was not a Good Morning TV programme. Israel's biggest mistake is that it allows journalists to follow soldiers in the battlezone. War is was, stay out of it.
15. No kidding, what would the killer say?!
Amer Ayer ,   Palestine   (05.02.08)
The same thing happened when Galya family was killed on the beach of Gaza!!!!
16. Apologies will be accepted!
Uri   (05.02.08)
Come on world, lets hear it. Say you're sorry for blaming Israel once again. Yes, we know that your first instinct is always to blame Israel, but you've been proven wrong. Again. We know that you will have the pleasure of blaming Israel next time, so for the time being, an apology will suffice.
17. I saw the clip and it contradicts IDF.
Kamal ,   gaza   (05.02.08)
The clip shows first strik on four gunmen and then second strike on a single gunman next to the family house. Whether the ggunman carried choclate or explosives, it was IAF who fired and set explosives next to civilian houses. IAF knows that he was carrying explosives and sitll was willing to set explosion next to civilians. Besides, how do you know if family house was hit by IAF bomb or gunman's explosives. I guess IAF bombs is powerful than whatever that guy was carrying (if any!)
18. Damage is already done.
Chatich   (05.02.08)
Just like the countless other debunked paliwood productions - Jenin, al-Durah, Gaza beach, etc - the world only gets to hear the fictitious "reports" of "palestinian sources", as shilled by the terroists' greatest allies - reuters, AP and all the local stringers who stage and fabricate "news" to skew the truth and demonize the world's most humane military (who, ironically, are fighting the world's most inhumane enemies). Until Israel figures out a way to dispense the facts (the real ones, not the pali ones) and discredit on a wide scale the so-called "journalism" relntlessly spewed from the territories, we continue to fight an unwinnable PR war. On another note, wtf is a 70-year old man doing fathering all those babies? Yet another glimpse into the twisted, macabre society of the so-called 'palestinians'.
19. good work IDF. we are proud of you.
stephane ,   france   (05.02.08)
it's very good that you revealed this inquiry. i'm fed up with the pallywood lyings everyday! they use their own kids to look like the victims in front of their allies: the eurabians and leftists media who diabolize israel in the newspapers. each time that the palis lie you must release the footage who show the truth. good work, and believe me, jews like me and many non-jews support you and know who are the attackers and who are the people who defends themeselves.
20. What could have happen if he was carring a dirthy bomb?!
Stop Terrorism Now ,   NY, USA   (05.02.08)
21. 10 No sheila
Helen ,   London   (05.02.08)
Unfortunetaly, I don't see any sorrow on this page. Only cruel people gloating like 1, 2 14. You talkbackers prove that you're no different. Sad.
22. Thank you Kamal.
Cynic ,   USA   (05.02.08)
You admit that they are fighting from civilian areas which is a violation of international law. They are solely responsible for the consequances.
23. IDF prooves correctly it's innocence
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (05.02.08)
As people said, when there was the stampede to blame Israel ,where is the evidence ? The evidnce is to the contrary on camera and NOT one of the Global Press networks or Papers or "Human Blights Watch " etc will either report it or admit to it. BBC would choke at the prospect as would Al jezeera and CNN because it would make them look the liars that they are. Here is another incident where it shows Hamas up as again for their consistency of lies.
24. when terrorist wiped out 2 families of 5
just me   (05.02.08)
they celebrated, when 1 arab family was wiped out by a terrorist of their own it was Israel that apologized.
25. A view from Europe
Sylvain ,   Lausanne, Suisse   (05.02.08)
I really can't understand the logic of the Palestinian militants. Fighting from next to civilians is wrong. I'm sure they have their tactical reasons for that, but they should not complain for their loses then.
26. Yes, Yes and I am a blonde born and raised in Kinshasa
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (05.02.08)
Occupation army is becomign more and more pathetic, it is really laughable
27. Funny how the Arab media posted no pics of the house!
jay3 ,   Israel   (05.02.08)
A cover up from the beginning. Surely the media should apologize and rebuke their allegations! The Israeli government should start suing for slander!
28. made in Israel by the Ministry of Truth
observer   (05.02.08)
As the big brother Barak has not apologized, it seems that the guys in the ministry has been manufacturing a truth to fit their customer. Unfortunately, they had a very limited time window, so they've just "circulated" an old video. Believe it or not; thousands of the soldiers have been in the same movie before! Now, Israel is working on Unmanned Ground Vehicles,
29. credulity
Jim ,   Buffalo, USA   (05.02.08)
The clip shows two explosions. The IDF has added captions to tell us what they are. Those who exonerate the IDF are interpreting the captions, not the clip. But what all must admit is this: by the IDF's own account, it is firing missiles into a civilian neighborhood of a foreign country.
30. Damn right Kamal!!!
Natan   (05.02.08)
You cannot dispute the fact that Hamas is operating out in civilian areas, between homes and orchards. The responsiblilty for Palis death is on Hamas and Hamas only. If you want to vent your anger then do it against Hams. IDF WILL continue to strike at Hamas as Hams never stops striking at Israel . Bottom line , it is your problem not ours.
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